Best vegan omega-3 supplements to buy UK (2023)

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Nothing fishy here, just some really effective vegan omega-3 supplements which have come straight from the source – algae. Take a look through my top picks.

Vegan omega-3 supplements scattered across a marble worktop

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Most people know just how important omega-3 is, but not many know where it actually comes from. There is a heavy reliance upon fish oils and capsules, probably because that is what is so readily available. It is what I took before I went vegan.

I believe that because of this reliance upon fish oil, many people think that this is the best source of omega-3. On top of this, you may even get those pesky non-vegans ‘fish’mongering, with their “you can’t get high-quality sources of omega-3 that absorb without eating salmon” rubbish.

Little do they know that fish get it from eating algae. Meaning they are a secondary source of this fatty acid. The fact that this isn’t widely known is definitely helping the fish oil industry to thrive!

So, it is no surprise that when you turn vegan, it is hard to find out where you can get good plant-based sources of this important fatty acid.

And when I say important, I mean vital. We MUST get it in our diets as our bodies cannot produce it themselves. So, if you would like to get into the nitty-gritty of omega-3 fatty acids before we get into the best vegan omega-3 supplements that you can buy, then head to the bottom of this article to read the more detailed FAQs.

In this article, I am going to show you that there are plenty of nutritious vegan sources of omega-3 and you can get your daily intake from all of these awesome algae omega-3 supplements shown below.

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Here are the best vegan omega-3 supplements in the UK

Whilst I’d say we could all just start eating a lot more seaweed, it is difficult to know how much you’d be consuming and you may get a little sick of the taste. So, I would recommend checking out a vegan omega-3 supplement brand to ensure you get the required daily dose to keep your brain healthy!

I myself take an algae omega-3 supplement every day. I have been trying out many different brands and will now present to you my top picks.

A jar of vegan omega-3 supplements from Ethical Nutrition sat on a wooden table

Ethical Nutrition

Nutrition: 140mg EPA & 420mg DHA per serving
Form: Softgel capsule
Serving: 2 capsules a day
Packaging: Completely plastic-free in a recyclable glass jar & aluminium lid

Ethical Nutrition is a family-run business with a fully vegan range of vitamins and supplements, including these high-strength vegan omega-3 softgel supplements made using algae.

They are very transparent about the way they run their business, stating they have no outside investors or pharmaceutical ownership, which I love. With so many supplement companies popping up, it is hard to know which to put your trust in!

Not only is their business run ethically, but their vegan omega-3 supplement is also really ethical. They use natural high-quality sources of algae grown in controlled environments, so no nasty toxins will make their way into these!

It is the highest purity DHA I’ve seen per serving, which is awesome. And they also assure me that it is highly absorbable as it is in triglyceride form. They have a really neutral taste, so nothing fishy here!

I have been taking these for a few months now and my hair is noticeably shinier, my skin is experiencing fewer eczema breakouts and my mind feels less foggy!

Ethical Nutrition is also really conscious about its packaging, which is completely plastic-free (and no bio-plastics either!). The omega-3 comes packaged inside a glass jar. You can easily reuse these to make homemade jams, store things, or simply recycle.

A tin of DR.VEGAN's vegan omega-3 supplements on a wooden table


Nutrition: 150mg EPA & 300mg DHA per serving
Form: Softgel capsule
Serving: 2 capsules a day
Packaging: Compostable packaging (but not home compostable) with a reusable aluminium tin

DR.VEGAN are a fully vegan company and not only do they show this in their brand name, they also provide a lot of helpful content for plant-based diets on their website.

You can find out more about the brand itself in my DR.VEGAN review.

Because they are a vegan company, you can feel safe in the knowledge that all the products they sell are made with plant-based ingredients. So, the same goes for their omega-3 supplement.

They use high-strength and highly absorbable sources of omega-3 that are grown in controlled environments, so you can be sure they are full of what they say they are.

Each serving is made up of 150mg EPA and 300mg DHA, which is above the recommended daily amount.

