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The best vegan protein powders of 2023 (UK)

There are now many different vegan protein powders available to buy in the UK. I definitely have my favourites & I'm going to be sharing these with you in this blog.


I’m sure I don’t still need to be saying this, but I will just repeat these for those at the back who may be a little hard of hearing – it is really very possible to get enough protein on a vegan diet. There, I said it. Now we’ve got that cleared up, let’s move on to the topic at hand, the best vegan protein powders in the UK.

Whilst most people will get everything they need just by eating plenty of tofu, tempeh and fake meats, as well as legumes like chickpeas and lentils, some people may want to supplement their diet with more protein!

For instance, if you are quite an active person or you just struggle eating some of the main vegan protein sources, then you may find that you will want to supplement your vegan diet with a vegan protein powder.

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Finding a vegan protein powder may sound daunting at first, particularly because protein powders have long been synonymous with whey, casein, and egg. But there are now plenty of great tasting effective fully vegan protein powders that you can buy in the UK.

And when I say effective, I mean just as effective as their non-vegan counterparts. Many vegan brands make sure to blend their protein powders with different sources of protein and other foods to deliver complete amino acids that help you to get the most out of the protein.

Why trust my guide to vegan protein powders?

I am a regular gym-goer. I am into weightlifting and my sessions are focused on deadlifts, bench, and squats. This means I am putting my body under a lot of strain, a lot of the time. So, I take vegan protein powders on a regular basis. I know the difference between a good one and a bad one since it really affects my recovery.

Here are the best vegan protein powders in the UK

As someone who frequents the gym and moves around a lot, I rely quite heavily on vegan protein powders. I find them really useful in upping my protein intake to ensure my muscles repair after gym days. I also like to carry a pack around with me when I travel just in case I can’t get hold of high protein foods as easily.

So with that being said, I have tried A LOT of the vegan protein powder brands available in the UK.

Below I will take you through my top picks, showing their protein sources, nutritional values, flavours, and cost. Helping you to make an informed decision about your next vegan protein powder purchase!

Best high protein option

Form Nutrition

Protein source: Pea, brown rice and pumpkin protein
Protein content: From 15g-30g protein per serving (depending on the product)
Calories: 145-154 calories per serving
Flavours: Banoffee, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate peanut, vanilla, tiramisu, vanilla, toffee, chocolate, salted caramel & unflavoured

Form Nutrition are quite easily my favourite vegan protein powder brand. Not only is it a fully vegan company, they also use some of the most eco-friendly packaging that I’ve seen from any brand. Plus they’ve been doing this from the beginning.

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For instance, they use a home compostable bag to package their vegan protein powders and they don’t include a spoon, instead they give you tablespoon measurements that allow you to measure out a serving really easily.

They have three different vegan protein powder offerings, ‘pureblend‘ an unflavoured powder for baking and cooking, ‘superblend‘ which is packed full of vitamins, and ‘performance‘ a high-protein powder with 30g per serving. This means they have something to suit everyone!

I like to use their pureblend in my baking, like inside this banana pancake recipe, and when I fancy a shake I like to use one of their flavoured performance blends.

Their powders blend really nicely into all liquids, meaning no lumpy shakes! I also really enjoy all of the flavours and don’t find any to be too artificial tasting. My all time favourite is without a doubt, toffee.

Best clear protein option


Protein source: Pea protein
Protein content: 10g protein per serving
Calories: 53.2 calories per serving
Flavours: Orange & mango

If traditional protein powders don’t quite float your boat, then you’ll love this clear vegan protein from Feel. They turn pea protein into a water soluble powder that forms a clear liquid when mixed with water.

Think fruit squash, just packed full of protein. Oh, and it is supposed to absorb well in your body. Which is useful considering it has less protein than more conventional protein powders.

I find this clear vegan protein powder really easy to drink and very refreshing. Making it perfect for summer, or for hot and sweaty gyms.

They use real fruit to create the flavour for this clear vegan protein powder. Orange and mango is a great combination, so this is a big yes from me.

For a real fruity hit, you can even mix this clear vegan protein powder in with fruit juice. Making a really tasty low calorie protein-packed drink. You can thank me later 😉

They also include a range of B vitamins inside the powder to help give you more energy alongside your protein hit! 

Best affordable option


Protein source: Pea, sunflower, chickpea, hemp & pumpkin protein
Protein content: 23g protein per serving
Calories: 128 calories per serving
Flavours: Caramel, chocolate & strawberry

This vegan protein powder is on the cheaper side of the scale and you really can buy a lot of it in bulk, perfect for anyone who consumes a lot of vegan protein powder! It is still an effective protein powder, but the company isn’t fully vegan. So you will also find the usual non-vegan protein powders on their website, including whey.

But if you don’t mind buying from a non-vegan company and you are looking for something affordable, then do definitely give bulk a go.

I found the pack lasted me ages and thankfully when I finished it, the packaging itself was fully home compostable!

My favourite of theirs is the gourmet vegan protein blend. It is made up of five different vegan protein sources that help to deliver a really high dose of protein as well as a great smooth texture.

