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Last updated: May 29, 2024

The best kombucha you can buy in the UK (2024)

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to your favourite soft drinks? Or are you a kombucha fanatic? Then you’ll love this guide to the best kombucha which includes the likes of Momo, Holos, and Hip Pop.

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Kombucha has had such a glow-up in recent years that you can now get kombucha wine, beer, gut shots, adaptogenic kombucha, and much more. It’s gone a long way from being that hippy drink you’d find in health food shops.

It is great to see it becoming so popular because it is a much healthier option than sugary soft drinks, and even their sweetener-packed ‘diet’ alternatives! It is a fermented drink full of plant-based probiotics, so your gut is going to love it too!

As a gut health enthusiast and experienced chef, I have a lot of experience with kombucha. I’ve made large batches of it myself in professional environments, and have drank a LOT of it. I certainly drank huge quantities of it to create this article!

My top picks

An array of the best kombucha bottles laid out on a white floor by Momo a kombucha brewery in London


  • Flavours: Elderflower, turmeric, ginger-lemon, raspberry-hibiscus and limited edition flavours
  • Types: Hand-brewed kombucha
  • Price range: From £4.42 per bottle

If you want to try truly authentic tasting kombucha then you need to give Momo a go. These are well and truly alive, so get them in the fridge quickly to avoid any extra fermentation.

They are made using traditional brewing methods in small batches in glass jars. This is why you get such a good fermented tang from these kombuchas! They are definitely quite addictive and all of the flavours taste amazing.

I particularly love the fact that if you order in London you will receive it by eco delivery.

A selection of the best kombucha from Holos, a kombucha brand in the uk, laid out on a white surface next to a plant


  • Flavours: Basil & mint, ginger & hibiscus, elderflower, citra hops, and more
  • Types: Kombucha, kombucha cider, kombucha beer, and kombucha wine
  • Price range: Between £1.67 – £2.60 per drink

When it comes to flavouring their kombucha, HOLOS get it spot on. Everything tastes natural and the flavours are nicely balanced with the fermented tang of the kombucha. My personal favourite is Basil & Mint, but if you are looking for something that tastes just beer, then you must give their Citra Hops kombucha a go.

In fact, I’d say their citra hops kombucha is better than a lot of non-alcoholic beers. It has a great mouthfeel and provides a really adult feeling without the hangover.

What really sets HOLOS apart as a company is the fact that they provide work opportunities to survivors of slavery.

A bottle of L.A brewery kombucha - one of the best kombucha brands in the UK

L.A Brewery

  • Flavours: Citrus hops, strawberry & rhubarb, and ginger
  • Types: Kombucha and kombucha wine
  • Price range: From £2.91 per bottle

This trendy kombucha brand is made in an eco-friendly microbrewery in Suffolk. They power the brewery with 100% dark green energy that is made using local organic waste.

So, you can sip on their delicious kombucha knowing that you have made the most eco-friendly choice!

All three of their core kombucha flavours are delicious. My favourite is the strawberry and rhubarb flavour. They have a great fizz to them also, which really helps curb my soft drink cravings!

They also have two sparkling kombucha wines which are perfect for any celebrations or parties. I would recommend them to anyone who prefers their wine on the slightly sweeter side. Just make sure to chill them before serving for a lovely crisp drink.

A selection of CBD kombuchas from Hip Pop one of the best kombucha brands in the UK

Hip Pop

  • Flavours: Blood orange & grapefruit, cherry & blackberry, passionfruit & guava, and more
  • Types: Kombucha and CBD kombucha
  • Price range: From £2.67 per can

I am a big fan of Hip Pop and their range of gut-friendly drinks. In particular, I love the fact that they come in a can. Most canned kombucha tastes tinny and more like a sugary drink, but Hip Pop has managed to maintain that delicious kombucha taste.

With them being in cans, you can store them in your cupboard until you need them! They ensure that all of their tinned kombuchas still contain living cultures, specifically Bacillus Coagulans which is widely studied and shown to have positive effects on people with IBS and other gut-related issues.

I am also a big fan of their fun and inventive flavour options, plus their special edition flavours like Apple Pie and Custard. They are all unique and tasty. Plus they have a wide range of other kombucha flavours with CBD for you to enjoy.

A selection of Counter Culture kombucha, one of the best kombucha brands in the UK

Counter Culture

  • Flavours: Grapefruit + hops, rhubarb + hibiscus, lemongrass + ginger, and mango + ginger + lime
  • Types: Kombucha soda
  • Price range: From £2.08 per can

These sparkling light kombucha drinks are packed full of flavour and are reminiscent of alcoholic beverages, without the alcohol. They are even branded to look like craft beer, which adds to the charm of the product.

Unlike many other kombucha sodas, these come without sweeteners (yay). This means they contain just the natural flavouring from fruits and the fermented sugar that is required to make the kombucha in the first place.

Bring these with you to a mate’s party and you’ll fit in with all of the other partygoers who are drinking alcoholic beverages. And if anyone were to try these, they may even get jealous and want what you’re having instead. They really are that tasty!

A selection of the best kombucha from Equinox, a kombucha brand in the uk, laid out on a white surface next to a plant (1)


  • Flavours: Sicilian lemon, wild berry, peach & turmeric, strawberry cream soda, and much more
  • Types: Kombucha and adaptogenic kombucha
  • Price range: From £2.05 per bottle

Equinox are one of the oldest brands in this list and their kombucha has truly stood the test of time. They come in a wide range of delicious flavours and the ingredients are all organic.

They have also brought out a range of adaptogenic kombucha, one of which contains ashwagandha with chamomile and passion flower, and the other guarana with matcha. They are both delicious and effective!

I personally love having such a large choice of flavours, but my favourites have to be Peach & Turmeric, Verbena Lemonade and Chamomile, Rhubarb & Lovage.

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