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Travel the world through tasty vegan food with ex-professional chef, Lucy. Be inspired by different cuisines and recipes, discover new vegan-friendly brands, and learn more about veganism here on Edible Ethics’ vegan food blog.

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Discover all my tasty vegan recipe creations. I love creating and eating food, so you’ll often find me in the kitchen coming up with a new vegan dish invention. Either making the most out of tasty whole foods or trying out the latest alternatives that vegan food brands have to offer.

A plate and dish of vegan butternut squash mac and cheese on a black surface

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Vegan butternut squash mac & cheese

Try this delicious autumnal dish made using roasted butternut squash.

Recipe collections

  • 11 vegan winter recipes to warm up your soul

    11 vegan winter recipes to warm up your soul

    Fully embrace your winter body with these deliciously warming vegan winter recipes. These winter warmers include a mix of starters, mains and desserts. You will find comfort in dishes ranging from a decadent vegan beef wellington to indulgent mac & cheese. Read more

  • Vegan tofu recipes that will excite your tastebuds!

    Vegan tofu recipes that will excite your tastebuds!

    Tofu is a staple food in a vegan diet. Not only is it high in protein it is also really versatile, meaning it can be used in many different dishes and take on many flavours. Here are my favourite vegan tofu recipes that you will love to make! Read more

  • Delicious gluten-free vegan baking recipes

    Delicious gluten-free vegan baking recipes

    Making both vegan and gluten-free bakes may sound impossible, but it really isn’t! Try out these incredible gluten-free vegan baking recipes and you’ll find out just how delicious they can be. Read more

Latest reviews

I’m constantly on the lookout for new and exciting vegan-friendly food brands. And I love to share my thoughts on them with you here on my vegan food blog. So keep an eye out here for all the latest vegan reviews, and much more. I write honest vegan food reviews to help you make informed decisions!

The air fryer from the Ninja Air Fryer review

Popular review

Ninja Air Fryer review

Find out how I converted from an air fryer hater to an air fryer obsessive.

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Come here to learn a few things about vegan food? Awesome! Take a look through my vegan guides. I will help you with everything from buying the best vegan food products to learning how to cook vegan food.

Lucy holding some probiotics in her hand for her guide on do probiotics work

Seasonal pick

The best vegan probiotic supplements

Prepare yourself for the festive season with these amazing probiotic supplements.