They have also added Digezyme for digestion and D3 for absorption. So even though this is a cheaper brand, the ingredients do definitely still delight! Just beware, this may not be suitable for any allergy sufferers due to it being produced in a factory alongside allergens like milk, soya, cereals, fish and more.

Best for flavours


Protein source: Pea & fava bean protein
Protein content: 22g protein per serving
Calories: 110 calories per serving
Flavours: Chocolate, cacao orange, white chocolate raspberry, turmeric latte, carrot cake & much more

If you love having a large choice of flavours then you’ll enjoy the vegan protein powder blends from MYVEGAN. I find it a little intimidating, but I do know many people who love switching up their flavours month to month to keep things interesting.

MYVEGAN is part of a larger protein company, MYPROTEIN, so they know a thing or two about making protein powders. That being said, whilst MYVEGAN is vegan certified, the parent company does also make non-vegan protein powders. But you can feel safe browsing their fully vegan website, myvegan.com.

I like that they blend pea and fava bean protein together, it has a great texture and is high in protein, with 5g of BCAAs (branch-chained amino acids) per serving. Because the blend is quite smooth, it works really well when baking it into pancakes or mixing it in with your morning porridge.

If pea protein doesn’t quite take your fancy then they do also offer a soy protein isolate powder.

Annoyingly, they aren’t very transparent across their website about the packaging used in each individual product. But I do know that they are always looking to find ways to be more sustainable, just keep an eye out on their sustainability page here.

Best vitamin enriched option


Protein source: Pea & hemp protein
Protein content: 21g protein per serving
Calories: 141 calories per serving
Flavours: Madagascan vanilla, double chocolate brownie & raspberry ripple

Are you always forgetting to take your vegan vitamins? Then you’ll love this female-led vegan protein brand, jrny. They have created a vitamin-packed vegan protein powder that delivers you a high dose of protein (21g per serving) alongside vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin C.

If you are a regular multivitamin taker, then you could even ditch your vits in place of this vegan protein powder! You essentially get two for the price of one.

I really like that they are also championing plastic-free packaging. Their vegan protein powder pouch is made using paper and is really easy to recycle. They also sell a reusable wooden measuring scoop.

jrny are really transparent about their choice of ingredients, and always strive to use the best sources of the ingredients that they include in their protein powder. For instance, they use raw cacao to achieve their chocolate flavour and they avoid using harmful sweeteners.

Currently they have three flavours on offer, all of which work really well in a shake using your favourite vegan milk. The powder can also be used in vegan baking recipes, why not try their chocolate brownie powder in your next batch of vegan brownies!

Best organic option

Ora Organic

Protein source: Pea & rice protein
Protein content: 22g protein per serving
Calories: 130 calories per serving
Flavours: Chocolate, vanilla, vanilla chai & unflavoured

This vegan protein powder from Ora Organic champions organic ingredients, like pea and rice protein. They also jam pack it full of superfoods, so you can get even more from that daily protein shake!

Not only does each serving contain a complete profile of amino acids, they also include plenty of plant-based digestive enzymes in the mix to ensure all the good stuff is absorbed by your body!

Included in these enzymes are amylase, cellulase and lipase. These all work together to ensure your digestive system functions properly, which in turn can stopsyou from getting any of the normal protein powder side effects – think bloating and stomach pain!

I really like their simple flavour offering, which consists of chocolate and vanilla bases. I am often a bit put off by the millions of flavour offerings from some companies, which promise flavours that they just don’t deliver. So the simplicity of both chocolate and vanilla do definitely appeal to me!

It is also one of the only companies to use organic ingredients in their vegan protein powder. But it is from the US, so I do wonder about the unnecessary air miles…

Best meal replacement option


Protein source: Pea, fava bean & hemp protein
Protein content: 20g protein per serving
Calories: 105 calories per serving
Flavours: Banana milkshake, vanilla fudge, chocolate fudge brownie, salted caramel, strawberries & cream, & unflavoured

The plant-based meal replacement company Huel also make complete vegan protein powders which are naturally gluten-free and full of essential amino acids, apparently more than what you get in whey powder!

Huel truly are the experts in powdered food, so it is no surprise that their vegan protein powder is also great!

I love that they are really transparent about the amino acid make up of their vegan protein powder. As stated on their website, each serving contains 9g essential amino acids and 5g branched-chain amino acids.

Moreover, they include 26 essential vitamins and minerals in the mix. Making this another vegan protein powder that you could break up with your multivits for!

I am a big fan of their inclusion of curcumin and black pepper, great for fighting inflammation – just what you need after an intense workout! It is also jam packed full of fibre, hopefully avoiding any awkward constipation issues…

They do sell their vegan protein powder in a plastic tub though, but I am assured it is completely recyclable.

You will need to spend a bit to get this protein though, as it is a two tub minimum on one-off orders. But you can get just the one tub if you sign up to a subscription.

Vegan protein powder FAQs

A vegan protein powder is a food supplement that is high in protein, making it perfect for athletes and people who work out regularly, and is made using plant-based ingredients.

For instance, many vegan protein powders are made using pea protein, hemp protein, and soy protein.

There are many vegan protein powders that are just as effective, and even better than their non-vegan counterparts. By using a wide range of plant-based protein sources, vegan protein powder brands can deliver complete amino acids that are both natural and healthy.

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