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Last updated: January 24, 2024

The 8 best vegan cleaning products in the UK

The secret to a well run house, is a clean house. And that is made much easier with these incredible vegan cleaning products including Homethings, Neat and Method.

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Keeping your house clean shouldn’t cost the earth, but in reality, it does. Most of the big cleaning brands on the market are packed full of harmful chemicals, packaged inside single-use plastic and tested on animals.

If you haven’t already been purchasing vegan cleaning products, then your kitchen is likely full of big-brand cleaning products that unfortunately aren’t so kind to the planet. But I am not here to shame you. I am here to show you that there is now another way!

Because, thankfully, there are many vegan brands creating innovative products that will help us to move away from animal testing, the use of animal products, nasty chemicals and evil single-use plastic. So, read on to find vegan cleaning products to kit out your cleaning cabinet.

A selection of all the vegan cleaning products on offer from Homethings

Best range of cleaning products


  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Washing up liquid, dishwasher tabs, laundry tabs, cleaning sprays, floor cleaner

I am a big fan of Homethings, as you’ll see in my Homethings review. I believe they have the largest range of eco-friendly cleaning products all of which are certified vegan. There is no single-use plastic and a lot of their products are refillable with powder tabs!

Their dishwasher, floor cleaner and laundry tabs come packaged without plastic and are sent in cardboard boxes.

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A spray and hand wash with refills, two of the vegan cleaning products from Neat

Best cleaning sprays


  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Multi-surface cleaning spray, bathroom cleaning spray, glass and mirror cleaning spray, shower cleaning spray and hand wash

Neat is another refillable cleaning option with their refills sent as liquid in little glass bottles. These are then decanted into your reusable spray bottles and hand-wash pump bottles. I particularly love their aluminium multi-surface cleaner bottle.

All of their refillable bottles look really smart and they are all quite robust, meaning they’ll last you quite some time! All of the cleaning products are made using biodegradable ingredients.

A spray bottle and refill pack of vegan cleaning product from Nookary

Best probiotic cleaners


  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Probiotic all-purpose cleaner, probiotic carpet and upholstery cleaner and probiotic air freshener

Nookary has created a beautiful range of cleaning products including a vegan probiotic all-purpose cleaner which is perfect for your kitchen worktops. They are made using live microbes which essentially consume all of the bad bacteria living on your worktops, carpets and furniture. Pretty cool, ey.

Their products are great natural alternatives to all the chemical-packed alternatives. Plus they are just as effective!

A plastic free and vegan dishwasher tab pack by Ocean Saver

Best dishwasher tabs

Ocean Saver

  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Laundry pods and sheets, dishwasher tabs, cleaning sprays, cleaning cloths and soap bars.

Ocean Saver is a zero-waste cleaning product company selling refillable cleaning sprays and plastic-free dishwasher tablets. They have a wide range of specialised cleaning products, like a degreaser, anti-bacterial spray, and multi-purpose spray all at a really reasonable price!

Much like other brands mentioned here, you buy a bottle and you top up with refill tabs and water. Saving a lot of unnecessary waste, which is often ocean bound.

A refillable cleaning spray with refill packs one of the best vegan cleaning products by Spruce

Best powdered refills


  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Glass and mirror cleaning spray, multipurpose cleaning spray, laundry sheets, eco sponges and floor cleaner

Spruce are a reusable cleaning spray company with sprays that come in refillable aluminium bottles, laundry sheets that you place directly in your machine, eco sponges that are home compostable and floor cleaner sold in home compostable packaging.

You get sent top-up powder sachets to refill the bottle. I love their branding and think that their multi-surface spray would look great on any stylish kitchen counter.

A selection of the vegan cleaning products from Method

Best budget-friendly


  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Shower cleaning spray, multi-surface cleaning spray, floor cleaner, wood polish, bathroom cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, glass and surface cleaner, and much more…

Method is one of the biggest vegan-friendly cleaning brands that you can find in most supermarkets. All of their products are made using plant-based ingredients and are entirely cruelty-free. Although, with this being the budget brand they do contain a lot more chemicals than other brands I’ve mentioned here.

They have a large range of cleaning products so you’ll very likely find what you need!

Some kitchen roll by The Cheeky Panda a vegan cleaning brand

Best toilet and kitchen roll

The Cheeky Panda

  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Bamboo toilet roll, bamboo kitchen roll, bamboo toilet wipes and more.

The Cheeky Panda are an eco-friendly bamboo toilet roll & kitchen towel producer. They use the sustainable bamboo crop to make the strong and absorbent rolls which come packaged in recycled paper. So when you really do need to use kitchen roll to clean something up, make sure to use this!

I really like their natural toilet roll which is both really absorbent and soft to the touch.

A bottle of vegan washing up liquid by one of the best vegan cleaning brands Wilton

Best washing up liquid


  • Brand: 100% vegan
  • Products: Washing up liquid, laundry capsules, fabric conditioner, and multi-surface spray

Wilton products are some of the only ones mentioned here that are sold in plastic bottles. They are however made from recycled plastic and it is encouraged that you refill them at one of their refill stations (which are currently quite limited). I feel this brand has promise, I just hope they put some more time into working on their refill scheme.

All of the ingredients used are botanical and plant-based. I really enjoy using their washing-up liquid which smells lovely and cleans dishes effectively.

Frequently asked questions

Why use vegan cleaning products?

The answer is simple, vegan cleaning products are better for both you and the animals. Oh, and the planet too.

Importantly, vegan brands use more natural ingredients that don’t require animals or their byproducts to create. Plus, they don’t need to test on animals in order to bring their product to market.

This can also mean that the products are nicer to use in your home. Think less smelly chemicals and more natural fragrances. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that they won’t clean as well. All the vegan cleaning brands mentioned below work really well!

On top of this, many of the vegan brands mentioned below are on a mission to get rid of single-use plastic. So by buying some of the products listed below you’ll also be minimising your plastic usage and throwing away a lot less plastic. Hurray!

What does it mean when a cleaning product is vegan?

When a cleaning product is labelled as “vegan,” it means that the product does not contain any ingredients derived from animals or animal by-products, and it has not been tested on animals. In essence, a vegan cleaning product is formulated and manufactured without using any materials sourced from animals, such as animal fats, oils, or proteins.

To determine whether a cleaning product is vegan, you can look for certifications from recognised vegan organisations or check the product’s label for information about its ingredients and testing practices. Alternatively, you can purchase from any of the brands mentioned in this guide, since they are all vegan-friendly!

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