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My name is Lucy, and I am the founder of Edible Ethics. I created this website with the purpose of bringing ethics to readers’ plates and showing just how tasty being ethical can be!

My audience is keen to discover new brands that can add more value to their lives. So, find out how you can work with me at Edible Ethics to get your vegan-friendly brand seen by more eager eyes.

  • 16,000+ monthly visitors
  • 32 domain authority
  • 7 years SEO experience

How can we work together?

Here’s how you can advertise on my vegan food blog. I only recommend brands that I love to my audience. It helps to build and secure trust. So, I do need to try your product, restaurant or service before writing.

I ensure that all my content is unique so that it doesn’t just look like another copy-and-paste job! I also like to ensure everything I write is thorough so that my readers can get all the information they need in one place.

In the unlikely event that I do not love your vegan-friendly offering, I will provide you with constructive feedback and a refund.

Lucy with a box of cake or death vegan letterbox brownies

1. Spotlight review

Example: my Symprove review and my Alter review.

Heura vegan chorizo sausages next to vegan chorizo pasta dish

2. Branded recipe

Example: my Heura Chorizo Sausage pasta recipe.

Lucy working in her own vegan kitchen as a vegan chef

3. Informative guide

Example: my guide on how to cook with silken tofu

Lucy holding a vegan recipe box in her hands that has been opened up

4. Listicle inclusion

Example: my listicle on the best vegan ready meals

A laptop with an edible ethics native ad spot

5. Native advertising

A woman browsing on a laptop with the pinned sponsored posts at the top of the homepage

6. Pinned post

How do you start the advertising process? Send me a message using the contact form below detailing the service(s) you are interested in along with some information about your brand.

Why advertise with Edible Ethics?

I have been working on Edible Ethics since 2017 so it has been gradually building up authority in the vegan food niche. I went full-time in the summer of 2022 and am now regularly posting up high-quality content, including reviews of vegan-friendly brands, comprehensive guides and plant-based recipes.

This hard and consistent work is paying off as I see 60% increases in my organic traffic month by month, traffic which lands on my content mentioning awesome vegan-friendly brands! Based on the stability of this monthly traffic increase, the website is forecasted to have over 100,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2023. 

Since my articles live permanently on my website, they will only get seen by more and more people over time, so the sooner you start the more beneficial it’ll be!

Other than Pinterest, my brand is #socialmediafree (find out why). A social media post gets seen for just a few hours to a few days. My articles are forever.

A screenshot of my Google Search Console traffic for Edible Ethics website showing a steady and sustainable increase in organic search traffic

Examples of my ranking content

Not only does my work get seen by my existing vegan-friendly community, but it also ranks well on Google. Because as well as founding Edible Ethics, I used to run a fully vegan SEO agency – so I know a thing or two about getting my content seen by the right audience.

Here is a selection of my existing branded work that ranks well on Google, helping to meet the brand’s potential customers at different stages of their buying journey.

Screenshot of our Symprove review ranking in position 1 in a featured snippet on Google
My Symprove review ranking in position 1 within a featured snippet on Google
Screenshot of our Ninja Air Fryer review ranking in featured snippets on page 1 of Google
My Ninja Air Fryer review ranks in a featured snippet on page 1 of Google
Heura chorizo recipe on Edible Ethics ranking page 1
My chorizo pasta recipe ranks on page 1 of Google for Heura chorizo recipe

My audience

I have a varied audience but it is mostly based in the United Kingdom, with the second largest audience being in the US. This is mostly due to the fact that I am from the UK and have started by focusing locally. I may expand to cover more countries in the future.

The main age group of my audience matches well with the overall global vegan audience, which is predominantly between 25-34 years old.

Request a media kit

I love that you are interested in working together! Please drop us a message using the form below to get a media kit sent automatically to your inbox. Alternatively, send me an email here: