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The 7 best air fryers you can buy in 2024

Newsflash: you can now have your fried food and eat it. All thanks to the mighty air fryer. But which one should you pick? Read my guide on the best air fryers to find out! My top picks You may also be interested in: My favourite vegan air fryer recipes 1. Ninja Air Fryer Max…

Cooked tofu inside the tray of one of the best air fryers on top of a marble kitchen work top

Newsflash: you can now have your fried food and eat it. All thanks to the mighty air fryer. But which one should you pick? Read my guide on the best air fryers to find out!

My top picks

You may also be interested in: My favourite vegan air fryer recipes

Ninja Air Fryer Max - one of the best air fryers

Best all-rounder

1. Ninja Air Fryer Max

  • Functions: Max crisp, air fry, roast, bake, reheat, and dehydrate
  • Capacity: 5.2 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 240°C
  • Watts: 1750
  • Price: £129

Topping the list is one of the most popular appliances, the Ninja Air Fryer Max. It is popular for a reason, not only is it really easy to use it also boasts multiple functions outside of air frying. Meaning you can air fry, roast, dehydrate and bake cakes, all in one machine.

Fortunately, the tray is really easy to clean (and it can be put in the dishwasher), meaning you won’t get loads of fried food debris in your next Victoria Sponge Cake.

Even if you only want to use it for air frying, I have found the results in the Ninja to be some of the best. Everything comes out so lovely and crispy! I also find the cooking process really simple thanks to their clean interface. The mid-cooking beep that it emits is also really handy for shaking everything about in there.

To find out more about this particular air fryer, and why it gets the top spot in this guide, make sure to read my full Ninja Air Fryer review.

COSORI 5.5L Smart Air Fryer Oven - one of the best air fryers

Best smart air fryer

2. COSORI Smart Air Fryer

  • Functions: Air fry, roast and bake
  • Capacity: 5.5 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 205°C
  • Watts: 1700
  • Price: £99.00

We have smart TVs and even smart homes now, so who says we can’t also have a smart air fryer in the kitchen? This snazzy machine from COSORI comes complete with its own mobile app that allows you to control the cooking of your food from a remote location. Think of all that TV you can watch whilst your air frying is cooking your dinner for you.

The app is quite useful if you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want to keep an eye on things when in a different room. Although, it is a very niche function that may not appeal to many people. Especially those who live in tiny studio flats.

That being said, the COSORI air fryer is a great machine in and of itself. Not only is it really smart looking with its digital display, but it also air fries to perfection as well as roasting and baking much quicker than a conventional oven.

The equipment is robust and I have found the tray to be really sturdy and easy to clean. Find out more about the brand in my Cosori Air Fryer review.

Breville Halo Air Digital Air Fryer - one of the best air fryers

Best looking air fryer

3. Breville Halo Air Fryer

  • Functions: Air fry, bake, roast, sauté and grill
  • Capacity: 5.5 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 205°C
  • Watts: 1700
  • Price: £119.99

If you want an air fryer that looks as smart as your kitchen, then you’ll love the Breville Halo Air Fryer. It has a sleek black look with a clean digital interface. In comparison to the Ninja Air Fryer, which has a grey plastic outer, this machine is a lot cleaner to look at.

This air fryer also has multiple functions, including the ability to sauté food. Making this a perfect piece of equipment for anyone who is without a stove top or oven. On top of this, it can also be used to bake, roast and grill food.

If you prefer being able to look at your food whilst it is frying in hot air then you can opt for the rotisserie version of this model which comes with a little window and an inside light.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Dual Zone - one of the best air fryers

Best large capacity

4. Ninja Foodi Dual Zone

  • Functions: Air fry, max crisp, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate
  • Capacity: 7.6 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 240°C
  • Watts: 2400
  • Price: £199

Many air fryers come with about 5 litres of cooking capacity, with some models offering even less. But there really aren’t that many that are equipped for larger quantities. That is where the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer comes in.

It has two sections so that you can cook different food items together at the same time. Overall, it provides you with a whopping 7.6 litres of space, so you could cook fries for a whole family gathering if you so desire.

It has a high maximum temperature, which allows you to properly roast your food and get maximum levels of crispiness. But my absolute favourite thing about this machine is the fact that you can choose to have the two baskets cooking at separate times, on different modes and at different temperatures.

But the main drawback is that all these extra features do make the machine a lot larger than other models. So do expect it to take up quite a bit of space in your kitchen. Although considering all of the cooking it can do, you won’t feel it’s at all a waste of space!

Tefal EasyFry Precision 2-in-1 Digital Air Fryer & Grill - one of the best air fryers

Best grill attachment

5. Tefal EasyFry 2-in-1

  • Functions: Air fry and grill
  • Capacity: 4.2 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 200°C
  • Watts: 1550
  • Price: £79

If you love to grill your food then you’ll really enjoy this Tefal Air Fryer which comes with a grill plate attachment that slots nicely into the basket. So you can grill and even achieve visible grill lines on your food with 98% less smoke than a traditional grill.

