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Last updated: January 24, 2024

Nutri Ninja Blender review: small but powerful

This blender is small and powerful, yet really affordable. I put it to the ultimate test and used it to blend a thick chocolate smoothie bowl (made using frozen bananas). Read on to find out how it fared.

The nutri ninja blender on top of a marble style kitchen work surface

With so many expensive and ginormous blenders on the market, it is easy to miss this little personal blender from Ninja. It may be small, but it is definitely mighty. So read my full Nutri Ninja Blender review to find out why it is one of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment.

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AmazonQuick delivery£49.00
Ninja KitchenInterest-free payment options£49.99

Nutri Ninja Blender review summary

Many affordable blenders do a very poor job of blending together ingredients, so it is really refreshing to use the Nutri Ninja Blender. It is a personal-sized blender with the power of a much larger appliance. It slots in nicely onto your kitchen worktop or you can easily hide it away in your cupboard between uses. You won’t regret buying one of these for your daily smoothies and shakes!

Product brand: Ninja

Editor’s rating: 4.5/5

In order to put it to the test I made myself a smoothie bowl, which for those who don’t know is a really thick version of a smoothie that can be eaten out of a bowl with toppings like granola and fruit. You can check out the recipe here: my chocolate smoothie bowl recipe. Because of its thickness, it can be tricky for blenders to do this job effectively, so let’s find out how the Nutri Ninja Blender held up!

It tackles frozen ingredients with ease

It is small but powerful

This blender may not look like it can tackle large tasks but you really shouldn’t underestimate its abilities. As long as you don’t overfill the cup and you put some sort of liquid inside the ingredients, the Ninja blender will blend it with ease.

In the video above I added a mix of frozen bananas, plant-based milk, cacao, peanut butter and maple syrup inside the blender. It is quite a tough mix which many blenders fail to blend. I gave the cup a shake before blending the mix and the blade easily whizzed through the ingredients, drawing everything from the bottom through to the blades.

The end result was a really smooth and well blended thick smoothie mix. Something I’ve only been able to achieve with much more expensive blenders like Vitamix.

The power of this Ninja blender also means that you don’t have to do any awkward hand mixing with a rubber spatula mid-way through blending. Which is something I have to do with other affordable blenders.

Disclaimer: I probably wouldn’t use this particular blender to do hefty jobs like blending frozen bananas on a regular basis as the motor isn’t as hardwearing as a larger blender like the Vitamix (one of my favourite blenders for vegan cooking). That being said, it is good to know it can tackle harder jobs with ease.

Blending a smoothie bowl inside a personal blender for this nutri ninja blender review
The cup that you blend in also doubles up as a cup you can drink from. Nifty.

You can drink directly from the cup

Unlike most blenders, the Ninja blender cup that you use to blend the ingredients together in actually doubles up as a cup that you drink out of. Plus they provide you with two lids (and two cups) to use so you can sip on your smoothie or plant-based protein powder shake on the go.

At first, I thought that it was quite wasteful for Ninja to send two cups and two lids, but I soon realised how handy this was. I can blend up a quick shake or smoothie and take it out with me to walk to the gym or to head to the park, and meanwhile, if anyone is at home they can still use the blender with the second cup!

The cup itself is quite slim so it is easy to walk around with and to store in your bag once you’ve finished drinking it. Alternative personal blenders like this one tend to have quite hefty cups that I really wouldn’t want to carry around with me.

A view of the nutri ninja blender with the cup full of frozen bananas to make a thick smoothie bowl
Frozen bananas ready to blend
A nutri ninja blender with a bowl of smoothie bowl that has been blended in the cup
A few minutes later = a delicious smoothie bowl

It is quick to blend ingredients

Picture this, you’ve just woken up and realised you’ve slept well past your dozen alarms. You have an important meeting to get to, but very little time to make something to eat. Well, thankfully, the Ninja Blender will blitz together a delicious smoothie for you to enjoy in a matter of 20 seconds.

