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CBA to cook but still want to eat something filling and nutritious? Well. I’d like to introduce you to allplants, a fully vegan ready meal company serving up nutritious and tasty meals at a reasonable cost. Read my allplants review to find out more.

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You’ve got all the best intentions of cooking nutritious plant-based meals at home, but you really can’t be bothered to cook it all from scratch. Well, you’re not alone. It may even come as a surprise to you that I, a food blogger, keep a bunch of vegan ready meals in my freezer for those ‘CBA to cook’ moments.

When it comes to ready meals, I love variety. This means I enjoy eating from a huge range of different cuisines but I also like to make sure to eat at least 30 different plant varieties a week to look after my gut health! Thankfully, all of this is possible with allplants, a fully vegan ready meal company serving up over 100 nutritious and tasty frozen dishes.

Carry on reading my allplants review to find out more about the quality, flavour, price and nutrition of their meals.

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Review summary of Allplants

As someone who usually despises ready meals, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality, taste and nutrition of allplants’ vegan ready meal selection. Not only do they have a wide selection to choose from, but everything is cooked to a high standard and is flavoured really well. I enjoy the time I save from not having to plan out and cook nutritious meals every evening. I’ve become a regular purchaser of allplants and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to vegans and non-vegans alike!

Product brand: Allplants

Editor’s rating: 4.5/5

Before we dive into the full review, let me take you through some frequently asked questions about allplants.

Is allplants food healthy?

Yes, allplants food is really healthy and nutritious. They cook everything from scratch in small batches before flash-freezing it and packaging it. This means that they use zero preservatives to keep their food fresh.

On top of this, they make sure to include a wide range of plants in all of their dishes. You will find a mix of dishes, including some that are high in plant-based protein, some that are gluten-free, and some that are a little more decadent. But everything is relatively low in calories.

Are allplants meals frozen?

Yes, all of allplants’ meals are delivered frozen. This is what allows them to deliver their food as fresh as possible, meaning zero preservatives in their food. All you have to do is cook it straight from frozen. Or you can defrost it overnight for quicker cooking the next day.

Can you cook allplants in the oven?

The majority of allplants meals can be cooked in the oven. But a few meals do require a microwave, although they do make this obvious on their website. Simply click on the meal you are interested in and check out their ‘cooking instructions’ on the right-hand side. Alternatively, you can filter the meals on the shop page by cooking method.

Photo of allplants meal for allplants review

Get 35% off your first box

And 15% off the 2nd + 3rd boxes, plus free shipping on orders over £40.

Ready to tuck into all the things I loved about allplants?

Lucy holding a bowl with an allplants ready meal inside

All the meals are really filling

My main issue with traditional supermarket ready meals, and many cheap takeaways, is how they fail to satisfy my hunger. I will eat them and feel just as hungry as I did when I started. This is not at all the case with allplants.

Every allplants meal is perfectly portioned and made using whole foods, so I always get to the end of my meal feeling pleasantly full. Although there are times when I will have some leftovers which I pass along to my partner.

I also find the food to be energising, which is not at all like traditional ready meals which rely heavily on cheap and unhealthy ingredients. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that many supermarket ready meals are packed full of sugar. With allplants I don’t get hungry a few hours later, instead, I feel sustained until my next meal time.

This is why I believe allplants offer more than just a vegan ready meal; they provide a convenient and wholesome alternative to preparing fresh, nutritious meals from scratch at home.

Photo of allplants ready meal in front of the packaging for allplants review

Lots of unique and flavourful dishes

If you crave variety in your meals but you haven’t got the kitchen cupboards to store a million different sauce bases and ingredients to cook a different cuisine every night, then you’ll really enjoy allplants. They have over 100 plant-based meals spanning multiple cuisines.

You could be eating Indian one night, and then Chinese the next. And if you want even more variety you can get Italian, Greek, Mexican, Korean and Spanish food.

And you’ll be happy to know that they don’t hold back on the flavour in their food. Because there is nothing worse than a watery dhal or a barely spiced ‘spicy’ dish. If I asked for chilli, I want chilli. And thankfully their Firecracker Udon Noodles really do pack a punch.

But it doesn’t just stop at savoury main courses, because they also offer a range of delicious and nutritious breakfast dishes and desserts for you to enjoy.

