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Last updated: May 29, 2024

My favourite mushroom coffee blends (2024)

Looking to swap your cup of coffee with a mushroom coffee? Then look no further. I’ll take you through my favourite blends, including different varieties of instant and ground coffee.

Lucy drinking a cup of the best mushroom coffee

Despite my initial reservations about drinking coffee that contains mushrooms, I’ve come to enjoy it. I have absolutely zero idea if the mushrooms are doing what they are supposed to, but I enjoy the flavour and the buzz I get after my mushroom brew.

Mushrooms are pretty impressive ingredients and these coffee products are packed full of them! I’ve enjoyed all of the mushroom coffees below for different reasons. So, hopefully, you’ll find the mushroom brew for you!

My top picks

A bag of Solve Labs Mushroom coffee - one of my favourite mushroom coffee blends

Solve Labs

If drinking a cup of freshly brewed cafetiere coffee is part of your daily routine, then you’ll find it really easy to slot this ground mushroom coffee by Solve Labs in. It is a simple mix of ground arabica coffee from Brazil mixed in with functional mushrooms.

They have two options for you to choose from. One is mixed with lion’s mane and rhodiola rosea, making it great for cognitive efficiency, and the other is made with chaga and ashwagandha, helping your body to adapt to stress.

Their coffee is suitable for all coffee makers plus it has a lovely flavour. Plus each serving contains 500mg of either lion’s mane or chaga mushroom. Find out more about the brand in my Solve Labs review.

A selection of London Nootropics coffee sachets - one of my favourite mushroom coffee blends

London Nootropics

  • Mushrooms: Lion’s mane or cordyceps
  • Type: Instant coffee powder sachets
  • Price: £1.25 per coffee

These mushroom coffees from London Nootropics are by far my favourite instant coffee blends. I don’t usually enjoy instant coffee, mostly due to the taste and mouthfeel, but London Nootropics have successfully made these into really drinkable coffee powders. Read my full London Nootropics review to find out more.

The flavour is great and mixes really well with vegan milk to make an adaptogenic latte. Thanks to their individually wrapped sachets, they are also great for travelling or for taking to the office.

They have two mushroom coffee blends, including one with lion’s mane (for focus) and another with cordceps (for energy). You can easily mix and match them throughout the week depending on what you need from them.

A bag of upraising coffee with mushrooms on top of a wooden surface with a plant in the background


For a well-rounded tasting brew, I recommend this Live Well coffee from Upraising. It has a great depth of flavour and a real earthiness to it. As a coffee snob, this ticks all the boxes.

It is mixed with chaga mushroom, Rhodiola Rosea, and Schisandra Chinensis, all of which are supposed to help with energy. In my photo you may see it also contains Maitake, but they recently replaced this with Rhodiola Rosea.

I have also tested their other coffee blends, including a lion’s mane coffee and a reishi coffee, both of which also taste delicious!

A bag of Moksha next to a mug - one of my favourite mushroom coffee blends

No Ordinary Moments

  • Mushrooms: Lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps and chaga
  • Type: Instant decaf coffee with chai spicing
  • Price: £0.72 per coffee

This one is for all the decaf coffee drinkers out there. This decaf coffee blend from No Ordinary Moments contains a mix of lion’s mane, reishi, cordyceps and chaga mushroom. All of the adaptogenic ingredients total 1250mg per coffee, but this is spread across a whole host of mushrooms.

The decaf coffee is flavoured with chai spices and comes in instant powder form. I like to mix mine in with oat milk and a spoonful of agave syrup. It is great as an afternoon pick me up and the adaptogens help to provide much-needed energy without the need for any caffeine.

A bag of DIRTEA mushroom coffee - one of my favourite mushroom coffee blends


  • Mushrooms: Lion’s mane, chaga and cordyceps
  • Type: Instant coffee powder
  • Price: From £0.40 per coffee (with subscription)

This mushroom coffee blend from DIRTEA is the best value option that you can find. You get 1000mg of mushrooms and other adaptogens for every cup of coffee. And with their subscription offering, you can get this for as little as £0.40 per coffee. However, the price does go up if you are buying singular bags.

It comes in instant coffee form and blends easily with hot water and a dash of oat milk. But I do find it tastes like instant coffee, so it isn’t an option for any of the instant coffee haters out there.

They make sure to use purely organic mushrooms from 100% fruiting bodies in their blend, although I don’t believe they are UK or European-grown like the majority of other brands.

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