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Last updated: May 10, 2024

London Nootropics review: worth the hype?

Are you looking to enhance your natural state and find ways to improve your mental wellbeing? Then you should look into nootropics. In this London Nootropics review I’m going to tell you why these adaptogenic coffees are now a vital part of my daily routine.


4.8 stars out of 5
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When it comes to making the most out of adaptogens, London Nootropics has absolutely nailed it. By mixing together a few carefully selected and powerful adaptogens into three different coffee blends, they have successfully created a drinking experience like no other.

The coffee is subtle and easy to drink, whilst the adaptogens get to work helping with boosting energy levels, promoting calmness, and promoting a focused mindset. To top it all off, they each have a unique taste that is rather enjoyable. I just wish they could sell this stuff by the jar load.


  • I had no coffee jitters after drinking them
  • The adaptogens actually work
  • Each unique blend tastes amazing


  • They come individually packaged

Are you looking for coffee with something a little extra to boost your day? And no, I’m not talking about whiskey. Because as much as I love Irish coffee, there really is a time and a place.

You are probably much more interested in a sustainable and healthy option that will nourish your body. This is something that London Nootropics has spent years formulating. They have truly revolutionised the coffee experience by infusing their blends with a carefully selected range of adaptogens, including CBD, ashwagandha, lions mane, and cordyceps. It is these blends that I will be talking about here in this London Nootropics review.

For those of you who are new to the world of adaptogens, these are natural ingredients that are known for reducing stress and enhancing energy (see the science). Essentially, they provide natural enhancements to our daily lives, but they shouldn’t be seen as a treatment or cure for any health conditions.

As someone who regularly suffers from stress, anxiety and depression, as well as being a very active individual frequenting the gym, I have been interested in nootropics for a while. I was keen to improve my energy levels and get a break from the constant brain fog that plagued my working day. My own research led me to discover London Nootropics and their adaptogenic coffee blends.

Get ready to take your own daily coffee ritual to new heights as I dive into the world of adaptogenic coffee in this review of London Nootropics.

Carry on reading to discover all of my thoughts and experiences with London Nootropics. Alternatively, click on one of the links above to direct yourself to the topic you are most interested in.

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I had no coffee jitters after drinking them

I would drink vats of coffee if it wasn’t for my body’s incredibly low tolerance. It is so low that just one coffee can tip me over the edge, resulting in me being a complete jittery mess. Not only will my hands go all twitchy but my brain goes into overload, tormenting me with panic attacks which are soon joined by horrible heart palpitations.

Fortunately, when drinking London Nootropics I experience absolutely no jitters or other horrible side effects from drinking caffeine. This means that I can actually enjoy 1-2 of these a day without any negative side effects.

I will start the day with one of their blends, the particular one I drink will depend on what I am doing that day, and I feel like I get sustained energy throughout the rest of the day with none of the usual coffee jitters and energy drops.

It feels like absolute magic, but in reality, it is down to the power of natural adaptogenic plants. This is because whilst caffeine is known to increase our cortisol levels, adaptogens help to balance them back out.

Three sachets of london nootropics adaptogenic coffee in front of the sample box on top of a wooden surface with a plant

The adaptogens actually work

When I first started conducting my own personal research into the world of nootropics I tried out a lot of products that were completely pointless. They either used very weak sources of adaptogens or they had the balance of blends wrong. This meant that they did absolutely nothing to my mental state or energy levels.

This just hasn’t been the case at all with London Nootropics. Instead of overdoing their blends, they have carefully selected a few powerful adaptogens, sourced good-quality crops, and made them into three different blends to target three different areas. This includes Flow, their blend for focus, Mojo, their blend for energy, and Zen, their blend for creating calm.

