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Last updated: January 24, 2024

Veecoco review: the best vegan cooking school? (2024)

Veecoco is a fully vegan online cooking school with a large variety of courses and cuisines to learn from. Find out why you should be signing up to their platform here on my Veecoco review.

Veecoco online vegan cooking course platform open on a tablet on top of a white worktop

Learning to cook with Veecoco is really quite fun. Not only do they have a huge variety of lessons and cuisines for you to learn, but they are also filmed beautifully. Find out more about why you should be enrolling in this online vegan cookery school in my Veecoco review.

Veecoco review summary

With an extensive library of vegan cooking courses, you’ll never grow tired of learning with Veecoco. All of their lessons are informative and easy to follow. You’ll absolutely love their recipes and the guidance from their chefs, the community and the Veecoco team.

Brand: Veecoco

Editor’s rating: 4.6/5

Picture this: you’ve overspiced your stodgy vegan curry yet again, burnt the rice you were supposed to serve it with, and now you have split your raita dip. You’re probably fed up and exhausted. The last thing you want to do is scour through yet another cookbook just to end up cooking another disaster of a meal.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Cooking tasty food from scratch can be a real adventure and not always of the good kind. Recipe books are great, but they don’t hold your hand throughout the whole cooking process.

What you really need to do is enrol yourself in an online vegan cooking class. The kind with easy-to-follow video lessons, a wide variety of courses and tutor support. All of which can be found at Veecoco, an innovative online vegan cooking school founded by vegan twins, Samuel and Lukas from Berlin.

Why trust my Veecoco review? As an ex-professional vegan chef, I have a lot of experience with both learning how to cook and teaching others how to cook. This means I am able to see the worth of online cooking schools, as well as being able to tell when a course is actually useful or not. Therefore, when testing out Veecoco, I was able to effectively examine the quality and content of the courses.

Let’s tuck into the rest of my Veecoco review. Find out more about all of my favourite things about this online cooking school!

An array of vegan cooking lessons available on Veecoco platform open up on a tablet, as part of our veecoco review

Veecoco has a huge variety of lessons

I’m certain you’ll never get bored when you become a member of Veecoco’s course platform. They have the most extensive library of courses from all the online vegan cooking schools.

To be exact, there are over 800 lessons from 23 different courses. Plus, they always add new and exciting course content for you to learn from. You will never run out of cuisines and dishes to learn unless you dedicate every waking minute to the platform. But who has the time for that, right?

The courses are incredibly varied, covering many different cuisines from around the world. You could be learning anything from making your own vegan cheese and your own sourdough bread to mastering the art of sushi making and fine Italian pastries. They are all 100% vegan, of course, and to top it all off, they are all taught by chefs with loads of experience in their particular fields.

Here are a few of the courses you could be learning with Veecoco:

  • Vegan cuisines: Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, German, North American, Italian (all separate courses)
  • Baking with sourdough
  • Raw food
  • Vegan cheese
  • Vegan pastry
Veecoco free trial cooking course open on a tablet, examined as part of our veecoco review

They have a generous free trial offer

It is difficult to know that you will get along with a certain learning style without first trying it, which is why I love Veecoco’s generous free trial offer. You can sign up to their platform for 7 days, completely free. You don’t need to give any credit card details and aren’t automatically put onto a paid membership after the trial runs out.

I personally really appreciate this honest unpushy approach to showing off their course platform. They just let their lessons do the talking!

Once you have signed up for the free trial you will be able to access all of their courses. It should help give you a taste of the platform. But don’t worry, you’ll never complete everything within these 7 days, since they have so much to learn. I’m sure you’ll want to continue paying for membership once the trial is up!

One of Veecoco's online vegan cooking classes open on a tablet, which was examined for our veecoco review

The courses are easy to follow

Ultimately, when signing up for an online cooking school you will want to know that the courses are worth the money and that they are easy to learn from. I believe the quality of Veecoco’s courses shines through, plus they have made it super easy to follow the lessons.

I have used alternative cooking school platforms and found myself easily getting lost when navigating between lessons and courses, but this isn’t the case with Veecoco.

Not only is the platform easy to navigate, but the filming of the lessons themselves is also really thorough and simple to cook along to. You can pause at any time and even leave a comment to chat with the Veecoco team about your progress.

I took on the task of learning how to make sourdough bread with Veecoco, having made many failed attempts in the past, and I found the instructor to be really informative and helpful, even though I wasn’t able to ask him questions face-to-face as I was learning. The bread I made when following the course was simply incredible. I now refer back to this course every time I attempt to make another loaf!

My thoughts on Veecoco

I have really enjoyed learning to cook different vegan food through the Veecoco platform. First and foremost, it is great to learn from chefs who are knowledgeable in plant-based cuisines. Traditionally, most cooking schools aren’t vegan, meaning in order to learn how to cook you probably had to learn by cooking animal-based products first. And even if they had a vegan course or lesson, it would never be as imaginative or informative as one taught by someone experienced in the cuisine. The imagination within the recipes and lessons on Veecoco really shines through.

You’ll certainly never get bored learning with these incredible chefs! Second of all, the amount of high-quality content you get access to is insane. Considering how well they’ve filmed it and put it together, I’d say it has to be the best online vegan cooking school option of the lot!

The ongoing membership is incredibly handy as I love returning to old lessons I’ve taken, especially those relating to more technical skills like breadmaking, pastry making and vegan cheese making.

I really don’t think I could ever get bored of their content, especially since they are always adding more lessons and courses for you to enjoy.

Areas of improvement

The course platform itself is really easy to navigate and the lessons are easy to follow along with, but I do find the signup process and the sales pages on their websites to be a little clunky and confusing at times. There is a lot of content on these pages and it can be offputting!

I found the signup process for their competitor, Forks Over Knives, to be much more streamlined and easy to follow (read my Forks Over Knives cooking course review here). But when you compare the vast amount of content you get access to on Veecoco, it really is worth it once you are registered to the platform.

Moreover, whilst their lessons are extensive, they aren’t certified like the professional course by Rouxbe. So if you are looking to begin your chef career, you may want to consider checking out my review of the Rouxbe Plant Based Pro course.


Despite their main website being a little clunky at times, once you have signed up everything is a complete breeze. You can dive straight into enjoying their course content which is so easy to follow along with and you’ll be producing incredibly tasty and nutritious vegan food in no time at all.

Is Veecoco the best online vegan cooking school? It is definitely one of the best. The quality of their content is second to none. You’ll be constantly in awe of the recipes that they have to offer and the chef instructors that they have carefully chosen to work with.

The best bit, you don’t even have to take my word for it, you can easily sign up for their free trial and test it out yourself before purchasing.

A vegan cheesecake slice made on one of Veecoco's cooking courses
Credit: Veecoco

Where can you sign up for Veecoco?

In order to get access to Veecoco’s online course platform you will need to head to their website:

Is there a discount code for Veecoco? There is indeed, I have a whopping 77% discount code for all of my readers to use on their monthly membership fee for Veecoco. Use this code at checkout: EDIBLEETHICS

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