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Last updated: May 8, 2024

Ritual vitamins review – are they worth buying?

This popular trendy supplement brand offers a range of fully vegan vitamins. Read my Ritual review to see if they are worth buying. I will discuss their effectiveness, the taste of the capsules, the ingredients and much more.


4.6 stars out of 5
Two bottles of Ritual vitamins that I reviewed on top of a wooden table next to a plant

In your search for high-quality plant-based vitamins and supplements, you may well have stumbled across Ritual. They are a subscription-based health and wellness company offering multivitamins, probiotics and protein powder.

Their offering is quite small but each product has been well thought out, including only the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed. Because of this, they are a very popular plant-based supplement brand!

But you may be a little concerned about the price and what you get for your money when buying Ritual vitamins. So, to help you decide whether or not to make a purchase, I’ve been trying out their supplements for this Ritual review. This includes their Multivitamin for women 18+ and their Synbiotic+ which is a prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic all rolled into one.


  • Ritual vitamins are highly effective
  • Capsules are easy to swallow & pleasant-tasting
  • Only use traceable ingredients


  • Plastic packaging

The positives

I have been taking both the Ritual Essential for Women Multivitamin 18+ and the Synbiotic+, so everything you are about to read is from my own experience of taking these supplements.

The bottles and capsules of two of Rituals vitamins that I reviewed on top of a wooden table

Ritual vitamins are highly effective

The quality control in their manufacturing is really clear to see since the vitamins and Synbiotic+ are really effective. How do I know Ritual supplements are effective? Well, they had a really positive impact on my own health and well-being.

The multivitamin has really helped to maintain my general health. I have plenty of energy throughout the day and my brain always feels on top form, making my working day that bit easier. I also feel a lot less tired, which is probably down to the iron inside the multivitamin and the fact that they have left out calcium from the formula since this can stop iron from absorbing.

On top of this, my hair has become really silky smooth which I assume is down to the high-quality dosage of algae-based omega-3 which they’ve cleverly included in their capsules.

The Synbiotic+ has also been a bit of a lifesaver for me. As a long-term IBS sufferer, I do take regular probiotics, but this has worked much better than any other capsule offering I’ve tried before. I am bloating a lot less and I feel a lot less nauseous throughout the day.

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Overall, I’d say this is down to them including a good dosage per pill with high-quality traceable ingredients, all encased in a delay-release capsule. Ensuring you can make the most of the benefits of vegan-friendly multivitamins and probiotic supplements.

Two bottles of Ritual vitamins being held up in the air infront of a plant

Capsules are easy to swallow & pleasant-tasting

Something that really sets Ritual apart from the rest is its flavoured capsules. Inside the pill bottle, you will find a little tab which is either mint essenced, which is the case for the majority of the multivitamins and Synbiotic+, or lemon essenced for prenatal multivitamins.

This helps to flavour the capsules which not only lets off a lovely smell every time you open the bottle but it also makes taking the capsules themselves a much more pleasant experience.

Ritual do this to mask other tastes and smells that come from the ingredients packed inside, and I must say, it really works. I have taken many other vegan multivitamins that have left such a horrific taste in my mouth for the rest of the day. This is normally down to ingredients like algae which are quite pungent!

The pill capsule itself is very sturdy so it doesn’t feel like it could break when moving the bottle about. Or when moving it from the bottle to your mouth, which is when I’ve broken some other supplements before. This sturdiness is also what helps the ingredients to reach your stomach without being digested, as it has been formulated to be a delay-release capsule. Very clever!

It may well be this clever capsule that stops me from feeling sick straight after taking it, which is sometimes the case when taking other vitamins and supplements.

A close up of the ritual multivitamin capsules with vegan omega-3 that I reviewed next to their bottle on top of a wooden table

Only use traceable ingredients

Something that you don’t see often in supplement companies is ingredient transparency. But this really isn’t the case with Ritual. Every single one of the ingredients used in their supplements is traceable. Meaning you can go on their website and find where it was made and how it supports your health and wellbeing.

This priority on ingredient transparency is truly what sets Ritual apart from the rest. With there being so many different supplement companies popping up, it can be really difficult to know which ones are reputable and which ones aren’t. Many don’t even provide much information on what their ingredients are or where they are sourced from, making it hard to know exactly what you are putting inside your body.

