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Check out these 13 gifts for vegan foodies

I am a huge vegan foodie so I think I speak for all vegan foodies when I say that these are some of the best gifts you can buy us!

Lucy holding a vegan gift perfect for vegan foodies

You have the ominous task of buying a gift for the vegan in your life. So, why not start by asking yourself, ‘is my giftee a vegan foodie?’

If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

I am a big vegan foodie and can be found spending most of my time either eating vegan food or writing about it. So, I am always extremely happy to be gifted all things vegan food. Whether it is something I can eat or something that aids my cooking, I welcome it!

I’d actually go as far as to say that all of my favourite gifts from over the years have been related to food. Topping the list is the Vitamix blender I received when I graduated from university. I’ve had it ever since and it still works like a dream, helping me to create loads of amazing vegan recipes. A close second would be the vegan fine dining experiences I’ve had gifted. The food I have been lucky to try will stay in my memories forever.

So I believe I speak for all vegan foodies out there when I say that this is a vital guide to be following when purchasing a gift for us. I will lay out a whole bunch of options that will be sure to please the vegan foodies in your life. 

Meaning that anyone can buy the right present, whether they are knowledgeable about vegan food, or not. You can thank me later 😉

How to pick the right gift for your vegan foodie

Okay, this part requires you to use your brain for a bit.

Have you heard them talking about something to do with cooking recently? A gadget they wish they had, or something they need to replace. Or, have they been talking about trying out something new and exciting? A restaurant or subscription service that they simply couldn’t afford. Or maybe they are the kind of person who doesn’t really know what they want. Here is your chance to take control and surprise them with something that they may not have even thought about before.

Rack that brain and browse my list of gifts for vegan foodies and pick the one that you think will suit your giftee the most.

Here are the best gifts for vegan foodies

There are so many amazing gifts that can be bought for vegan foodies, but here are my ultimate top picks. So be sure to have a browse, I’m certain you’ll find something here that your giftee will love.

a high powered blender the perfect gift for vegan foodies

A high-powered blender

With a really good quality blender, you can make so many tasty vegan recipes like this baked vegan cheesecake, this vegan quiche, or even this Thai green curry.

A Vitamix blender will allow your giftee to experiment with vegan cheeses, sauces, soups, curry pastes, and much more. It can blend pretty much anything. Whereas, a Ninja blender is a smaller piece of equipment perfect for regular smoothie drinkers.

Lucy learning how to cook plant-based dishes using one of the best online vegan cooking classes

An online vegan cooking course

Give the gift of learning. For vegan foodies, it is always a joy to discover new cuisines and to finetune our cooking skills. There are so many amazing online vegan cooking courses available, but here are two of my favourites which will make the perfect gift for your vegan foodie:

Vegan fine dining chef hosting a vegan supper club with guests around the table

A vegan supper club gift card

Vegan foodies absolutely love eating, making this one of the most perfect gifts for them. This gift card allows your giftee to book on to a supper club either in their local area or globally. There are plenty of awesome vegan supper clubs available to book on to on this platform, so your giftee will have plenty of choice. Check out my favourite vegan supper clubs here – all available on Eatwith.

eco frying pans

An eco pan

These eco pans not only look great in the kitchen, they are also 100% plant-based. Meaning that the non-stick is made from more natural ingredients. I’ve found these to last really well and the non-stick actually lasts longer than other pans I’ve had!

Lucy enjoying a vegan letterbox brownie from cake or death

A vegan brownie subscription box

You can get pretty much anything delivered through your letterbox now, including these incredibly tasty vegan letterbox brownies from Cake or Death

So you can set up your giftee with an ongoing subscription to have these vegan brownies delivered through their letterbox every month – the gift that truly just keeps on giving!

Japanese chefs knife perfect gift for vegan foodies

A Japanese chef’s knife

Most vegan foodies will love to cook. And they’ll particularly love cooking with good quality equipment, like these Japanese knives.

They are handmade by expert Japanese knife makers, made with a wooden handle and a beautiful steel blade.

vegan fine dining food at tendril restaurant in London

A meal at a vegan fine dining restaurant

Vegan foodies obviously love to eat, so why not consider giving them the gift of a night out to a lovely restaurant? There are so many to pick from, so either pick one close to home or think a little further afield. Many vegan-friendly restaurants will offer gift cards, or you can simply offer to pay.

A recipe open in a vegan cookbook in front of many other vegan cookbooks on a shelf

A vegan cookbook

A vegan foodie will love browsing the recipes of vegan-friendly cookbooks. You may find them reading cookbooks more often than they read fiction.

Recipes provide inspiration and new things to try. So check out my list of favourite vegan-friendly cookbooks, I’m sure they’ll love any of these:

vegan starter kit a perfect gift for vegan foodies

A vegan starter kit

Is your giftee a foodie, but new to veganism? Then they’ll benefit from this vegan starter kit which comes complete with a library of vegan recipes, a meal prep plan, and an easy to follow guide to transitioning to veganism.

Tofu press the perfect gift for vegan foodies

A tofu press

This one is for all the tofu lovers out there. A tofu press is a great bit of kit for a vegan kitchen. It helps to press all of the moisture out of tofu which helps to make it crispy when cooking it.

the big vegan cheese making kit

A vegan cheesemaking set

Is your vegan foodie a bit of a cheese lover? Then they’ll love this vegan cheese making kit. With it they can make vegan mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, halloumi, feta, and parmesan. Yum!

vegan chocolate box by hotel chocolat a perfect gift for vegan foodies

A vegan chocolate box

Chocolates may be an obvious gift choice but that’s because chocolate is amazing. And these vegan chocolates from Hotel Chocolat are no exception.

Be careful not to open it up before sending it to your giftee though, these vegan chocolates are hard to resist.

almond cow vegan milk maker for vegan foodie gifts

A vegan milk maker

Perfect for any vegan milk fiends, these vegan milk makers can produce milk on demand. Not only do they help to cut down on packaging waste from shop bought vegan milks, but they are also really convenient!

Lucy the founder of Edible Ethics vegan food blog eating vegan noodles in a plant based restaurant

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