The 6 best vegan cake delivery services (UK)

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If you love cake as much as I do then you’ll certainly love all of these vegan cake delivery services in the UK. Including vegan brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts, cakes and more.

Lucy holding a box of cookies and doughnuts from the best vegan cake delivery service in the UK

What’s better than vegan cake? Well, a vegan cake that gets delivered straight to your door, of course.

Thankfully, there are many companies offering such a service and I can tell you, they are all so delicious.

You can get everything from gluten-free cakes and decadent brownies to whole celebration cakes and sourdough doughnuts. Some will even pop through your letterbox, awaiting your arrival after a long hard day at work.

This is truly a great time to be alive! Now, let me take you through all of my favourite vegan cake delivery services in the UK so you can get ordering that much-deserved sweet treat.

My top picks

Are vegan cakes more expensive?

It can be more expensive to make a vegan cake, especially when specialist ingredients are involved. For example, aquafaba may be used as a vegan egg alternative and this can be a little pricier than sourcing eggs. Moreover, if a cake is also gluten-free the flour itself may be more expensive than traditional plain flour. However, when it comes to buying cakes for delivery, I have found most services to cost a similar amount, vegan or not.

Are vegan cakes healthier?

Vegan cakes are free from animal-based ingredients such as butter, eggs, and dairy, which are all high in saturated fat and cholesterol, making them somewhat healthier than their non-vegan counterparts. But vegan cakes do still contain plenty of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients vegan butter. Therefore, they should still be seen as a treat, rather than a daily staple.

Here are the best vegan cake delivery services

Let’s tuck into some delicious cake! You can either buy these as a delicious treat for yourself or they make for a great gift for any foodies.

A Positive Bakes lemon cake - one of the best vegan cake delivery services in the UK

Best gluten-free options

1. Positive Bakes

  • Diet: 100% vegan & gluten-free
  • Options: Lemon drizzle cake, chocolate loaf cake, banana loaf, and more
  • Delivery: Next working day delivery is available

Positive Bakes is a fully vegan award-winning bakery delivering afternoon tea and cakes on next-day delivery. They offer a selection of yummy cakes, with my personal favourite being their lemon cake. It is soft and squishy and has a lovely tart flavour.

All of their baked goods are also gluten-free and their bakery is certified as being completely gluten-free and vegan by Salsa. This means they have traced all of their ingredients from start to finish and you can eat their cakes in full confidence that they won’t trigger any reactions!

Oh and to top it all off, they ensure that there is absolutely no palm oil, nasty additives or GMOs in any of their bakes.

A box of Cake or Death vegan brownies - one of the best vegan cake delivery services in the UK

Best brownies

2. Cake or Death

  • Diet: 100% vegan with gluten-free options
  • Options: Biscoff, salted caramel, Oreo, notella, and much more
  • Delivery: Next day delivery is available

I would have a box of Cake or Death brownies delivered to my door every week if I could. They are just so bloomin’ delicious. And they have so many different flavours to try, so you will never get bored of them. Find out more about why I love them so much in my Cake or Death review.

Their brownies have a really lovely crisp outer and a chewy inner. Exactly how I like my vegan brownies! They also have some great gluten-free options that come out just as well.

All of their packaging is plastic-free and the boxes fit perfectly through your letterbox, so you don’t have to be at home to receive them. Plus their next-day delivery option means you can satisfy that brownie craving, pronto.

A selection of vegan cookies from Simply Cake Co - one of the best vegan cake delivery services in the UK

Best vegan cookies

3. Simply Cake Co

  • Diet: Vegan-friendly with gluten-free options
  • Options: Oreo crumble, raspberry and jaffa
  • Delivery: 2-3 working days

If chewy soft cookies are more your thing, then you’ll really love the vegan-friendly cookies from Simply Cake Co. They come in three fantastic flavours and you can buy them as a box of three (great for personal snacking) or as a box of six.

I recommend heating them up in the oven for a short while before eating to make your kitchen smell of cookies and to get the fresh cookie feeling when you take a bite into one.

These cookies are also gluten-free, but you wouldn’t be able to tell!

A whole celebration cake from Cutter and Squidge - one of the best vegan cake delivery services in the UK

Best celebration cakes

4. Cutter and Squidge

  • Diet: Vegan-friendly with wheat-free options
  • Options: Chocolate caramel, blueberry lemon and summer berry
  • Delivery: Next day delivery if you order before 4pm

Are you organising a party? Got a wedding coming up? Or are you just feeling a little extra and fancy ordering a whole cake to munch on at the weekend? Well, whatever your reasoning, you need to try one of these vegan celebration cakes from Cutter and Squidge.

They have three vegan options, one of which is also wheat-free. They are all beautiful and wonderfully decadent.

The cakes are handmade in London and if you order before 4 pm you can get it delivered to your house the next day. Plus you can order some candles to come along with it!

A box of vegan cupcakes from Lola's Cupcakes - one of the best vegan cake delivery services in the UK

Best cupcakes

5. Lola’s Cupcakes

  • Diet: Vegan-friendly
  • Options: Fudge, lemon and raspberry, red velvet, caramel biscuit and more
  • Delivery: Next day delivery is available

You’ve probably seen a Lola’s Cupcakes stall before, either at a shopping mall or a train station. They have a huge range of cute cupcakes for you to buy on the go, and thankfully they have some delicious vegan options also!

You can get a selection box of 6 different vegan cupcake flavours. They have some classic flavours, like red velvet, and some fun flavours, like passionfruit.

You can order a box of 6 or a box of 12, and they are priced the same as the non-vegan versions!

A box of Vegan Crosstown doughnuts - one of the best vegan cake delivery services in the UK

Best doughnuts

6. Crosstown

  • Diet: Vegan-friendly
  • Options: Dark chocolate truffle, pink guava and strawberry, iced chai and apricot and much more
  • Delivery: Depends on location

Crosstown is one of my favourite discoveries, ever. Their vegan doughnuts are incredible. They are so good that I do wonder why they still offer their non-vegan versions. You’d never guess the vegan ones are vegan!

They are made using their signature sourdough dough mix which gives them a great taste and texture. You will find a few regular flavours always on offer, like their dark chocolate truffle (delicious), and you will also find seasonal specials. I like to order a box whenever they have a new selection, which is actually quite regular. Sorry, stomach.

If you are based in London you can get these on same-day delivery, or you can pick some up from a local store in London, Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, or Brighton. For other nationwide destinations, you will have to put your postcode into the checkout to see delivery options.

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