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Last updated: May 29, 2024

The 11 best vegan omega-3 supplements (UK)

Nothing fishy here, just some really effective vegan omega-3 supplements which have come straight from the source – algae. Take a look through my top picks.

A load of vegan omega-3 supplements scattered across a marble worktop

Most people know just how important omega-3 is, but few know where it comes from. There is a heavy reliance upon fish oils and capsules, probably because that is what is so readily available.

Because of this reliance upon fish oil, many believe it is the best source of omega-3. On top of this, you may even get those pesky non-vegans ‘fish’ mongering, with their “you can’t get absorbable sources of omega-3 without eating salmon” rubbish.

Little do they know that fish get omega-3 from eating algae. We can also go straight to the source by taking these awesome vegan algae omega-3 supplements. Algae is grown in controlled environments, making this the cleanest omega-3 you can buy.

Top picks

A box and tub of vegan omega-3 supplement from Performance Lab

Best high dose vegan-omega 3

Performance Lab

  • Nutrition: 270mg EPA & 540mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Softgel (NutriGels®)
  • Serving: 3 capsules a day
  • Packaging: Plastic pot
  • Price: From £29.92 for 1 month supply

Performance Lab is a supplement company offering a variety of nutrition products that are created using advanced nutrition technology, ensuring that all their supplements are clean and bioavailable.

Their omega-3 supplement is approved vegan by the Vegetarian Society and is made using ocean algae that has been put into one of their NutriGels®, which unlike many other softgels doesn’t contain gelatin or carrageenan. Instead, it is made using a prebiotic fibre, which is also great for the gut!

This is the highest EPA + DHA supplement you will find and also one of the most effective!

A tub of vegan omega 3 supplements from Ritual one of the best vegan omega 3

Best quality vegan-omega 3


  • Nutrition: 154mg EPA & 308mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Delay-release capsule
  • Serving: 1 capsule a day
  • Packaging: Recycled plastic pot
  • Price: £33 for 1 month supply

Ritual is a subscription-based supplement company that is 100% plant-based with a focus on using only traceable high-quality ingredients. Find out more in my Ritual review.

Their standalone vegan omega-3 supplement is dosed with the science-backed ratio of 2:1 to DHA and EPA, all housed within one carrageenan-free capsule.

The best bit, they’ve managed to mask the fishy taste with a natural orange flavouring that leaves a really pleasant taste in your mouth. It does make a difference! It isn’t the most budget-friendly on this list, but it contains traceable ingredients at the correct dose.

A pouch of vegan omega 3 supplement from DR VEGAN decanted into a tin

Best carrageenan-free vegan omega-3


  • Nutrition: 150mg EPA & 300mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Softgel capsule
  • Serving: 2 capsules a day
  • Packaging: Compostable packaging with a reusable aluminium tin
  • Price: From £18.69 for 1 month supply

DR.VEGAN are a fully vegan supplement company selling a range of vitamins and nutrients – find out more in my DR.VEGAN review. They sell one of the only good quality vegan omega-3 supplements that are free from carrageenan (a type of seaweed that is used as a gelatin alternative), which is getting a bit of a bad rep at the moment.

They use high-strength and highly absorbable sources of omega-3 that are grown in controlled environments, so you can be sure they are full of what they say they are. Each serving is made up of 150mg EPA and 300mg DHA, which is above the recommended daily amount.

Whilst they do state that their packaging is compostable, it does still contain bioplastics which are a lot better than traditional plastic, but they do need to be composted at controlled higher temperatures to truly decompose.

1. A jar of vegan omega-3 supplements from Ethical Nutrition sat on a wooden table

Best eco-friendly vegan omega-3

Ethical Nutrition

  • Nutrition: 140mg EPA & 420mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Softgel capsule
  • Serving: 2 capsules a day
  • Packaging: Recyclable glass jar & aluminium lid
  • Price: From £18.70 for 1 month supply

Ethical Nutrition is a family-run business with a fully vegan range of vitamins and supplements, including these high-strength vegan omega-3 soft gel supplements made using algae. Find out more in my Ethical Nutrition review.

They use natural high-quality sources of algae grown in controlled environments, so no nasty toxins will make their way into these! It is one of the highest purity DHA + EPA I’ve seen per serving, which is awesome. And they also assure me that it is highly absorbable as it is in triglyceride form.

Ethical Nutrition is also really conscious about its packaging, which is completely plastic-free (and no bio-plastics either!). The omega-3 comes packaged inside a glass jar. You can easily reuse these to make homemade jams, store things, or simply recycle.

5. A pouch of Feel vegan omega-3 supplements with two capsules sat above the packaging on a marble worktop

Best easy open capsule


  • Nutrition: 150mg EPA & 300mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Capsule
  • Serving: 2 capsules a day
  • Packaging: Compostable packaging
  • Price: From £14.95 for 1 month supply

Feel is a fully vegan supplement company specialising in vitamins and shakes, as well as these vegan omega-3 capsules. Their EPA and DHA levels are similar to other brands. But the thing that sets them apart is the lower price point.