Here is how each worked for me:

  • Flow: I will drink a cup of Flow first thing in the morning before a busy day of work. In particular, I will have one before taking on a difficult task that requires a clear brain, like writing a thorough guide or filming and editing a video. I can then crack on with my work with absolutely no brain fog (thanks to the lion’s mane) and get everything done much quicker. And afterwards, I don’t experience any negative comedowns. Discover other lion’s mane supplements here.
  • Zen: I love to have a cup of Zen at the weekends when I want to switch off my work brain and chill out and read a book or do some gentle yoga. I have a tendency to stress out about work throughout the weekend and it stops me from doing anything for myself, but thanks to the CBD and ashwagandha inside this blend, I feel really chilled out and relaxed.
  • Mojo: Pre-gym I love having a cup of Mojo. I am always really motivated for the gym but always lack sustainable energy levels to get me through. Meaning I’ll finish my compound movements and then my body is ready to give up and go home. The Mojo blend has helped me to maintain energy levels and keep going so I can actually finish my gym sessions effectively.
A hand holding up a sachet of London Nootropics flow coffee in front of the box and other sachets

Each unique blend tastes amazing

We can’t forget that these are mushroom coffee drinks that you will actually want to enjoy drinking, as well as them being really effective wellness products. And fortunately, all three of their blends taste amazing, with my favourite being the Mojo blend.

You can tell that they have actually mixed in effective levels of adaptogens with their coffee since each blend has a different taste. Some other nootropics brands I have tried taste just like instant coffee and sweetener.

And on the topic of instant coffee, London Nootropics is indeed instant coffee. And I am really not a fan of instant coffee. I am a true die-hard cafetiere and ground coffee fan. But I was really pleasantly surprised by how tasty their blends are, they don’t at all taste like instant coffee.

You can simply mix them with hot water and a splash of your favourite vegan milk, or you can be a little bit extra and froth up some oat barista milk and make it into a yummy adaptogenic latte.

My thoughts on London Nootropics

It is safe to say that I am a London Nootropics convert. They have been so successful at making an effective and tasty adaptogenic coffee product that I have found myself actually drinking and enjoying instant coffee. Not that you can tell once you’ve mixed it together and added a splash of oat milk.

As someone who gets stressed out by wellness products, I find their three blends really fun and easy to take. Each blend has a purpose and that helps me to figure out which one I’ll be drinking that day and why. They have just slotted so easily and perfectly into my daily routine.

On top of this, it is a real pleasure being able to enjoy all of the benefits of a caffeinated drink without any of the downsides, plus some added extra awesomeness from the adaptogens.

Areas of improvement

I love this stuff so much that I would happily buy a huge jar of it, but unfortunately, it is currently only sold in individual sachets. Although, I must admit that these are really handy for anyone who moves around a lot and want their nootropics on the go.

Here are some great alternatives that aren’t wrapped individually: my favourite mushroom supplements.

The sachets themselves are made from paper and aluminium and the box they come in is made from cardboard. The latter is recyclable, but the sachets themselves aren’t yet. Although, this is something they are working on this year!

They have also mentioned that they are avoiding compostable packaging which I really love to see. This is because most compostable packaging that you do see (used by a lot of supplement brands) is actually not home-compostable, and requires a composting plant to properly dispose of it. London Nootropics are instead working on something that is actually going to be reusable/refillable.

Therefore, I am looking forward to seeing what happens with their packaging and whether or not this involves larger tubs (fingers crossed).


If you are looking for something a little bit extra from your daily coffee routine, be it more sustainable energy, a feeling of calmness, or less brain fog, then you’ll find a London Nootropics coffee blend to suit you and your needs!

Not only do they taste great, but they also provide really enjoyable and sustainable results with none of the downsides of a proper cup of coffee.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these adaptogenic coffees to anyone. There is nothing stopping you from finding out what your body and mind are capable of doing when you feed it with powerful plants and fungi.

A sachet of Zen coffee being held up to the camera by Lucy that was tested for this London Nootropics review

Where can you buy London Nootropics?

You can buy all of the coffee blends direct from London Nootropics website –

They sell a really handy starter box as well as some gift sets and hamper boxes. I would recommend buying their starter box to begin with so you can find the coffee blend for you!

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