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The 8 best lion’s mane supplements

Lion’s mane is my new favourite mushroom. Not only is it delicious to eat, but it can have some pretty awesome effects on your brain too!

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Are you plagued by incessant brain fog? Do you feel like your life is in auto-pilot mode? That’s how I’ve felt for well, longer than I can remember. It has had negative effects on both my concentration and motivation levels. Making both work and life quite tough.

One of the many things I’ve tried to help lift me out of this foggy state is these lion’s mane mushroom supplements. The results have been pretty significant! When taking each of these consistently my head has felt much clearer.

Lion's mane supplements from Solve Labs including this tub of lion's mane capsules

Best overall

Solve Labs

  • Form: Capsules and powder
  • Amount: 1000mg per serving (2 capsules)
  • Price: £0.77 per serving

Solve Labs is dedicated to providing some of the cleanest and most effective mushroom supplements. Created by a CrossFit athlete, they focus on offering products that will enhance both your physical and mental performance.

They have a wide range of lion’s mane supplements, all of which are made using 100% fruiting bodies. This includes plant-based protein powder, matcha powder, ground mushroom coffee, pure lion’s mane powder, and lion’s mane capsules.


320x100 DR.VEGAN edible ethics

Each capsule contains 500mg and you take two a day. I like to take my first one with breakfast and my second one with my lunch. It keeps me focused throughout the morning and throughout the afternoon, when I would usually start to lose focus. I like how easy the capsules are to take, no mixing them with anything as you can simply swallow them with some water.

A jar of organic lion's mane powder from Erbology one of the best lion's mane supplements

Best lion’s mane powder


This is another lion’s mane supplement that provides you with some flexibility in dosage since it comes in a powder form. You can stir it into your tea or coffee, or you can add it to a hot soup or your morning porridge. I do recommend adding it to something hot though to ensure it mixes in well.

Erbology grows most of their own mushrooms which is great to see. Their lion’s mane is organic and grown in Europe. They dry the mushroom before grinding it into a fine powder for you to mix into your drinks and food.

They also sell loads of other awesome mushroom powders so you can mix and match. Plus when you consider the cost per serving, this is one of the most affordable ways to get a high dosage of lion’s mane.

A lion's mane tincture from No Ordinary Moments one of the best lion's mane supplements

Best lion’s mane tincture

No Ordinary Moments

Tinctures are a really easy way to add a little extra something to your daily coffee or tea rituals. The lion’s mane mushroom is extracted using both water and alcohol (although it’s a really small amount that won’t get you drunk). You can add it to your favourite hot or cold drinks and I promise you won’t be able to taste it. Well, that is unless you decide to add a whole bunch of other mushroom tinctures on top.


320x100 DR.VEGAN edible ethics

No Ordinary Moments has made this tincture from UK-grown lion’s mane using 100% fruiting bodies. They have one of the highest extraction rates for a tincture, meaning you will need to use less to get a high dose. That also makes it one of the most affordable tinctures available.

They also sell a decaf coffee alternative with mushrooms and a plant protein powder with mushrooms.

Lion's Mane supplement from The Long Leaf

Best lion’s mane capsules

The Long Leaf

The Long Leaf know a fair few things about harnessing the powder of natural ingredients. They have an extensive range of quality CBD products. They recently also introduced a few mushroom extracts to their product offering. Find out more about the brand in my The Long Leaf review.

Included within this is their Brain Bloom supplement, which contains lion’s mane mushroom alongside L-Theanine, Vitamin D, and Bacopa Monnieri. All of which help to provide an all-rounded brain boost.

The capsules are easy to take and they contain absolutely no filler ingredients. Meaning you get a large dose of all the good stuff! I have found these capsules to be effective when taking them over a series of a few weeks. They help lift the brain fog and increase my mental clarity. Allowing me to work solidly throughout the day!

A bag of Spacegoods chocolate coffee powder one of the best lion's mane supplements

Best lion’s mane mocha blend


  • Form: Instant coffee powder with cacao
  • Amount: 1000mg per serving (3 scoops)
  • Price: £1.30 per serving

If you’d prefer a done-for-you solution, and you love chocolate, then you’ll love this chocolate coffee powder from Spacegoods. It is mixed with 1000mg of lion’s mane, as well as cordyceps and chaga mushroom. It also contains ashwagandha (to help with stress), maca root (to increase energy), and rhodiola rosea (to improve focus). Find out more about the brand in my Spacegoods review.


320x100 DR.VEGAN edible ethics

Simply mix the powder with hot water and a splash of your favourite plant-based milk. It has a lovely subtle chocolate taste and is slightly sweet. You can even get it in handy travel sachets for enjoying on the go!

They have used stevia to sweeten it, which is great if you are avoiding sugar, but I do have to limit my sweetener intake as it can negatively affect my gut. Their blend also contains coffee, but at only 80mg it won’t give you any horrific coffee jitters. Unless you’ve already consumed 5 coffees that day, that is.

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A sachet of Lion's Mane supplement coffee from London Nootropics

Best lion’s mane coffee

London Nootropics

These instant coffee sachets from London Nootropics make for the perfect gift or travel companion. The box is beautifully designed and the coffee tastes great too! I don’t usually like instant coffee but this tastes great, especially when made into an adaptogenic latte with oat milk.

Their lion’s mane option comes with rhodiola rosea extract to provide you with a sustainable energy boost. The dosage is somewhat lower than the others mentioned here, but I wouldn’t rely on this to get your daily required intake. Instead, I would have this as a treat, or as a daily booster for my other lion’s mane supplements.

They also sell two other adaptogenic coffee blends, all helping with a different area of concern. Be it to bring a sense of calm, improve energy or increase your focus, they’ll have a blend for you! Find out more in my London Nootropics review.

A box of Thesis Clarity lion's mane supplements with the sachet containing the pills to the right

Best lion’s mane USA


This US-based supplement brand offers a range of nootropics, one of which contains lion’s mane mushrooms. It is called ‘Clarity’ and it is designed to help with focus, memory, and brain health.

It is mixed with L-Theanine, Caffeine, Alpha GPC, Camellia Sinensis Tea Leaf, and Dihydroxyflavone. Making it a great product for targeting all-round clarity. Lion’s mane will help with these on its own, but mixed in with these other ingredients you may well reap more benefits.

It is currently only available in the US, but they may be expanding to other countries soon!

A bag of Wild Nutrition vegan protein powder with lion's mane supplements included

Best lion’s mane protein powder

Wild Nutrition

This lion’s mane supplement is a little different from the rest because it isn’t a dedicated supplement nor a mushroom blend, rather it is a protein powder that contains a mix of adaptogenic mushrooms, one of which is lion’s mane. I find this a very clever way to consume mushrooms, since the protein can help your muscles to repair and the mushrooms can assist with energy and focus.

The dosage is pretty low per serving, but if you also take a capsule, some powder or a tincture every day, then this will help to boost your intake.

What I love about Wild Nutrition’s protein powder is the packaging. It is fully home-compostable, making it a great eco-friendly option for you to buy!

More mushrooms!

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