Lucy holding up a box of vegan letterbox brownies from cake or death

Try these vegan letterbox brownies – Cake or Death review

Yummy gooey vegan brownies delivered through your letterbox.... You need to try Cake or Death!


As a firm believer in vegan brownies being a necessary staple of any diet, I jumped at the chance to try out Cake or Death’s vegan letterbox brownies.

As you may have already guessed, these are vegan brownies that are delivered fresh through your letterbox. But as a big brownie lover, there are some important questions that need to be answered about this service before purchasing. Like, are these vegan brownies really gooey? Or, do they dry out in the post?

Well, I’ve put them through some rigorous testing (i.e. I’ve eaten quite a few of them…) so read on to read my full review of Cake or Death’s vegan letterbox brownies.

Review summary of Cake or Death

Seriously gooey and tasty vegan brownies which taste homemade. They make for the perfect treat, either for yourself or your friends and family (vegan or not).

Product brand: Cake or Death

Editor’s rating: 4.5




Who are Cake or Death?

Cake or Death is a completely vegan bakery with a physical store in Exeter and as you have probably already figured out, they specialise in vegan brownies. They sell these both instore and via delivery.

The company was founded by Katie and was originally based in East London. During the pandemic she began selling her brownies online for national delivery. This proved very popular, so has remained a permanent feature of her business. Thank the brownie gods for that!

Why order Cake or Death's vegan letterbox brownies?

You’ve probably come here looking for a good excuse to buy yourself a box of vegan letterbox brownies from Cake or Death, well I have many excellent reasons why you should do so:

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What flavours of vegan brownies do Cake or Death offer?

Cake or Death offer an array of droolworthy vegan brownie flavours.

At the time of writing this there are the following flavours on offer:

For me, my favourite flavour had to be the peanut butter brownies, but then I am a peanut butter fiend!

The best bit, if you are extremely indecisive like me, you can buy a surprise box of brownies. You can also buy mixed boxes of either normal of gluten-free vegan brownies.

How are Cake or Death vegan brownies delivered?

As you may have already guessed they come delivered through your letterbox. It really couldn’t be easier!

When you order your vegan brownies on their website you select a delivery date for them to send them on. They will then be sent via Royal Mail on a 48 hour delivery.

There is an option to leave a message on the box, just incase you are ordering these as a gift. They arrive in a Cake or Death branded box all nicely wrapped up.

They survive well in the post. Mine were delivered during a strike and still arrived well and in one piece. They tasted perfectly fudgy and fresh.

Lucy eating a vegan letterbox brownie from cake or death

Where can you order Cake or Death?

Cake or Death’s vegan letterbox brownies can be order direct on their website:

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