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It isn’t always easy getting veganism right. But it is much easier when you have fellow vegans guiding you through. I have always been so thankful for the support and guidance I have been given throughout my vegan journey, so now I want to do my bit and share my guidance with you.

So, please take a look through all of my vegan guides to help you navigate through your own vegan journey.

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A kitchen knife for vegan cooking
Best buys

The only kitchen knives vegans actually need

You’ve ditched the meat and now you have a bunch of scary looking knives hanging about in your kitchen. A vegan diet still requires plenty of chopping, but the ingredients are really quite different. So discover here the best kitchen knives you need for vegan cooking.

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vegan fine dining restaurant in London

7 vegan-friendly fine dining restaurants in London

Veganism has come a long way. It no longer means eating large bowls of bean chilli in hippy cafes. Chefs are experimenting with plants and taking veganism to the next level. So find out where you can try incredible vegan food in these top vegan-friendly fine dining restaurants in London.

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