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Is it worth getting a nut milk maker?

A good nut milk maker is undoubtedly quite an investment. But you will reap the benefits straight away.

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Did you know that Tetra Pak sold 193 billion packages in 2022? That is seriously NUT okay.

Unfortunately, it is a very inexpensive and common way for plant milk companies to package their products. So as someone who drinks a lot of plant-based milk, it becomes pretty unavoidable. Well, unless you start making your own milk that is.

Doing it by hand is inconvenient, really quite messy, and the results aren’t so fantastic. So it is no surprise that nut milk makers are so popular. But are they really worth buying? Well, I’d definitely say so.

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Benefits of a nut milk maker

There are many reasons why it is worth getting a nut milk maker. Not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you’ll also be saving money and looking after your health along the way. Oh, and there is a whole lot more flexibility when it comes down to taste, texture and variety of milk. You’ll see!

1. Better for the environment

If you already drink milk, then it is highly likely that you are also buying a lot of plastic and Tetra Pak packaging every week. And it is damaging our planet! When you choose to make your own milk using a nut milk maker, you are avoiding unnecessary packaging that will end up either in the ocean or in landfill.

Moreover, you can easily buy large quantities of the raw ingredients to be extra savvy with packaging or you can locate your nearest zero-waste shop and buy them from there instead.

2. You will save money

The cost of plant-based milk is rising steadily. My favourite oat milk now sets me back £2.30 a carton. I drink a lot of coffee and I like it milky. So my partner and I get through quite a lot of these cartons every week. The cost really begins to add up!

Whereas, with a nut milk maker, you can make a litre of your favourite plant-based milk for a fraction of the cost. I’ve worked it out to be just over 60% cheaper.

3. It can be more convenient

If you already make your own milk from scratch using a blender and a cheesecloth, then you’ll really enjoy the convenience of a good quality nut milk maker. That is because a lot of them will do the straining for you. Leaving your cheesecloth redundant and your hands happy.

4. Take control of your nutrition

You are in complete control of what goes into your milk. So not only will you benefit from all the nutrients available in the plant-based ingredients, but you will also be able to enjoy them without all the preservatives and additives added to store-bought alternatives.

Furthermore, if you like your plant-based milk to have added nutrients like calcium, then you can always fortify it yourself using vegan supplements.

5. Make it to your taste

If one type of milk isn’t to your taste, then a nut milk maker gives you the freedom to mix it up a bit. For example, you can try a blend of different nuts, like cashews and macadamia. Or you can mix oats with cashews.

Personally, I really enjoy blends of different raw ingredients. I think when you find a few flavour combinations that work for you then you’ll really enjoy using a nut milk maker. You’ll never find this variety or the opportunity for personalisation within store-bought milk!

Why it may not be worth getting a nut milk maker

Whilst this may be one of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment, it may not be ideal for you. You need to factor in two important concerns when it comes to making a purchase, the price and the prep work involved.

1. The price of the machine

Any nut milk maker that is worth buying will indeed cost a fair few pennies. For example, my favourite nut milk maker from Milky Plant will set you back £290. So, yes it is expensive and if you don’t have the money set aside at the end of the month to be able to purchase one of these, I would say that it may not be worth buying one.

Especially since if you cheap out and buy a machine that doesn’t perform as well, then you’ll make rubbish plant-based milk that your dog won’t even drink. Trust me. Therefore, you should only buy one if you can afford a good one.

On the flip side, if you can make the investment, your nut milk maker will save you money in the long run. This is because it is a lot cheaper to buy raw ingredients and make milk yourself in your machine, in comparison to buying pre-made milk from the supermarket. Check out how much you could save per litre:

Milk price comparison

1 LitreHomemadeStore bought
Oat milk£0.42£2.10
Almond milk£0.60£2.30

Data provided by Milky Plant

2. Extra prep work

When it comes to making your own plant-based milk at home, there is some extra prep involved. It isn’t as simple as reaching for another carton of oat milk from your cupboard or fridge. No, because you may need to prep the ingredients and wait for them to be magically turned into milk in your nut milk maker.

Some nut milk makers are more effective than others. For example, the Milky Plant machine only takes 3 minutes and doesn’t require any straining afterwards. Whereas, some other machines may require longer and may need straining after.

No matter which machine you use, it may be worth soaking nuts for a few hours to make sure your milk is as silky smooth as possible. And if you want rice milk, you will need to cook the rice beforehand.

That being said, if you prefer oat milk, then this is a very quick process with the help of Milky Plant. Simply bung it into the machine with water and off you go.

However, if this is still too much work for you, then I would say that a nut milk maker probably isn’t for you!

Is it worth getting a nut milk maker?

Whilst there are many nut milk makers out there to suit all budgets, I would only recommend investing in one that is actually going to work. If you purchase a cheap budget-friendly machine, then it may not provide you with all the benefits of having a nut milk maker. Like the ability to make it to your taste and for it to be super convenient.

Whereas, a high-quality machine (like Milky Plant) will create lovely silky smooth textures that will convince you to stop purchasing those nasty Tetra Paks.

It is definitely an investment, setting you back a few hundred pounds, but you’ll make back that money in the long-run. And a high-quality machine will last you long enough to do just that!

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