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Symprove review – does this probiotic really work?

I have a love hate relationship with my gut. It plays a vital role in keeping me alive, but it doesn't like a lot of the food that I do. So, find out how I've been keeping it happy by taking this miracle vegan-friendly supplement, Symprove.

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I have been on quite the journey with my gut these past few years. We’d been all hunky dory until then, but one day my gut just simply decided it wasn’t happy anymore. I started to bloat and get horrible pains in my stomach. I got this wonderful thing called acid reflux. And I really freaked when I started to get spasms in my abdomen.

I tried everything from a gluten-free diet, to going alcohol-free. I pestered the doctors for a little while and found myself having to do some horrific sample taking, that I really hope I never have to do again. I even started eating everything in smaller portions, more regularly.

In the end, it was decided that I have IBS. Hurray, a diagnosis. Not so hurray for my diet though. But at least I now had a plan. I was to restrict my foods and discover the culprits.

But it was a struggle. So many of my main food groups are in this restriction zone. Think lentils, chickpeas, bread, and coffee. I was desperate to find another path and that was how I ended up on a course of Symprove.

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I had been doing a lot of reading about my gut, the wonders of our microbiome, and discovered how interlinked bad gut health is with things like IBS, and other stomach problems. So I committed myself to a 12 week course of Symprove. The results have been so incredible that I knew I had to put together this Symprove review.

Please note:

  1. Symprove did not pay for this review, nor did they gift me product. I have written this review after trying it out and loving it.
  2. I am not a doctor, so please don’t take any of my experiences as fact. We are all different and so are our gut microbiomes. Please consult a doctor or Symprove themselves if you have any questions.

Why trust my Symprove review?

As someone who suffers from gut problems, including IBS and GERD, I can tell you exactly how Symprove has helped me with these issues. I took the 12-week course as per instructions and have written about my exact experiences. I am not writing this review based on stuff I’ve read online, just my own experience.

What is Symprove?

Symprove is a water-based food supplement that delivers live bacteria straight to your gut. The bacteria is made up of four strains: Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactiplantibacillus plantarum. Whilst they don’t call themselves a probiotic, due to European food laws, they are technically a probiotic and are used as such.

Due to Symprove being in liquid form, it has a higher chance of reaching your gut undisturbed by the digestive process, whereby your stomach kills off any bacteria with acid. Sounds pretty gruesome, right?

In comparison, many other probiotics come in tablet form instead, like Wild Dose. You may also find some which include liquid within the tablet, like Ritual’s Symbiotic. But having tried both of these, I can safely say that Symprove works better long-term. Potentially because it is actually reaching the gut with each and every morning shot!

Once Symprove reaches your gut, this bacteria multiplies and helps to feed the friendly bacteria that make up your microbiome. In turn, this keeps both your stomach and mind happy – did you know that your gut health affects your brain health?

You take a shot every morning about 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything, allowing you to get on with your day with a happy microbiome and mind!

Give your microbiome a little love

Why should we take probiotics?

You are probably thinking ‘why can’t our guts get the bacteria they need without a probiotic supplement?’ Well, nowadays our diets have become a lot more centred on processed foods and less so on fresh and fermented foods. Moreover, we are a lot more reliant upon medicines that can have harmful effects on our guts, like antibiotics.

All of this can lead to an unhappy microbiome, which can cause stomach issues like bloating, abdominal pains, and dodgy stools. It can also lead to bigger issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhoea (AAD).

As an IBS sufferer, I can tell you that you really really don’t want it! I may not have ended up with it had I spent more time giving my gut the love it deserves.

Here are some big warning signs that you may need to take a probiotic:

  •  Abdominal pain
  • Stool changes
  • Excess gas
  • Regular bloating
  • Brain fog and fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety

Taking a probiotic supplement like Symprove can help to deliver much-needed healthy bacteria to our gut to help it to thrive and battle against any unfriendly substances that make their way through. Which in turn will ease off any of the above gut issues.

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Review summary of Symprove

I’ve been using Symprove for the last few months and have found it to be the only probiotic supplement that has properly relieved my IBS symptoms long-term, including bloating and abdominal pain. In helping my gut health, it has also had a really positive impact on my mental health. I would recommend this probiotic supplement to anyone who wants to give their gut some much-needed love!

Product brand: Symprove

Editor’s rating: 4.8




If you too are interested in looking after your gut microbiome then read my full Symprove review to find out how this probiotic has helped mine.

Symprove has relieved my IBS symptoms

After just a few weeks of taking Symprove, I found my IBS symptoms were beginning to disappear. These symptoms included but weren’t limited to:

  • Bloating in the morning
  • Bloating after eating
  • Abdominal pains
  • Spasms in my right-hand side
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

I could eat toast in the morning without bloating for the rest of the day. I could drink a cup of coffee without finding my whole gut would go into a crazy spasm. And best of all, I wouldn’t bloat and get insanely gassy at random periods throughout the day.