They come inside a capsule that is easy to open, just in case you prefer to mix the supplement in with your food or drinks. Unlike the soft gel capsules used by other brands, this standard pill capsule also makes their supplement carrageenan-free. But they do have a tendency to break open and leak smelly algae oil everywhere.

Feel Discount – get 20% off your first purchase with code: PARTNER20

A pouch of vegan omega 3 supplements from Brain Feed

Best single capsule vegan omega-3

Brain Feed

If the thought of swallowing capsule after capsule each morning is enough to put you off taking your supplements altogether then you will be happy to discover this single capsule high-dose of vegan omega-3 DHA.

It contains 500mg DHA, but no EPA. This is more suitable for anyone eating a variety of plant-based foods high in omega-3s since your body should already be getting enough EPA from your diet.

Brain Feed Discount – get 15% off your first purchase with code: NEW15

A refill pouch with omega 3 supplements spilling out next to the glass jar for this Nothing Fishy review

Best pure DHA vegan omega-3

Nothing Fishy

  • Nutrition: 400mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Softgel capsule
  • Serving: 2 capsules a day
  • Packaging: Compostable packaging with a reusable glass jar
  • Price: From £16 for 1 month supply

Nothing Fishy is a plant-based nutrition company specialising in algae-based supplements. Currently, this includes a vegan omega-3 supplement and a vitamin D3 supplement. Find out more in my Nothing Fishy review.

Their plant-based algae omega-3 supplement only contains DHA, so if you need EPA then this won’t be for you. Each soft gel capsule contains 200mg of DHA and it is recommended you take two a day, but if you consume plenty of other vegan omega-3 food sources then you could take just one.

You can buy a glass jar with your first purchase or you can buy the supplements in a refill pouch, which is cheaper.

Nothing Fishy Discount – get 10% off your first purchase with code: HELLO10

4. A close up of the ritual multivitamin capsules with vegan omega-3 that I reviewed next to their bottle on top of a wooden table

Best multivitamin with omega-3

Ritual Multivitamin

  • Nutrition: 330mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Capsule
  • Serving: 2 capsules a day
  • Packaging: Recycled plastic bottles that can be recycled
  • Price: £33 for 1 month supply

This is the second time I’ve mentioned Ritual, but it would be a shame to leave out this clever supplement. This is Ritual’s vegan multivitamin that includes a daily dose of algal oil.

They have been clever in getting the algal oil inside the capsule. Since it is a liquid and the other vitamins come in a dry powdered format this is normally impossible to pull off. But they’ve created a patented beadlet technology that allows the powdered vitamins to sit amongst the oil. Pretty cool, right?

Considering that many people take both a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement it is pretty nifty getting both in one, and what with the ingredients being of high quality the price is reasonable! You can spend more buying both of these items separately.

A tub of vegan omega-3 supplements from Vegan Vitality on a white table

Best value omega-3

Vegan Vitality

Your vegan omega-3 supplement need not break the bank. This algae oil capsule from Vegan Vitality contains 400mg of DHA per serving and the tub will last you 2 months, only costing £14.99.

Their softgels are gluten-free and GMO-free, plus they have just started to make them with zero carrageenan. Not bad for a budget option! Although, these aren’t suitable if you are looking for EPA + DHA.

It does come inside a plastic tub but it is easy enough to recycle this.

9. Vegan omega 3 supplements from Vegums

Best vegan omega-3 gummies


Vegums is a fully vegan-certified company specialising in vegan vitamins in gummy form. These vegan omega-3 gummies are orange-flavoured and low in sugar, but still sweet enough to enjoy. They also contain some Vitamin E for an extra immunity boost.

I find them enjoyable to eat and the fact that they are in gummy form means that I never forget to take them. Making them perfect for kids, and adults too!

They do however have the lowest potency of omega-3. But they do this because many of us will get enough converted ALA from the food we eat.

A jar of vegan omega-3 supplement from Vivo Life in liquid form next to a fruit smoothie

Best liquid vegan omega-3

Vivo Life

  • Nutrition: 300mg EPA & 600mg DHA per serving
  • Form: Liquid
  • Serving: 2ml a day
  • Packaging: Recyclable glass jar with plastic lid
  • Price: From £23.79 for 1 month supply

If you’d prefer to ditch the capsules altogether, then you’ll be interested in this liquid vegan omega-3 supplement from Vivo Life.

Take 2ml of the liquid every day to get a high dose of both EPA and DHA. I like to put mine straight under my tongue and then swig a glass of orange juice.

The best bit about liquid supplements like these is the flexibility they offer. If you want a slightly higher dose, then no problem, simply squeeze out a little extra.

The only downside is the flavour. Algae oils taste like well, algae. So they have a somewhat ‘fishy’ taste, but I find this liquid vegan omega-3 palatable. They have mixed it in with a lemon flavouring which complements it.

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