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Last updated: June 11, 2024

Allplants review: My honest experience

CBA to cook but still want to eat something filling and nutritious? Well. I’d like to introduce you to allplants, a fully vegan ready meal company serving up nutritious meals at a reasonable cost.


4 stars out of 5
Lucy holding four allplants vegan ready meals to review

Have you got all the best intentions of cooking nutritious plant-based meals at home, but you really can’t be bothered to cook it all from scratch? Or maybe you don’t have the time? Well, you’re not alone.

It may surprise you that I, a food blogger and chef, keep a variety of vegan ready meals in my freezer for those ‘CBA to cook’ moments. A few of which I buy from allplants.

But, why allplants? Well, as someone who usually despises ready meals, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and nutrition of allplants meals. That being said, I am picky about which allplants meals I buy, because some taste quite bland and others tend to go mushy after cooking. And no one wants mushy food.


  • I find most of the meals quite filling
  • Plenty of meals to choose from
  • Great value for money
  • Available on Ocado


  • Can go mushy in the oven
  • Some meals lack seasoning
  • Dishes can taste similar

My experience

I have tried out at least 20 different meals from allplants. I will detail my experience of cooking and eating these meals. I will cover my thoughts on the price, the variety of meals, the ease of cooking, the taste, the texture, portion sizing, and the nutrition.

Lucy holding a bowl with an allplants ready meal inside

The price

When I have worked out the cost of cooking my meals from scratch and compared that to the cost of most ready meals, it is usually cheaper to cook them myself. But I would be surprised if a company could make meals cheaper than I could at home whilst paying for all the overheads needed to create them.

What ready meals do save you is time, and I believe that is sometimes worth paying for! Thankfully, allplants do provide very reasonably priced meals. A serving for one person costs around £6.35 and for two people it costs around £9.95 (so it pays to be a couple…) Plus, they offer a variety of bundle deals that can save you a few pennies!

It is much cheaper than buying a takeaway when you can’t be bothered to cook. I have saved a lot of money by putting an allplants meal in the oven, rather than caving into the delights of Deliveroo.

They are also available on Ocado which is convenient if you do your food shop there. The selection on Ocado is smaller and they only offer meals for 1 but sometimes they are cheaper there.

Photo of allplants meal for allplants review

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The variety of meals

Allplants have over 80 plant-based meals spanning multiple cuisines. One night I could be eating Korean and the next, Spanish. I am the kind of person who craves variety so this is perfect for me.

I also find it tough to keep my kitchen cupboards well stocked with all the necessary sauce bases and ingredients to cook a different cuisine every night. So being able to eat something different by popping a ready meal in the oven is a real win.

It doesn’t just stop at savoury main courses, they also offer a range of delicious and nutritious breakfast dishes, smoothies and desserts, as well as a bunch of side dishes!

Ease of cooking

All allplants meals are delivered frozen, and conveniently, they can all be cooked straight out of the freezer and if you have a microwave, some will be ready to eat within minutes. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Unfortunately, for those of us who despise microwaves, it can take a lot longer to cook frozen meals. This isn’t inherently an issue with allplants, but an issue with the concept of frozen ready meals. The majority of vegan ready meal companies deliver their meals this way.

Moreover, not all allplants meals are suitable for oven cooking. Nor are they all suitable for microwave cooking (like the pies). So, before adding a meal to your basket, make sure to check the cooking instructions. Simply click on the meal you are interested in and check out their ‘cooking instructions’ on the right-hand side. Alternatively, you can filter the meals on the shop page by cooking method.

The taste

In my opinion, the taste of allplants meals can be a little hit or miss. Some of the dishes really pack a punch, particularly some of the noodle dishes and I find the buddha bowls to be packed full of flavour. However, I was disappointed by a few of the pasta dishes which tasted bland and watery.

Having ordered a few times from allplants, I have also found that the quality control can be off at times. For example, I have ordered the same dish twice and the seasoning was perfect the first time and non-existent the second.

All that being said, taste is completely subjective and I have read many allplants reviews online from loyal customers who love dishes that I didn’t.

The texture

The problem I have with most frozen ready meals is how they turn out after reheating them in the oven. I have tested most out in a microwave and they usually come out fine, but I don’t own a microwave so rely heavily on my oven to reheat meals.

Most allplants’ meals come out looking absolutely fine, but there are a few that turn into mush, like their Smoky Tofu ‘Chorizo’ Paella. It does really affect the texture of the dish. It is nice to have a variety of different textures within a dish, particularly the crunch from vegetables and the softness of carbs. But when everything is soft and squishy it can be quite off-putting.

Photo of allplants ready meal in front of the packaging for allplants review

Portion sizing

My main issue with traditional supermarket ready meals, and many cheap takeaways, is how they fail to satisfy my hunger. I will eat them and feel just as hungry as I did when I started. This is not at all the case with allplants.

Every allplants meal is perfectly portioned and made using whole foods, so I always get to the end of my meal feeling pleasantly full. For context, I am a female who weighs around 70kg and I consume about 2300 calories a day. So understandably, whilst their meals are filling for me, they may not be for everyone!

I also find the food to be energising, which is not at all like traditional ready meals which rely heavily on cheap and unhealthy ingredients. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that many supermarket ready meals are packed full of sugar. With allplants I don’t get hungry a few hours later, instead, I feel sustained until my next meal time.

The nutrition

Most allplants food is healthy and nutritious. They cook everything from scratch in small batches before flash-freezing it and packaging it. This means that they use zero preservatives to keep their food fresh.

On top of this, they make sure to include a wide range of plants in all of their dishes. You will find a mix of dishes, including some that are high in plant-based protein, some that are gluten-free, and some that are a little more decadent. But everything is relatively low in calories.

Lucy holding an allplants ready meal up to the camera for this allplants review

My verdict

I’ve tried a lot of ready meals, and allplants is a solid choice for value, nutrition, and portion sizing. I don’t enjoy absolutely every meal that I buy from them, but there are some great dishes like the Harissa Cauli Grain Bowl and the Protein Power Buddha Bowl.

I find their website easy to navigate and use, plus they display the nutritional values of each meal really clearly on each individual product page. This means I am able to pick out high-protein meals really easily and if I’m watching my calorie intake then I can also discover all their low-calorie meals.

Everything I have eaten from them tastes fresh and I have really enjoyed eating a huge variety of plants every day. You don’t just get chickpeas in every meal that is high in protein, they may mix it up and add edamame beans or soya mince. This is great for my gut!

I always make sure to have a bunch of their meals in my freezer for the days I really CBA, or for the days I’m in a rush. They have saved the day on many occasions. However, when I am looking for something with a little more flavour, I may turn to one of these allplants alternatives.

Lucy holding a selection of allplants meals for this allplants review

Allplants discount

When you buy allplants direct from their website you can make the most out of my exclusive allplants discount code! Get 20% off your first 3 subscription orders with code: LUCY20X3

Alternatives to allplants

As mentioned in my allplants review, I like to have a few of their meals in my freezer. But I don’t love absolutely everything they do. So here are some alternatives to allplants that I also buy:

  • More variety of flavourful vegan meals: Planty
  • Meals that are delivered fresh: Frive
  • Meals created for specialist diets like low-FODMAP: Field Doctor

If you also enjoy cooking but hate the faff of doing everything yourself, then you may also enjoy these vegan recipe boxes.

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