The 9 best mushroom supplements (mind & body)

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Struggling to focus on your work? Finding it difficult to sleep? Lacking energy during your workout? Then there is a mushroom powder for that! Discover my top picks.

Lucy out in the garden holding a mug which is full up with adaptogenic mushrooms lions mane and maitake which are used in some of the best mushroom supplements

I’ve recently gone a little bit mushroom mad. And no I’m not talking about the hallucinogenic kind. I’m not a 20-year-old frequenting warehouse raves in Sheffield anymore. No, I’m an adult now who enjoys going to sleep at 9 pm and waking up first thing in the morning to go to the gym.

I am always on the lookout for ways to enhance my natural state so that I can go about my day with more energy and focus. And something to dull down the anxiety and stress that plagues my sleep.

Yes, the sensible me wants to enhance my life to become better at adult stuff. So that means swapping magic shrooms for something a little more functional.

This is why I am now much more interested in the adaptogenic kind of mushrooms, which includes the likes of lion’s mane, chaga, cordyceps and reishi. All of these are now being used to create different types of mushroom supplements, including tinctures and mushroom coffees, sold to people like me who want to enhance their day-to-day life.

I must admit though, juggling all of the science and advertising behind these best mushroom supplements and figuring out when to consume what mushroom did stress me out a bit at first. But hopefully, I can make the process a lot easier for you with my guide to the best mushroom supplements that you can buy in the UK!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or health professional. I am writing about my own experiences of trying out these products. If you have any medical concerns, do talk to your doctor before consuming any of these mushroom supplements.

My top picks

What are mushroom supplements good for?

This really depends on the type of mushroom that you are consuming. Overall, the majority of functional mushroom supplements will boost your immune system, promote the absorption of probiotic-rich foods (helping promote great gut health), and fight free radicals.

More specifically, mushroom supplements that contain cordyceps will help with your energy levels, whilst lion’s mane powders will help get rid of brain fog, chaga will reduce inflammation, and reishi will give you calming effects that soften mental health issues. They are pretty much the coolest and most effective plant-based superfoods.

Are there any side effects of mushrooms?

As with any food item, there is the possibility that you may be intolerant or allergic to an ingredient. So when you first try out any mushroom supplement make sure to keep the dose low and monitor yourself for the next couple of hours. That being said, it is very rare that this will happen. Other potential side effects could be related to existing health conditions and medicines that you may take, so it is wise to consult a doctor before consuming any mushroom powder.

Do I need to take a break from adaptogenic mushrooms?

Your body can build up a resistance to anything that you consume, so whilst you may see some great short-term benefits from taking adaptogenic mushrooms these may subside over time if you don’t take breaks. The length of time that it can take for your body to become resistant can be dependent on the mushroom.

On average, it is recommended that you take a week off after 6 weeks of taking any functional mushroom. One brand who are really honest and informative about this is Erbology, as they provide tailored information on each of their mushroom products.

Here are the best mushroom supplements

Ready to enhance your natural state and find a healthier and more sustainable way of living? Then join me as I take you through my favourite mushroom supplements.

A bottle of No Ordinary Moments flow mushroom tincture one of the best mushroom supplements

Best mushroom tinctures

1. No Ordinary Moments

  • Type of mushroom: Lion’s mane, reishi and chaga
  • Form: Tincture

If you are looking for a high-strength mushroom supplement that is easy to add to your daily routine, then you are in luck. No Ordinary Moments have created a range of 3 mushroom tinctures which have been dual extracted from UK-grown mushrooms with a 1:2.5 strength – the highest tincture you’ll find in the UK.

I find their tinctures really convenient to use and whilst they do smell a little bit you will never notice them once you mix them in with your tea, coffee or juice.

Each tincture serves a different purpose and you can either buy one or try them all. I personally like to use their lion’s mane supplement in the morning to help me focus, alongside their chaga tincture to help my immune system, and then I use their reishi tincture after dinner to help me relax and sleep.

A box of London Nootropics mushroom supplement coffee with the three sachets in front on top of a wooden surface with a plant

Best mushroom coffee blends

2. London Nootropics

  • Type of mushroom: Lion’s mane and cordyceps
  • Form: Instant coffee powder

I’m not normally one to big up instant coffee, but these adaptogenic coffee sachets from London Nootropics are a real exception. The flavour of each of their blends is delicious, not at all like the instant coffee that I know.

They have three blends, with two of them containing mushroom powder, Flow and Mojo. Flow is the perfect coffee blend for those days when you’ve got to get a lot of work done, or you have a project to focus on. Whilst Mojo is their energy blend, which I love using as a pre-gym coffee hit.

I can drink 2 of these a day without getting any coffee jitters and I find each blend to do exactly what it says! You can tell they’ve really thought about their choice of mushrooms for each blend. Find out more in my London Nootropics review.

Mushroom matcha powder from Solve Labs one of the best mushroom supplements

Best mushroom matcha

3. Solve Labs

  • Type of mushroom: Lion’s mane
  • Form: Powder

If you prefer drinking matcha to get your caffeine hit, then you’ll certainly like this mushroom matcha blend from Solve Labs. It comes mixed with matcha, lion’s mane, maca and coconut for a really silky matcha brew.

It is perfect for anyone who gets coffee jitters and is looking for a more sustainable caffeine buzz. Mixed in with lion’s mane, it will help you to stay focused on your work.