Because of this, I am more comfortable going out to eat knowing that I won’t suddenly need to run to the loo. It has also helped my acid reflux, my coughing fits after meals have at least halved.

But that being said, I do understandably still need to control my eating. So, I do try to keep my portions smaller and I avoid overeating any foods that may be overly processed. This in balance with my Symprove supplement has been a saviour for my gut and my IBS.

I experienced no side effects from Symprove

The question of whether or not Symprove gives you side effects is very commonly asked on the internet. Now, I can’t speak for absolutely everyone, but I myself have had no negative side effects from taking Symprove. I have only had positive effects from taking the probiotic.

When I first started taking Symprove I found my stools changed, but definitely for the better. I struggle with diarrhoea as part of my IBS and it was relieved pretty quickly from Symprove. 

That being said, I do know a few people who experienced a little bit of diarrhoea in the first few weeks of taking Symprove. This was due to their bodies experiencing a change inside the gut, a positive change at that. It shows that the friendly bacteria are working away at improving your microbiome!

 All of us are different, as are our gut microbiomes, so some people will process live bacteria cultures differently to others. I personally believe that it has a lot to do with how your gut health is when you first start taking it, but also your diet.

I, for instance, eat a lot of fermented foods and drinks like kimchi and kombucha. So my gut was probably well-prepped for the bacteria. If you don’t eat anything fermented, then don’t worry that doesn’t mean you will get side effects from Symprove, but your gut may well bit a little surprised at first!

Symprove has improved my mental health

There is growing research that shows just how interlinked our brain and gut are. So it came as no surprise to me that when my gut started feeling healthier, so did my brain.

Without all the stress and anxiety that comes with a painful stomach, my mind felt freer and clearer. I have been able to get so much more work done and my leisure time feels way more relaxed. I am worrying a lot less about what my gut might do in response to the food and drinks I consume, allowing my mind to concentrate on actually enjoying these things instead.

On top of this, the gut produces about 95% of the body’s total serotonin which I found to be a completely mindblowing statistic. Many people, myself included, assume that all serotonin comes from the brain since it is so heavily linked with it. This is because serotonin is a mood stabiliser, and is commonly known as the ‘happy chemical’.

So, when your gut isn’t healthy, nor are your serotonin levels. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that people who suffer from gut-related health conditions like IBS and IBD also suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for some time myself and the biggest progress I found in my mental health was when I started to look after my gut microbiome, in particular with Symprove. It’s probably all that serotonin being produced by my now happy gut!

Ultimately, my mental health improvements have led me to enjoy some of my favourite hobbies again. Like cooking and travelling. I can eat freely and be much more relaxed day-to-day.

I found Symprove really easy to take

One of the things that concerned me most about taking Symprove was that you need to take it first thing in the morning at least 10 minutes before you drink or eat anything. Not only was this a concern about stomaching the taste of the probiotic first thing after waking up, but it was also about adding it into my daily routine.

You may have read some customer reviews online that suggest the taste isn’t too great. I read these too, hence my initial concern. But having tried all of the flavours, I can confirm that they are all pleasantly neutral!

The Strawberry & Raspberry flavour is definitely my favourite, it has a slight fruity tang which I enjoy. Almost kombucha-esque. The Mango & Passionfruit flavour is also great, particularly if you love tropical flavours like me. But I also find the original flavour to be fine. Don’t get me wrong, none of them are something I’d choose to drink pints of, but they are all really easy to stomach.

Even if you don’t like the tang of fermented drinks like kombucha, you will get used to this probiotic drink. Plus, the benefits of taking this far outweigh any bad feelings towards the taste.

On top of this, I have found it really easy to slot Symprove into my morning routine. I wake up and first thing I’ll have my shot of Symprove. Then I’ll start making my coffee (well, my partner will…) and by the time the coffee is served up my 10 minutes is done.

I’ve even been able to keep this up whilst moving around. I just make sure to take an unopened bottle with me and put it in the fridge wherever I am once it is opened. Otherwise, you can bring an opened bottle in a cool bag until you can then put it in a fridge. It has lasted really well like this for me.

Does Symprove actually work?

This is the big question you have probably all been asking whilst reading my Symprove review and I am now going to summarise for you.

Does Symprove actually work? I can confirm that yes, it does work. It has been the only probiotic that has gotten rid of all my gut health issues and also had a knock-on effect throughout the rest of my body, including my mental health and my immune system. I even came off of it for quite some time (about 6 months) to see if other probiotics worked just as well, and I found them not to. So have since gone back to using Symprove full-time.