Whilst they do state that their packaging is compostable, it does still contain bioplastics which are definitely a lot better than traditional plastic, but they do need to be composted at controlled higher temperatures in order to truly decompose. So you won’t be able to do this in your garden.

Nothing Fishy vegan omega-3 supplement in a glass jar against a blue background

Nothing Fishy

Nutrition: 400mg DHA per serving
Form: Softgel capsule
Serving: 2 capsules a day
Packaging: Compostable packaging (but not home compostable) with a reusable glass jar

Nothing Fishy is a plant-based nutrition company specialising in algae-based supplements. Currently, this includes a vegan omega-3 supplement and a vitamin D3 supplement.

Their plant-based algae omega-3 supplement was one of the first that I heard of and I was always impressed by their use of a glass jar, instead of the usual plastic pill bottle. You can buy this glass jar with your first purchase or you can buy the supplements in a refill pouch, which is cheaper.

The softgel capsules contain 200mg each and it is recommended you take two a day, but if you consume plenty of other vegan omega-3 food sources then you could take just one.

Whilst they are a plant-based company, in that all of their products are 100% plant-based, I wouldn’t classify this company as vegan since they do promote the consumption of animal-based products like eggs within their blog posts. If this bothers you, then you may prefer alternative omega-3 options from the likes of Ethical Nutrition and DR.VEGAN (see above).

A close up of the ritual multivitamin capsules with vegan omega-3 that I reviewed next to their bottle on top of a wooden table


Nutrition: 330mg DHA per serving
Form: Capsule
Serving: 2 capsules a day
Packaging: Recycled plastic bottles that can be recycled

Ritual is a subscription-based supplement company that is 100% plant-based with a focus on using only traceable high-quality ingredients. Included in their offering is a vegan multivitamin that includes a daily dose of algal oil.

You can find out more about Ritual in my thorough Ritual review.

They have been really clever in getting the algal oil inside the capsule. Since it is a liquid and the other vitamins come in a dry powdered format this is normally impossible to pull off. But they’ve created a patented beadlet technology that allows the powdered vitamins to sit amongst the oil. Pretty cool, right?

Considering that many people take both a multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement it is pretty nifty getting both in one, and what with the ingredients being of high quality the price is really reasonable! You can definitely spend more buying both of these items separately.

Each serving comes with a whopping 330mg DHA. They don’t include EPA but you can get this by eating plenty of plant-based sources of omega-3 ALA which are then converted into EPA inside your body.

I have noticed both my hair and skin improving after taking these which I believe is the fatty acid getting to work!

My only real issue with the Ritual omega-3 offering is the plastic bottle used to house the supplements. It is made using recycled plastic and can be recycled. But it would be great to reduce my plastic usage! For some people, they may also prefer not to have their omega-3 as part of a multivitamin, so this product wouldn’t be right for them!

A pouch of Feel vegan omega-3 supplements


Nutrition: 150mg EPA & 300mg DHA per serving
Form: Capsule
Serving: 2 capsules a day
Packaging: Compostable packaging (but not home compostable)

Feel is a fully vegan supplement company specialising in vitamins and shakes, as well as these vegan omega-3 capsules.

They are quite affordable if you subscribe on a monthly basis. I have tried their subscription service myself and found it really easy to pause and cancel when needed. Their one-off purchase is also very affordable in comparison to other brands.

Their EPA and DHA levels are similar to other brands and they also come from algae grown in controlled environments. The main difference here is their choice of the capsule. Many of the other brands use a soft gel capsule, but Feel uses a standard pill capsule that is a lot more slimline which is good for anyone who struggles to swallow larger rounder pills.

Because of the capsule, I do sometimes find you can taste the algae. It isn’t too fishy but it can be offputting for some people.

Like DR.VEGAN, their packaging is compostable, but not home compostable. 

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A tub of MYVEGAN vegan omega-3 supplements with a capsule on display


Nutrition: 125mg EPA & 250mg DHA per serving
Form: Softgel capsule
Serving: 1 capsule a day
Packaging: Recyclable plastic packaging

If you are looking for an affordable vegan omega-3 supplement then you’ll really like these by MYVEGAN, the huge vegan supplement company known for affordable vegan protein powders and snacks.