Lucy holding an allplants ready meal up to the camera for this allplants review

Great value for money

When you consider the quality of the meals along with the filling portion sizes, these are quite easily the most affordable plant-based ready meals that you can buy in the UK. A serving for one person costs around £6.35 and for two people it costs around £9.95 (so it really pays to be a couple here).

Plus, if you want to try the meals before committing long-term, you can make the most of their initial 35% discount on your first box. Making it very affordable! And it is definitely a lot cheaper than buying a takeaway when you can’t be bothered to cook.

I personally have saved a lot of money by putting an allplants meal in the oven, rather than caving into the delights of Deliveroo.

Other vegan ready meal companies do offer their meals at very similar prices, like Planty (read my full Planty review here), but when comparing the quality and the nutrition of meals, allplants come out tops. Making them in my opinion the best value for money.

Allplants reviews from verified buyers

Allplants are consistently rated highly on Trustpilot. Here’s a snapshot of some recent reviews from verified buyers:

Consistently decent meals. Most are great, the odd one is not to my taste. Customers are kept well informed about deliveries and returns of packaging for recycling is very easy. Staff are really helpful if there is ever a need to contact them. Communications are at about the right level.”

Helen – Trustpilot

Allplants has made such a difference to my life. I know I can come home after work and enjoy a nutritious, tasty meal. I used to spend a lot of time cooking fresh meals before I started working full-time again. Allplants mean I don’t miss out on that and rely on processed foods or takeaways.”

Mr Platt – Trustpilot

My verdict

I’ve tried a lot of vegan ready meals, and allplants have always come out tops for me. I don’t enjoy absolutely every meal that I buy from them, but they are consistently the best. Everything is well-flavoured and well-portioned.

I find their website really easy to navigate and use, plus they display the nutritional values of each meal really clearly on each individual product page. This means I am able to pick out high-protein meals really easily and if I’m watching my calorie intake then I can also discover all their low-calorie meals.

Everything I have eaten from them tastes fresh and I have really enjoyed eating a huge variety of plants every day. You don’t just get chickpeas in every meal that is high in protein, they may mix it up and add edamame beans or soya mince. This is great for my gut!

I always make sure to have a bunch of their meals in my freezer for the days I really CBA, or for the days I’m in a rush. They have saved the day on many occasions.

  • Taste: 8/10
  • Nutrition: 9/10
  • Variety: 10/10
  • Cost: 7/10

Areas of improvement

The problem I have with most frozen ready meals is how they turn out after reheating them in the oven. I have tested most out in a microwave and they usually come out fine, but I don’t own a microwave so rely heavily on my oven to reheat meals. Most allplants’ meals come out looking absolutely fine, but there are a few that turn into mush, like their Smoky Tofu ‘Chorizo’ Paella.

That being said, when the meals do go mushy they do still taste great and they do still maintain a good amount of texture. It is mostly aesthetically that they don’t quite hold up for me.


If you are looking for a helping hand in the kitchen but you want to make sure that everything you eat tastes nice and is nutritious, then you will really enjoy allplants.

I was quite surprised at how quickly and easily they slotted into my life. I went from someone who would cook absolutely everything from scratch, and sometimes put myself under a lot of strain doing so, to someone who would whack out an allplants meal in the evening and sit back on the sofa and relax whilst it reheated.

I am always full after eating their meals and I find the price very reasonable when you consider the quality of the flavours and ingredients you get in their dishes. You may be able to cook it all cheaper yourself, but that requires a lot of time on your part, plus a load of ingredients in your cupboards and fridge.

I like being able to eat multiple cuisines from around the world every week without needing all of the necessary ingredients in my kitchen to cook it myself. This is particularly useful if you have a small kitchen or if you move around a lot, like me.

Lucy holding a selection of allplants meals for this allplants review

Where can you buy allplants?

The best place to buy allplants is directly from their own website. This is where you can access the full range of plant-based meals, plus you can opt for 1-person or 2-person meals. Plus they have loads of great offers for you to get started.

Subscribe35% off first order & 15% off 2nd + 3rd order (plus free delivery over £40)From £3.74 per meal
One-off£4.99 for next-day deliveryFrom £5.75 per meal
BundlesUp to 30% off pre-made bundlesFrom £25 per bundle

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