The mushroom matcha powder mixes really nicely with hot water and tastes great with a splash of oat milk. Since they are individually wrapped, they are easy for taking with you on the go, be it to the office or on your holidays.

A tub of Puresport reishi mushroom supplements with the capsules on the ground

Best mushroom capsules

4. Puresport

  • Type of mushroom: Lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps and a 6-mushroom blend
  • Form: Capsules

Puresport is a natural sports supplement company created by an ex-professional rugby player, for athletes. But you don’t have to be a pro athlete to enjoy their supplements, because the functions of their mushroom supplements far surpass exercise performance.

They have a range of high-dose capsules including lion’s mane for focus, reishi for calm, cordyceps for energy and a 6-mushroom blend to help with many aspects of mind and body health.

As it is a sports brand, everything is heavily tested by an independent body. So you can be certain that you are getting the good stuff! I personally really enjoy how easy these are to take and the high strength makes the very effective!

A pouch of Moksha decaf coffee alternative with mushroom powder next to a large grey mug - one of the best mushroom supplements

Best mushroom decaf coffee

5. Moksha

  • Type of mushroom: Lion’s mane, reishi, chaga and cordyceps
  • Form: Instant decaf coffee powder

If you are looking for an energy brew and you like the taste of coffee but you are also a bit sensitive to caffeine, then you’ll really enjoy this decaf coffee alternative by No Ordinary Moments. It is called Moksha and is named after the Hindu concept of freedom from the eternal circle of life.

This mushroom powder blend is full of powerful natural ingredients that will definitely help you to live a healthier happier life, so I can understand the relation to the name! Although, it has no supernatural powers.

I really enjoy the chai spices that have been added to this and really enjoy mixing it with oat milk and a spoonful of agave syrup. I will choose to drink this in the afternoons because whilst I love drinking coffee, I can’t hack the caffeine in the afternoons.

Follow my ‘buy it direct’ button below to get free first-class postage with your order. Or use code ‘edibleethics’ at checkout.

An aerial view of three mushroom powders by Erbology with one jar open showing the powder on top of a wooden surface with a plant

Best pure mushroom powders

6. Erbology

  • Type of mushroom: Lion’s mane, chaga, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, and more
  • Form: Pure mushroom powder

If you are anything like me and you find all of these different blends a bit overwhelming, then you may be happy to know you can buy a large variety of mushroom powders in their pure form from Erbology.

After learning about each mushroom and its benefits, I enjoyed being able to pick and choose which powder(s) I mixed into my coffee or my pre-sleep time vegan hot chocolate, depending on what I needed it for. I even baked their immunity blend into my peanut butter cookie recipe as a sweet treat.

I also enjoyed being able to increase the dose each day as I got used to the effects. With pre-mixed blends, you would have to consume a lot more coffee or hot chocolate to do that.

Use the link below to get 15% off when you buy directly from Erbology:

A bag of upraising coffee with mushrooms on top of a wooden surface with a plant in the background

Best ground coffee with mushrooms

7. Upraising

  • Type of mushroom: Chaga, maitake, lion’s mane, and reishi
  • Form: Ground coffee

There are a few other mushroom coffee blends mentioned here, but for all my fellow coffee purists out there, this is the truly best coffee option. This is a ground coffee blend which you can use in your cafetiere.

It has a really lovely subtle mushroom taste which is well balanced with the taste of a good quality coffee. And because the mushrooms are inside the coffee grounds, you get fewer bits at the bottom of your coffee cup.

They have three ground coffee options, each with carefully selected mushrooms to help with immunity, focus and mood. I’ve been drinking their Live Well blend recently and was able to overcome a horrible cold I caught a lot quicker than usual!

A bag of sixways cacao mushroom supplement powder on top of a wooden surface with a plant in the background

Best for sleeping

8. Sixways

  • Type of mushroom: Reishi
  • Form: Hot chocolate powder

Sleep is a bit of a problem for me. Not only can I lie there wide awake with a million thoughts racing through my head, but I also struggle to stay asleep once I’ve finally drifted off. So I was really interested in this Unwind + Recover hot chocolate powder from Sixways.

It is enriched with Reishi mushroom, which is well known for its calming effects. This is complemented with ashwagandha, magnesium and l-tryptophan. I have been drinking one of these every evening and have been falling asleep really quickly with absolutely no anxious thoughts, which is absolutely insane for me. I am then sleeping really well throughout the night.

I would recommend drinking it with your favourite plant-based milk heated up in a saucepan, rather than just hot water because it is much more luxurious and comforting this way!

A bag of DIRTEA mushroom supplement coffee powder on a wooden surface with a plant in the background

Best value for money


  • Type of mushroom: Lion’s mane, chaga and cordyceps
  • Form: Instant coffee powder

This bag of mushroom coffee from DIRTEA is jam-packed with adaptogenic ingredients. Not only does it contain lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps, but it is also mixed with ashwagandha and maca. The best bit is that it contains 50% less caffeine than a cup of coffee, meaning you can drink this without any jitters.

It blends really nicely into hot water and goes nice and creamy when you drop in some oat milk. Although, I do still find it has a bit of an instant coffee taste to it.

When you consider all of the ingredients that have been packed into DIRTEA’s mushroom coffee in relation to the cost per serving, about 66p if you buy it one-off, then you can see you are getting a lot for your money. I have one of these a day and I’m amazed at how much I still have left!

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