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The spookiest vegan Halloween treats to buy (in 2023)

When I was young Halloween meant mountains of sweets and chocolate, none of it vegan. But there are now so many vegan options, you can enjoy a vegan Halloween. Whether you are sharing your treats with your local trick or treaters, or keeping them all to yourself.


Halloween has always been about the food. And the unhealthier the better.

I always remember as a kid I’d scrape together a last minute scary costume (because I was never really that interested in fancy dress) to walk around the estate with my friends, seeing how full I could get my Halloween-themed basket of choice. I’d then go back home and stuff as much of it into my gob as possible.

Now, I’m not condoning overeating, but this was the one night of the year where it was acceptable. And I loved it.

Whilst I have left trick or treating behind, I do still love the change in season that is associated with Halloween. And with Autumn comes pumpkin.

So when coming up with this vegan Halloween treat blog I wanted to make sure it covered all ages and tastes. There is no need for anyone to miss out when they are vegan, whether they are a kid or an adult. So expect vegan sweets and chocolates fit for any spooky ghost or witch, as well as vegan-friendly pumpkin based foods that will amaze guests at any Halloween-themed dinner party.

Here are the spookiest vegan halloween treats

This range of spooky vegan Halloween treats is sure to appeal to all tastes (& dogs too). I have included everything from drinks, to sweets and chocolates. Have a happy vegan Halloween!

A Natoora pumpkin

No, this isn’t the pumpkin you’d want to carve a scary face into. This is a pumpkin you’ll want to eat. Roast it up and blend it into a soup, the vibrant orange colour will make you feel ready for Halloween.

M&S Wiggly Worm Churros

Everyone loves churros, right? Lightly spiced and sugary bites of doughnutty goodness. These have been made to look like little worms, making them the perfect Halloween party treat. Just serve them up with a little bowl of melted vegan chocolate.

Califia Farms Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew

Califia Farms produce one of my favourite plant-based milks, so it is no surprise that they’ve come up with this incredible seasonal product, a pumpkin spiced cold brew. The perfect pick me up to get you through Halloween!

Biona Sour Snake sweets

For many, Halloween means sweets. But many sweets still contain gelatin. I recommend these sour snakes from biona, they’ll fit right in at Halloween plus they taste great. I recommend hiding them inside your Halloween treat bowl for the added scare factor.

Pumpkin Puree

This may look like an odd vegan Halloween treat to the average British person, but this is a favourite amongst Americans. This puree is used to make a delicious pumpkin pie which can be served up at your Halloween dinner party.

Wicked Kitchen Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

This one is for the vegan Halloween enthusiasts who dislike baking. Wicked Kitchen have saved the day with these cute vegan pumpkin spiced cupcakes. Dress them up on a plate and pretend you baked them up just that morning.

Doisy & Dam chocolate

Looking for something a little familiar? Keep your local trick or treaters happy by giving them these Doisy & Dam drops, they are just like smarties, but vegan. This will keep you very popular with the neighbours, if you haven’t already eaten them all that is.

Dell'Ugo Pumpkin Gnocchi

This fresh vegan pumpkin gnocchi is really tasty and simple to cook. I recommend serving it up with this spookily bright red pepper sauce. Perfect for any Halloween themed dinner parties.

Soopa Pumpkin Dental Stick for doggies

Why should dogs miss out on all the fun?! These vegan-friendly pumpkin chews allow your dogs to join in on the festivities. They’ll love chomping away on these – my dog definitely does!

There is plenty for vegans to eat at Halloween. For instance, there are many vegan-friendly pumpkin based dishes that can be made like pumpkin soup, pumpkin gnocchi, or pumpkin pie.

For sweets, vegans can eat vegan chocolates like Doisy&Dam, or vegan sour sweets from Biona.

Many sweets aren’t vegan friendly because they use gelatin (made from beef) or beeswax. But there are plenty of vegan sweet brands that use alternative ingredients to achieve the same result. For instance, you can try out Biona, Candy Kittens, Jealous Sweets, or Free From Fellows.

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