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The best vegan kimchi toastie recipe

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Total time: 10 minutes
Two slices of vegan kimchi toastie on a earthy plate on top of a brick floor

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I think whoever first came up with the ingenious idea of putting kimchi inside a toastie deserves a medal. It is without a doubt one of the best comfort foods you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

I am a big toastie fan, having been a proud sandwich press owner throughout most of my life, and I am also equally a huge kimchi fan. There is something about fermented spicy food that just ticks all of the boxes for me. Plus it is a great probiotic-rich plant-based ingredient that your gut will love.

Sandwich that in between slices of sourdough bread and you’ve from true foodie heaven. Genius.

Servings: 2 toasties




  • Mix together the soya sauce and maple syrup and place into the bottom of a plate or shallow bowl
  • Cut your tempeh into thin slices
  • Put a splash of oil into a frying pan and place it on a medium-high heat
  • Once the pan is hot, add your tempeh slices and fry for a few minutes before flipping and cooking for the same time on the other side. The outside of the tempeh should be a lovely golden brown colour
  • Move the cooked tempeh slices from the pan to the bowl with the sweet soya sauce mix. Mix the tempeh into the sauce until they are well coated and set aside for later
  • Place your sourdough bread slices onto a chopping board and spread vegan cream cheese on one half and vegan kimchi on the other
  • If you are using, add the sriracha sauce on top of the kimchi and spread it about
  • Place the cooked tempeh slices on top of the vegan cream cheese and then fold the two halves of bread together to form a whole toastie
  • Heat up your sandwich press or frying pan whilst you butter the outside of the toasties
  • Place the toastie inside your cooking device and cook for a few minutes on each side, until the bread goes golden brown
  • Slice it and serve!

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