The proof that it truly works is in my continued purchasing of Symprove.

My thoughts on Symprove

I absolutely love everything about Symprove’s probiotic. It has been incredibly easy to take, the flavour is pleasurable, and the results are incredible. I can’t get over how great my gut feels. It has made my life SO much simpler and easier. And now I can get on and enjoy things.

Whether you too have stomach issues, or you are just looking to keep your gut happy, then I would 100% recommend taking Symprove.

Areas of improvement

My only concern with Symprove is that for some people it may be a little too expensive to buy on a regular basis. Although, I do like their subscription option (which I am on myself) that makes their monthly pack only £39.99.

That being said, Symprove is cheaper than the likes of Ritual and their Synbiotic+ which will set you back £50 a month.

You can find cheaper alternatives, like Wild Dose, an anti-bloating supplement. But the results of taking this probiotic long-term won’t be quite like Symprove. 

When it comes to looking after my health, Symprove is the best thing that I have spent my money on, and continue to spend my money on it. It costs this much because it actually works, and I have wasted so much money on other probiotics over the years which I regret not putting into Symprove.

Symprove review conclusion

This has truly been a miracle product for me that has massively improved my relationship with my gut. I can now eat a lot of the foods I love without the repercussions, and I imagine this is because of all the healthy bacteria that is thriving well in my gut now.

I have found it has fit into my daily routine nicely and has become something of an enjoyable ritual! I imagine my gut does a little happy dance every morning when I take my Symprove shot.

It has significant positive effects on both my gut health and my mental health. I have also found it to benefit my immune system since my body is spending a lot less time battling against unfriendly bacteria in my gut.

The best bit, it is only going to get better and better when taking this probiotic. I am really looking forward to seeing how Symprove continues to help my gut. And I hope it helps you too!

Where can you buy Symprove?

I would recommend going direct in order to get the best deals on Symprove. I have only found it to be more expensive elsewhere. So do check out their website below to either buy one off packs or sign up to flexible subscriptions. But if you prefer, you can also add a pack to your next Amazon order:

Symprove FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Symprove. I have answered each to the best of my ability, drawing from my own experience and that of others who I know around me.

Symprove can help you with many aspects of your health, including overall gut health, immune health, digestion health, and even your mental health. Making this the perfect supplement for anyone struggling with their stomach, and much more.

This can include IBS, GERD, IBD, and other gut-related health issues. On top of this, it is useful for anyone who takes a lot of medicine, like antibiotics or strong painkillers, since Symprove will help with the nasty stomach-related side effects of taking these.

By delivering live friendly bacteria to your gut it helps your stomach to stay healthy, which has a knock on effect all over your body.

A lot of people will start seeing results in the first 4 weeks of taking Symprove. For myself, I started to bloat less and found myself feeling less sick after eating.

These results continue to improve after the next four weeks as your gut microbiome stabilises.

After 12 weeks you should feel your best. It is at this time that your gut will be full of friendly bacteria and you should see little to no gut-health symptoms. For me personally, I found I no longer had any IBS symptoms after the 12-week mark.

This process can differ from person to person, depending on your gut health, your genes and your diet.

Symprove does definitely work, but the improvements you will see are based upon your existing gut health. So, if you have loads of gut issues, including IBS or GERD, then you should see significant improvements in both your stomach and in your mind.

If you are taking Symprove just to improve your general health then it will still work but the results will be more subtle. You may find your stomach is much calmer generally and that your mental health may improve.

I have taken quite a few rounds of Symprove now and it always helps me. I also know many people who take it and they continue to buy it for both their gut health and their mental health.

For me personally, I had no side effects from Symprove. I only experienced improvements of the negative symptoms I was struggling with. This is actually one of the positives of this probiotic that I have presented here in my Symprove review.

I do know though that some people may have looser stools in response to the increase of bacteria going through their gut. This should level out after a few weeks and long-term there will be no negative side effects.

Symprove is one of the best probiotics that you can take to help with IBS. I personally have found it to be the best thing for my IBS. It has significantly reduced bloating, diarrhoea, abdominal pains, and GERD. It has allowed me to eat problem foods with little to no IBS side-effects afterwards.

So, I definitely recommend taking Symprove for IBS. No other probiotics work quite as well as this one!

Initially, when you first take Symprove you may well find yourself going to the toilet a little bit more frequently. This is because you are introducing a lot of friendly bacteria to your microbiome and if your gut hasn’t been in great shape (full of unfriendly bacteria) this can cause loosening of your stools as your body begins to adjust. But this really isn’t anything to be alarmed by, nor will it last long if it does happen to you.

Just think of it as a positive side effect that shows the bacteria has entered your gut and is doing its job!

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