All you have to do is throw all of the ingredients into the blender cup. And thanks to their nifty takeaway lid (mentioned above), you can drink it with you on your way to work. Who knew a blender could be such a lifesaver?

On top of this, I am yet to find any chunks of unblended ingredients inside my smoothies. Meaning it is both quick and effective at doing the job.

My thoughts on the Nutri Ninja Blender

I very much underestimated the power of this personal blender at first. So I was really pleasantly surprised when it managed to create a silky smooth smoothie bowl from frozen bananas. It is a difficult task for any blender, yet this Nutri Ninja Blender tackled it with ease!

So it is no surprise that it handles all sorts of smoothies and shakes easily. Plus I found it really useful for making sauces, like this silken tofu sauce base. Just avoid putting anything hot inside it because it really doesn’t like it (it creates pressure in the container which can then cause hot liquid to explode out on to your face when you open the lid).

I even found myself opting to use this over my larger and more powerful Vitamix blender for making smoothies and shakes because of just easy and quick it was to use. Plus there is a lot less cleaning up to do after as you can use the blending cup to drink your smoothie out of after.

A close up of the ninja blender base which can be prone to collecting dirt and dust
Make sure you clean the base regularly to avoid any debris build-up

Area of improvement

Whilst I really enjoy using this Nutri Ninja Bullet, there are a few drawbacks which do stop me from using it all of the time.

1. It can be difficult to clean

Whilst the cup can be put inside the dishwasher and the blade is pretty easy to clean in the sink, the base itself is really difficult to keep clean. It has a lot of ditches inside it that are prone to debris build-up. So you really do need to wipe this clean after every use, or at least after every few uses.

And it is important to note that you really can’t dunk this base into water to clean it, since it houses the motor. If you did this I really couldn’t imagine that Ninja would replace the unit for you…

2. It can’t blend large quantities

I guess this really goes without saying that when you are buying a personal blender, like this Nutri Ninja Blender, it won’t be able to blend large quantities of ingredients. The cup can blend up to 470ml of liquid which equals one large smoothie or two small smoothies.

But considering the fact that you get two cups and how quick this appliance is to blend ingredients, you could easily whip up two personal smoothies to-go in just a few minutes.

If you are looking for a blender that can perform larger tasks, you probably won’t want a personal blender anyway. Instead I would recommend a larger unit like Ninja’s Power Blender 2-in-1, or a Vitamix A3500 Ascent blender.


If you are in the market for a personal blender and you consider yourself quite a clean person (enough to wipe the base of your blender every few days), then you’ll really enjoy this Nutri Ninja Blender.

It is a pretty powerful machine, especially when you consider how small it is. Thankfully, this also means that it doesn’t take up much space on your countertop. Which is particularly useful for anyone who owns multiple blenders (like me), or for those with diddy kitchens.

Not only is it really powerful, blitzing through tough frozen ingredients with ease, it is also really quick to use. And once you’ve finished blending you can whack a lid onto the cup (give the base a quick wipe) and drink it on your way to work, or the gym. Just don’t expect it to make enough portions to feed a family of 5 in one go.

The fact that this unit is under £50 is simply the icing on the already delicious cake.

A Ninja blender cup with ingredients inside stood up on a marble style kitchen worktop with other kitchen items blurred out behind, ready to be tested for this Nutri Ninja Blender review
Pre-blending with the Ninja blender
An aerial view of the blended smoothie inside the nutri Ninja Blender that I reviewed
Post-blending with the Ninja blender

Where can you buy the Nutri Ninja Blender?

The Nutri Ninja Blender can be bought directly from the Ninja website or you can add it to your next Amazon order. Other than personal preference, here are some reasons why you may want to buy from one outlet rather than the other:

Price: Currently it is cheaper to buy the blender from Amazon for just £49.00, whereas it costs £49.99 if you buy it direct from

Payment plans: Ninja offer a 3-month payment plan at £16.66 a month with 0% interest and Amazon offers their own 5-month payment plan at £8.80 a month with 0% interest.

AmazonQuick delivery£49.00
Ninja KitchenInterest-free payment options£49.99
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