Juvia review: Does it really work? (2023)

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This isn’t a probiotic supplement, but it will probably end up replacing the need for one. Read my Juvia review to find out how it alleviated my IBS and allowed me to eat gluten again.

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Are you looking for a gut supplement that will improve IBS symptoms, bloating, excess gas and improve digestion? And for whatever reason, you are looking for something that isn’t a probiotic supplement?

Then I am certain you’ll be interested in learning about Juvia, a new and exciting gut health supplement. I was gifted their supplement so that I could write this honest and thorough Juvia review. I started my rebalancing phase while I was going through an IBS flare-up, so what a great time to write this piece for you!

Review summary of Juvia

This gut supplement has truly been a miraculous find for me. After overcoming the initial sweet taste and integrating it into my daily routine, the benefits started pouring in. It remarkably calmed my IBS symptoms following a recent flare-up and has allowed me to enjoy eating gluten without the fear of triggering another episode. I wholeheartedly endorse this product not only to fellow IBS sufferers but also to anyone grappling with any kind of gut issue.

Product brand: Juvia

My rating: 4.7/5

A bottle of Juvia a liquid digestive enzyme supplement
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My experience: The pros

After having successfully completed the rebalancing phase and now starting the maintenance phase, I am well-equipped to take you through all of my positive findings about Juvia.

A bottle of juvia out on the surface with a spoon and glass ready to test for this juvia review

It settled my IBS symptoms

As I mentioned, when I started the ‘Rebalancing’ phase of Juvia, I was in the middle of an icky IBS flare-up. My symptoms included stomach pains, excess gas, bloating, diarrhoea, and indigestion, along with depression and anxiety. My flare-ups are usually really difficult to navigate since it negatively affects my mental health which in turn worsens my IBS (because our minds and our guts are heavily connected).

A few days after my short detox on Juvia I found my symptoms started to ease off. Yes, it really did start working that quickly. This meant that I was starting to be able to eat food again without immensely suffering straight after. Usually, once my IBS has flared up, I struggle to eat anything at all.

After a few weeks on Juvia, I had just residual IBS symptoms that included slight bloating after eating and some indigestion. And with this, my mood began to lift and I was back to enjoying food again. By continuing to take Juvia, I am able to ward off any future flare-ups, thanks to how the supplement formula helps to digest the food I am eating!

I have also experienced similar effects from taking probiotics regularly, but they haven’t worked as quickly and effectively as Juvia. Read this review on Trustpilot from a customer who has had a similar experience with Juvia and their IBS.

A spoonful of Juvia infront of the bottle for this Juvia review

I have been able to eat gluten again

What’s truly remarkable about Juvia is how it has given me the freedom to enjoy gluten-containing foods once more. Juvia is crafted with barley, an ingredient that inherently contains gluten. Therefore, it’s not a gluten-free supplement per se (so it is not suitable for coeliacs). Nevertheless, its unique formulation aids in carbohydrate digestion, permitting individuals to comfortably consume trigger foods like gluten.

I have always loved eating gluten-based products, like bread and pasta, but they trigger my IBS. Leaving me bloated, gassy and depressed. So I have to avoid them altogether. Well, that was until Juvia came into my life!

While I hold a strong belief in the efficacy of probiotic supplements, my experience with Juvia has shown me unparalleled success in managing my gluten intolerance. I have also not experienced this level of success with other digestive enzyme supplements on the market.

I am not alone in this, there are many other people who have experienced similar positive effects with Juvia and their gluten intolerance. Read this review on Trustpilot from another gluten-intolerant customer.

Lucy taking a spoonful of Juvia for this Juvia review

My detox period only lasted 2 days

Detoxing is a very normal process that happens whenever you take an effective gut supplement. It can cause an alleviation of certain gut issues, like bloating and gas. But this is to be expected and proves that the supplement is getting to work!

For me, this process only lasted a few days and it just left me feeling a bit bloated in the evenings after my third meal of the day. I was able to tolerate it absolutely fine and it wasn’t any worse than what it was during my worst IBS flare-ups.

Now, we are all different and so are our gut microbiomes. You may have a different quantity of good or bad bacteria, plus the diversity of these bacteria will vary depending on the individual. Plus, if you suffer from specific gut conditions, like IBS, then your gut may also be inflamed. Therefore, we are all starting from completely different places, meaning are detox periods will all be different.

Therefore, yours could last a few weeks, or it could not happen at all (especially if your gut isn’t as fragile as mine). But the important thing to remember is that if your gut starts detoxing, it isn’t permanent. The great results will be around the corner!

A close up of the back of the Juvia bottle

It is made using nutritious and natural ingredients

If you have struggled with gut problems for some time, like me, then you’ll loathe having to consume anything unnatural. I’m looking at you, antibiotics. And other medicines too. Interestingly, while antibiotics are occasionally prescribed to address gut problems, they paradoxically stand as one of the primary culprits behind our gut issues. This is because they indiscriminately wipe out both the beneficial and harmful bacteria in our gut.