Its 4.2-litre capacity basket is a little bit smaller than some of the other air fryers, but it is big enough for a small family. You can fit 4 baked potatoes in there, or fries for 4 people.

The fryer itself is very clean to look at, with a brushed steel outer, and it is very robust. As with most Tefal equipment, it is hardwearing and the non-stick works well.

Russell Hobbs SatisFry Digital Air Fryer - one of the best air fryers

Best for solo cooks

6. Russell Hobbs SatisFry

  • Functions: Air fry and bake
  • Capacity: 1.8 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 205°C
  • Watts: 1100
  • Price: £49

On the smaller side of the scale is Russell Hobbs Satisfry Air Fryer. It comes with a 1.8-litre basket and it is recommended that you only put about 250g of chips inside it to achieve maximum browning and cooking results. Therefore, this air fryer is definitely much more suitable for solo cooks or small families who will only use it for a few components of a dish.

It can also still be used to bake small cakes, making this one of the best small multifunctioning air fryers.

I personally like the fact that it is smaller, which means it will fit better in a smaller kitchen. Although, much like other air fryer models here, it is still pretty tall so you will need enough space between your countertop and the cupboards above.

The air fryer has a really clean digital interface with a clean black design which I feel would sit nicely in most people’s kitchens.

Salter Compact 2L Hot Air Fryer - one of the best air fryers

Best budget-friendly

7. Salter Compact Fryer

  • Functions: Air fry
  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Maximum temperature: 205°C
  • Watts: 1000
  • Price: £36.94

This air fryer from Salter is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a no-frills affordable air fryer, that does just what it is supposed to, air fry. It is a much more compact option than many of the others here, with a 2-litre basket capacity, making it suitable for solo cooks and small families only.

It doesn’t have loads of extra functions, but it does a really good job of being an air fryer. You can get nice crispy food from this at a fraction of the cost, just without all of the frills.

This does mean though that the interface is a little bit clunkier, with dials rather than a fancy digital screen. And the design does make it look a little cheaper than the rest. But it is definitely a great purchase for anyone looking to keep things affordable, or for anyone testing out the waters with air frying.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to all your FAQs regarding air fryers in the UK.

Is it worth getting an air fryer?

An air fryer can be a great investment if you enjoy frying food but want a healthier alternative that requires less oil. Air fryers use hot air to cook food, which can result in crispy and delicious food without the need for as much oil as traditional frying methods.

However, if you don’t eat fried foods often or prefer the taste and texture of food that has been deep-fat fried (and don’t care about the health consequences), then an air fryer may not be a necessary purchase.

Find out more in my guide: Is it worth getting an air fryer?

What should I know before buying an air fryer?

There are some drawbacks to using an air fryer that are definitely worth knowing about before purchasing, including:

  1. They are quite large appliances: Air fryers are pretty big so they do take up a lot of space on the countertop. Moreover, they are usually quite tall, so you do need quite a bit of space to be able to house them.
  2. They can be quite loud: Most air fryers I have used are loud. So if you are thinking you’ll get some important work done in the kitchen whilst your fries are cooking away in the air fryer, then think again.
  3. You can’t use it to make battered food: Unlike a deep fat fryer, you can’t batter food and then place it inside the air fryer. If you do, it’ll just create a whole load of mess inside the basket.
  4. You still need to cook with some oil: Oil is still pretty necessary when cooking with an air fryer, but you can use a LOT less than you normally would. And a good quality oil, like an organic rapeseed oil, is actually pretty healthy anyway.

How to choose the best air fryer?

Picking the best air fryer for your needs can be difficult at first, especially when you realise just how many different models there are to choose from. But it is much easier to pick the right one when you figure out what it is that you require from it. So, think about the following questions before browsing my list of the best air fryers so you can figure out which one will work for you!

  1. What food will you be cooking in the air fryer? Do you want it to double up as an oven, or a grill? Would you also like it to bake cakes?
  2. How much space do you have on your kitchen worktop? Can you fit an air fryer with a 5-litre capacity or do you need to go smaller?
  3. What is your budget for an air fryer? Are you looking for an expensive model that has multiple functions or would you prefer a more affordable option?
  4. How many people will you be cooking for? Do you have a large family or are you a solo cook?
  5. Do you have an idea of how it should look in your kitchen? Are you okay with a cheap-looking model or would you prefer something sleek with a digital interface?

When reviewing all of the best air fryers that you can buy in the UK, I tried to keep in mind all of the possible requirements that you, my readers, may have. So, the following list of the best air fryers includes something for everyone. From large-capacity air fryers to multipurpose cookers, wifi-enabled fryers, and just simple affordable air fryers, you’ll find the model for you below!

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