They are the only option that I have mentioned here that comes packaged inside plastic, but this is probably what makes these much more affordable than the rest. I do like that you can buy a 6-month supply that comes inside one plastic tub, which is amazing.

As long as you recycle the plastic tub there are arguments to suggest that this is less taxing on the environment at the moment than buying bioplastic packaging that doesn’t get disposed of correctly.

You only need to take one capsule a day which is great, but they are a bit larger than the rest. So they aren’t great for anyone who struggles to swallow pills. But there is no fishy aftertaste with these.

Ultimately, I recommend these for anyone who likes to bulk buy or wants to look after their health but doesn’t have the money to buy all the high-end supplements.

An opened tin of vegan omega 3 supplements from Vitl on a white shelf


Nutrition: 124mg EPA & 198mg DHA per serving
Form: Softgel capsule
Serving: 1 capsule a day
Packaging: Aluminium tin

Vitl is a personalised nutrition brand specialising in home nutrition tests and tailor-made vitamins. They also have a range of omega-3 supplements (mostly fish-based) which includes a vegan omega-3 option.

Their vegan omega-3 softgels are relatively high per capsule, meaning you only need to take one capsule every day. But you can also take two a day if you want to go with a higher dose and because it is quite affordable you can easily do this!

I find them really easy to swallow and there is absolutely no fishy aftertaste. Personally, I love the aluminium tin which is infinitely recyclable and keeps all of the softgels nice and compact.

Since they do use animal products in some of their other supplements this may not be a suitable brand for anyone who prefers to buy from 100% vegan companies.

Vegan omega 3 supplements from Together Health

Together Health

Nutrition: 123mg EPA & 207mg DHA per serving
Form: Softgel capsule
Serving: 1 capsule a day
Packaging: Compostable packaging (but not home compostable)

Together Health is a fully vegan-certified supplement brand. This includes their omega-3 supplements which come packaged in compostable packaging. Although I’m pretty certain this like many others contain bioplastics, so it isn’t home-compostable.

They have a really random nutrition make-up of EPA and DHA, but they claim it is the perfect ratio for your brain health. They also have a very neutral taste and can be easily swallowed.

This is one of the easiest brands to find in stores and online supermarkets, as they are sold in Holland & Barrett, Ocado, and Morrisons. Meaning it is a really great option for anyone who prefers to do in-store shopping or anyone who likes to get all their supplements on their online grocery shops.

They are very affordable, being one of the cheapest here that you can buy as a one-off purchase.

Vegan omega 3 supplements from Vegums


Nutrition: 80mg DHA per serving
Form: Gummy
Serving: 1 gummy a day
Packaging: Compostable packaging

Vegums are a fully vegan-certified company specialising in vegan vitamins in gummy form. These vegan omega-3 gummies are orange-flavoured and low in sugar, but still sweet. They also contain some Vitamin E for an extra immunity boost.

This makes them perfect for both adults and kids. You’ll never forget to take your vitamins again if they taste like these!

They do however have the lowest potency of omega-3. Apparently, this is down to the fact that they are in gummy form, so any higher and they wouldn’t have the right consistency to create a chewy sweet.

They also don’t contain any EPA, but they say that this is because we should get enough of this from converted ALA in our diets.

If you do eat a lot of ALA rich foods then you could probably just take these supplements, or maybe get these for your kids!

Vegan omega-3 FAQs

Nutrition can be incredibly confusing, especially when following a vegan diet. This isn’t because there aren’t vegan sources of the important nutrients, it is more to do with there being less information out there for vegans. Thankfully, it is now getting a lot easier! More people are vegan now than ever and there is a lot more research being put into it.

Therefore, we now know a lot more about vegan omega-3. I myself have done a lot of research into it when first finding a suitable vegan omega-3 supplement to take and when planning for this blog piece.

Hopefully, I can share with you what I have learnt about following a vegan diet and getting enough omega-3!