How I vet brands

At Edible Ethics, I’m dedicated to providing you with the best guidance for your vegan journey. I believe in transparency and integrity, which is why I only recommend products that meet my rigorous standards and pass my personal test.

My Promise to You

I’m committed to offering authentic advice, and I stand by the products I recommend. Here’s my promise:

  • I try it myself: Every product I feature is personally tried and tested by me. I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t use myself in my vegan lifestyle.
  • Meticulous vetting: Before a product makes it to my blog, it goes through a thorough vetting process. I assess it for:
    • Vegan integrity: I ensure that the product aligns with my vegan values and is free from animal-derived ingredients.
    • Company reputation: I research the brand’s ethics, values, and practices to ensure they align with my mission of promoting a compassionate lifestyle.
    • Quality standards: I scrutinise the quality, taste, and nutritional value of the product to ensure it meets my high standards.

Why I Prioritise Vetting

My commitment to vetting is rooted in my dedication to you, my community. I understand that making the right choices for your health and well-being is crucial. That’s why I invest time and effort to vet every product.

My Vetting Process

Each product featured on my blog undergoes a meticulous vetting process:

  • Ingredient assessment: I scrutinise the composition of the product to ensure it adheres to my vegan principles.
  • Safety first: I consider any potential harm that a product might pose to your health or the environment.
  • Evidence-based claims: I evaluate the claims made by the brand and ensure they are supported by credible evidence. I always refer to medical publications to back up any claims and provide links to these within my articles.
  • Business ethics: I assess the company’s integrity and commitment to ethical practices.

Only products that meet my strict criteria pass my vetting process.

Transparent Evaluation

I maintain transparency in my evaluations. For each brand I mention, within reviews and guides, I write my open and honest feelings. I continually re-evaluate my partner brands to ensure they uphold my standards.

If a product or brand no longer meets my criteria, I promptly remove it from my content. In cases where I feature a product that hasn’t passed my vetting process, I provide clear reasons to help you make informed decisions.

For more insights into my commitment to content integrity, including my unwavering standards for vegan accuracy and editorial quality, feel free to explore my approach further.

Thank you for trusting Edible Ethics as your reliable source for vegan food and nutrition advice.