So, you’ll be happy to know that this is a natural product that is made using barley. It doesn’t kill anything off or do any harm to your gut in the process. Instead, it gives your gut a helping hand to digest food.

And if this wasn’t enough, it is also a really nutritious ingredient that is packed full of vitamin B12, an essential vitamin! It also contains vitamins B3 and B6 and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Making this a pretty great vegan gut health supplement!

My experience: The cons

As with any supplement, nothing can be completely perfect. There have been a few things that I struggled with somewhat in the beginning. This is mostly down to the taste and fitting it into my routine.

It tastes really sweet

The liquid is very thick and sticky, almost like a sweetener. I actually don’t particularly mind this taste once I have mixed it in with a little bit of water. However, I have sometimes found it alters my tastebuds before eating something savoury. This was a concern the first few times I took it, but actually, after a few days, I didn’t think anything more of it.

What may help anyone who really doesn’t enjoy the sweetness is to eat it before a sweet breakfast (like a chia pudding), or to follow it up with some extra water to get rid of the sweet taste before eating.

Although, if you are like me, you’ll start to get used to the taste after a few times of taking it!

You have to take it twice a day

I like to take all of my supplements with my breakfast, only because it helps put my mind at rest. However, I do know that it can help to split up supplements where possible so that you have half at breakfast and the other half at dinner. This is what you have to do with Juvia, and knowing this is their recommended way of taking the supplement I have made sure to follow it. It does mean that it works, but I do sometimes forget to take it the second time in a day and end up taking it after I eat (which is also fine to do according to the Juvia team).

After a few weeks, it became easier to remember my second dose of Juvia. But for anyone who is rubbish at remembering supplements in the long-term, then I would recommend setting up a reminder on your phone, or putting a post-it note on your fridge with big bold words ‘REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR JUVIA‘.

My verdict: Juvia really works!

I feel like my journey has only begun with Juvia, yet the progress so far has already been remarkable. Once I navigated through the initial detox period and was able to integrate it into my daily routine, I experienced a profound sense of lightness, both physically and mentally. The rapid and unmistakable reduction in my IBS symptoms was truly amazing.

It is similarly priced to some of the best most effective probiotics on the market (like Symprove). Surprisingly, it has also meant I don’t need to regularly take probiotic supplements anymore, meaning Juvia won’t become an extra additional cost on top of all the other supplements I need to take. I simply eat probiotic-rich foods and take Juvia before my two biggest meals of the day.

When researching other Juvia reviews on the internet, it is clear to see that those who give it a chance also experience similar positive effects.

I know that I will continue to experience great things with Juvia, and I am excited to see how my IBS will improve in the long term. And as I do, I will make sure to share it all with you!

  • Taste: 6/10
  • Cost: 7/10
  • Effectiveness: 9/10
  • Quality: 10/10
Lucy holding a bottle of Juvia gut supplement for this juvia review

Where can you buy Juvia?

At this current moment, you can only buy Juvia directly from their own website – juvia.me. On their website, you can either sign up for a flexible monthly subscription at a 20% discount or you can purchase on a one-off basis.

There are two options when it comes to subscribing. You can either select their Rebalancing + Maintenance package or just their Maintenance package. If you are getting started on your Juvia journey I would definitely recommend starting with the former package, since this will help give your gut a much-needed detox and will get you to your end goal a lot quicker!

They offer a 6-week money-back guarantee and free 24-hour tracked shipping on all of their orders.

A bottle of Juvia a liquid digestive enzyme supplement
SubscribeGet 20% off£39 per month
One-offZero commitment£49

Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to your FAQs regarding this digestive enzyme supplement.

What is Juvia?

Juvia is a gut supplement made using a natural plant-based ingredient, ERME™. It is made using barley and contains natural digestive enzymes. This essentially makes it a digestive enzyme supplement that works by breaking down the carbohydrates in your food. This creates less food for the ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut to feed off of and streamlines the digestive process.

What are the benefits of Juvia?

Juvia offers a multitude of potential benefits for you and your gut, including:

  • Digestive comfort: You may experience a reduction in common digestive issues such as bloating, gassiness, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhoea.
  • IBS and IBD relief: Juvia has been known to significantly alleviate symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).
  • Gut microbiome enhancement: Juvia can help diversify your gut bacteria, promoting the growth of beneficial strains.
  • Overall well-being: Using Juvia may also have positive ripple effects on your mental health, immune system, and overall health.

It’s essential to note that the specific benefits you experience may vary depending on your current gut health. Since everyone’s gut microbiome is unique, some individuals may notice improvements quickly, while for others, it could take a few months to fully appreciate these advantages.

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