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Last updated: May 29, 2024

The 6 best vegan protein powders (UK)

There are now many different vegan protein powders available so I have put together my favourites with an option to suit all budgets and requirements. Including Form, Feel, Bulk and MYVEGAN.

A rose metal spoon with a scoop of one of the best vegan protein powders sat on a marble work top

As someone who spends a significant portion of their week in the gym lifting weights, I consume a lot of vegan protein powder. Which means I have well and truly tried them all.

I will take you through my favourite vegan protein powders, sharing their protein quantity, sources, nutritional values, and flavours. You will discover everything from plain powders and sweetener-free protein, to clear protein and budget-friendly options.

My top picks

My vetting process

I have selected products for this guide based on a few really important factors:

  • Personal experience: All of these are products that I have tried and tested myself
  • Price: I have included a range of products here to suit all budgets
  • Quality of ingredients: All of these powders are made using high-quality sources of plant-based protein
  • Online reputation: None of the brands mentioned here are considered to be untrustworthy, based on my own opinion and that of others on the internet
A pouch of Wild Nutrition organic protein and superfood powder

Wild Nutrition

  • Source: Pea and rice protein
  • Content: 16g protein
  • Calories: 88 calories per serving
  • Flavours: Berry flavour
  • Price: £40

Wild Nutrition have sweetened their vegan protein powder with organic coconut sugar which gives it a really lovely natural flavour. The fact that it is sweetener-free also means it is a lot kinder to your gut!

There are a lot of brands out there selling their protein powder in ‘eco-friendly packaging’, but most of them are put inside compostable packaging that needs to be composted in a heat-controlled facility, not your home compost bin. But Wild Nutrition’s packaging is actually home-compostable!

This product is also made with a blend of superfoods, vitamins and mushroom powders. It contains 16g of protein so it isn’t the highest amount mentioned here, but it is a great powder for all-around health and wellbeing.

A pouch of Pulsin vegan pea protein powder

Pulsin Pea Protein

  • Source: Pea protein
  • Content: 8g protein per serving
  • Calories: 41 calories per serving
  • Flavours: Unflavoured
  • Price: £11.65

If you are on the lookout for a pure protein powder with zero added flavour then Pulsin is the brand for you! They sell a standalone pea protein powder that can be easily stirred into soups and desserts or your smoothies.

It contains a lower protein content than most protein powder blends, but you can very easily up the amount you put into your food. One serving contains 8g of protein and only 41 calories, so you could double or even triple it without it becoming too calorific.

I like the fact that it comes unflavored and without any kind of sweetener. This makes it a much more flexible product that can be used in both sweet and savoury foods. Although, do go easy at first as some people are intolerant to pea protein!

Performance protein by Form Nutrition - one of the best vegan protein powders to buy in the UK (2023)

Form Performance

  • Source: Pea, brown rice and pumpkin protein
  • Content: 30g protein
  • Calories: 149-154 calories per serving
  • Flavours: Banoffee, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate peanut, vanilla, tiramisu
  • Price: £26

This product comes from a 100% vegan brand, Form Nutrition. It is the highest protein option here and is the very powder that I use on a daily basis to help repair my muscles after a heavy gym session.

They use a range of plant-based protein sources which ensure you get a complete protein. They have managed to keep the calorie content quite low whilst also delivering a whopping 30g protein per serving.

Not to mention that all of their flavour options are really natural tasting, kind on the stomach, and they blend nicely into liquids. They also use compostable packaging and no plastic spoons!

Clear Pea Protein by Feel

Feel Clear

  • Source: Pea protein
  • Content: 10g protein
  • Calories: 53.2 calories per serving
  • Flavours: Orange and mango
  • Price: £19.95

If traditional protein powders don’t quite float your boat, then you’ll love this clear vegan protein from Feel. They turn pea protein into a water-soluble powder that forms a clear liquid when mixed with water. Although, it isn’t as high in protein as traditional powders.

Think fruit squash, just packed full of protein. Oh, and it is supposed to absorb well in your body. Which is useful considering it has less protein than more conventional protein powders.

I find this clear pea protein powder really easy to drink and very refreshing. Making it perfect for summer, or for hot and sweaty gyms. For a real fruity hit, you can even mix their clear powder with fruit juice. You can thank me later 😉

Vegan Protein Blend by MYVEGAN


  • Source: Pea & fava bean protein
  • Content: 22g protein
  • Calories: 110 calories per serving
  • Flavours: Chocolate, cacao orange, white chocolate raspberry, turmeric latte, carrot cake & much more
  • Price: £11.04

If you love having a large choice of flavours then you’ll enjoy the vegan protein powder blends from MYVEGAN. I find it a little intimidating, but I do know many people who love switching up their flavours month to month to keep things interesting.

On top of this, they manage to keep their prices really low, making this one of the cheapest options on this list. But this does come at a price, some of the sweeteners used in their products aren’t the best quality. This is fine for anyone who can tolerate sweeteners, but not so fine for people like me with IBS!

I like that they blend pea and fava bean protein together, it has a great texture and is high in protein, with 5g of BCAAs (branch-chained amino acids) per serving. Because the blend is quite smooth, it works really well when baking it into pancakes or mixing it in with your morning porridge.

A pouch of Naturya Hemp Protein Powder

Naturya Hemp Protein

  • Source: Hemp protein
  • Content: 10g protein per serving
  • Calories: 72 calories per serving
  • Flavours: Unflavoured
  • Price: £8.06

Another great natural way of upping your intake of protein is with this pure hemp protein powder. It is unflavored and made from 100% pure organic hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain 50% protein, meaning 50% of the powder you use is protein content. Therefore, if you use a 20g serving you’ll get 10g of protein. And this is only 72 calories.

I like to stir it into my morning chocolate smoothie bowl since it doesn’t add its own overpowering flavours to the dish.

It is lower in protein than other powders here, but it is a lot purer and some people may tolerate it better than soy and pea-based powders. Moreover, hemp is a very healthy plant-based food, containing vegan omega-3, manganese, iron, magnesium and zinc.

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