Lucy the founder of Edible Ethics vegan food blog eating vegan noodles in a plant based restaurant

Vegan Food Blogger

Travel the world through tasty vegan food with experienced professional chef, Lucy. Be inspired by different cuisines and recipes, discover new vegan-friendly brands, and learn more about veganism here on Edible Ethics’ vegan food blog.

Latest Recipes

Discover all my tasty vegan recipe creations. I love creating and eating food, so you’ll often find me in the kitchen coming up with a new vegan dish invention. Either making the most out of tasty whole foods or trying out the latest alternatives that vegan food brands have to offer.

vegan spelt crepe with honea butter

Seasonal pick

Easy Vegan Crepes

Don’t miss out on all the crepe goodness this Pancake Day! These vegan crepes are absolutely delicious and completely egg-free.

Lucy the founder of Edible Ethics vegan food blog sitting in a plant based restaurant

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