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Christmas can be a really difficult and stressful time of year for many people. Especially when you add on the extra pressure of finding suitable gifts for all the vegans in your life, particularly when you aren’t vegan yourself.

I’ve had my fair share of non-vegan presents gifted to me since turning vegan in 2015. Be it chocolate containing cow’s milk, or socks made from wool, you name it, I’ve had it.

With some guidance, I have been able to help people around me pick out much more suitable vegan-friendly presents. And now I want to share this guidance with you all, hopefully alleviating any extra unnecessary stress from your Christmas period!

There are just so many awesome vegan Christmas presents that I know your giftees are going to love.

Lucy learning how to cook using a vegan cooking course - one of the best vegan christmas presents

Vegan cooking course

  • Suitable for: Vegan foodies, keen cooks, and wannabe chefs
  • Price: From £30

Give the vegan foodie in your life the gift of learning. There are so many awesome vegan cooking courses out there, both online and in-person, where you can learn from a variety of chefs and cooks around the world.

My favourite is an online cooking school, Veecoco. It is a fully vegan platform with a large variety of classes and cuisines to learn, all taught by professional chefs. Your giftee can learn anything from sourdough bread making and vegan sushi making to vegan French pastry and Italian cookery. They also have some really handy gift cards:

Klarstein nut milk maker on a kitchen worktop - one of the best vegan christmas presents

Nut milk maker

  • Suitable for: Eco warriors, nut milk lovers, and keen cooks
  • Price: Between £150-£350

If you buy your giftee a nut milk maker, you are giving them the gift of unlimited nut milk that is free from nasty Tetra Pak packaging! Plus it will provide them with loads of flexibility in creating whatever milk they desire.

My favourite machine is the Klarstein Marcia Nut Milk Maker. It is a little on the pricey side, but it produces the smoothest and silkiest plant-based milk, and it’ll last them a lifetime!

Lucy holding a vegan cookbook open - one of the best vegan christmas presents

A vegan cookbook

  • Suitable for: Vegan foodies, keen cooks, and vegan newbies
  • Price: From £18

I love recipe books. They provide endless inspiration and exciting things to cook. And I’m of the opinion that you can never have too many vegan cookbooks!

But if you were to buy only one, then you should get Veganomicon. It is the ultimate vegan cookbook, perfect for all skill levels. Whether your giftee is new to veganism or is a vegan veteran, they’ll find something new and delicious to cook from it.

An air fryer on a kitchen worktop - one of the best vegan christmas presents

An air fryer

  • Suitable for: Vegan foodies, healthy eaters and students
  • Price: From £170

My Cosori air fryer has become one of my most used pieces of kitchen equipment. It is really convenient, cheap to run and allows me to cook with a lot less oil. I would have loved one of these as a student!

There are many different air fryers you can choose from, but I really love the Cosori Air Fryer which has WiFi connectivity. Perfect for all those lazy giftees who want to be able to control it from the comfort of their living room sofa.

A box of vegan brownies - one of the best vegan christmas presents

Vegan cake subscription

  • Suitable for: Vegan foodies, cake lovers and those tricky giftees
  • Price: From £19

Sometimes the best gifts are those that you can eat. Especially when it is something as delicious as a tray of vegan brownies. If you’re lucky, your giftee may even allow you to take a few bites yourself.

My all-time favourite vegan cake delivery brand is Cake or Death. Their vegan letterbox brownies are wonderfully fudgy and decadent. Plus they do a great Christmas hamper:

A high-powered Vitamix blender on a kitchen worktop - one of the best vegan christmas presents

High-powered blender

  • Suitable for: Vegan foodies, keen cooks, health & fitness enthusiasts
  • Price: From £400

For those of you who are feeling a little generous this Christmas season, one of the best gifts you can give to any keen vegan cooks is a high-powered blender. You may feel this is a little boring, but to a vegan, it means endless homemade vegan cheese, smoothie bowls, nice cream and much much more!

The best blender you can buy is Vitamix. I’ve had mine for 10+ years and it is still going strong!

Suri eco friendly toothbrush - one of the best vegan christmas presents

Eco-friendly toothbrush

  • Suitable for: Eco-warriors and trendy giftees
  • Price: From £70

A toothbrush may not seem like the most glamorous Christmas present, but the SURI toothbrush will have you reconsidering that. It is such a well-designed toothbrush that, dare I say it, actually looks quite trendy.

The best bit, it’s one of the most eco-friendly toothbrushes you can buy. It is made using aluminium and cornstarch. So, if you have any passionate eco-warriors in your life, this gift is perfect for them.

A table full of vegan food at a restaurant - one of the best vegan christmas presents

A restaurant gift card

  • Suitable for: Vegan foodies, couples, and joint gifts
  • Price: From £60

If you were to ask me what my ideal present is, I’d say I prefer experiences over material possessions. And one of the best experiences is visiting a great vegan-friendly restaurant.

One of the best vegan fine dining restaurants in the UK is Gauthier and their newly opened Gauthier Studio. It is a trendy spot where you can enjoy fine dining food in a more casual setting. Making it the perfect experience to gift to your favourite vegan foodies (If my family happen to be reading this – hint, hint). Plus it works great as a joint gift for families, couples or friends.

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