Considering you are going out of your way to supplement your diet to enhance your health and wellbeing, I’m certain you will also want to be quite strict about what you are putting inside your body when it comes to vitamins and probiotics. I know I definitely prioritise this!

That is why I find Ritual a much more trustworthy brand. It is great to see the ingredients that are included in my supplements. I definitely feel a lot safer taking them and the fact that I am feeling positive effects from them is a testament to their hard work sourcing these high-quality traceable ingredients.

The negatives

Find out what I would love to see improved with Ritual.

Plastic packaging

One of my main drawbacks with Ritual for me is its packaging. Unlike many other supplement brands, they use plastic tubs to house their vitamins and probiotics. On the plus side, the bottles are made using recycled plastic and can also be recycled again. The bottles themselves are sent in recyclable paper packaging, which is great.

There isn’t really an easy answer when it comes to packaging for supplement brands. Many ‘eco-friendly’ brands rely heavily on bioplastics to present plastic-free offerings, like the compostable packaging used for DR.VEGAN’s vegan supplements, which aren’t easy to compost at home so often get sent to landfill instead.

Therefore, whilst I would prefer to not buy plastic, I do also struggle with the alternative options! 

My verdict

I’ve really enjoyed the whole Ritual experience. Everything from the mint flavour of the capsules to the positive effects of the supplements, this is a company that truly understands health and our individual needs!

I love that you can select a multivitamin based on your sex and your age. Plus, if you are female and are looking for extra supplementary help with pregnancy, then they have options for that too! All of this on top of their strict selection of base vitamins means that you are only taking what you actually need. Especially since some nutrients may actually stop you from absorbing others, like calcium (which Ritual don’t include in their multivitamins) which can negatively affect iron absorption.

They are the only supplement brand that I know of that has found a clever way of including a daily dose of effective vegan algae omega-3 in their multivitamin. Normally when you see omega-3 inside a vegan multivitamin it is in the form of flaxseed or powdered algae, like in the Form Nutrition multivitamin, which isn’t as potent or as useful! I love how inventive they are in using their own patented beadlet technology!

You do sometimes see some customer reviews mentioning the pricepoint of Ritual’s multivitamin, but considering how they include an omega-3 source inside it, I’d say the pricepoint is perfect. If you were to buy your multivitamin and your omega-3 supplement separately, you’d be paying a lot more than you would for Ritual. 

I would recommend Ritual vitamins to anyone looking for high-quality supplements that actually work, with traceable ingredients that can make you feel safer about what you are putting inside your body!

The Symbiotic and multivitamins from Ritual on top of a wooden table

Where can you buy Ritual?

Ritual operates a subscription-only offering through its website, but it is very simple and quick to pause it and cancel it after purchasing. The website itself is really easy to navigate, so I definitely believe you will enjoy your ordering experience with Ritual.

Ritual FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Ritual brand and its vitamin offering.

Is Ritual a reputable company?

Despite some rather negative customer reviews that you may read online about Ritual, the company itself is very reputable.

The ingredients they use are all traceable and you can read up about each of them on their website. They only use high-quality forms of their ingredients which is obvious when it comes to taking the supplements and observing the positive results.

Many customer reviews focus on the downfalls of the company offering a subscription-only service, but I find this quite convenient knowing that it is getting sent without having to remember to purchase the vitamins each month. It is really quite simple delaying, pausing and cancelling the subscription though. This is handy for anyone who moves around a lot or needs to use up old supplements in between taking Ritual.

In my opinion, their subscription service doesn’t not make them a reputable company. Their high-quality supplements really do all the talking on this front!

What are the side effects of Ritual Synbiotic+?

In the first few weeks of taking Ritual’s Synbiotic+ you may experience some minor bloating, gas, and general stomach issues as your body adjusts to the increase in friendly bacteria entering your gut. But if you do experience these they should subside after a few weeks.

My own personal experience taking the Synbiotic+ was really pleasant. I had no side effects at all and only experienced positive effects, which included less bloating and a lot less stomach pains.

What are the black specks in Ritual vitamins?

Whilst the black specks inside the Ritual vitamins may look a little bit ominous, they say that this is because some of the little beadlets inside the capsules can break during the manufacturing process. Since the raw materials inside these beadlets are quite dark, you may see little black spots.

How long does it take for Ritual vitamins to work?

This is completely dependent upon you, your diet, and your existing nutrient levels. But on average, it can anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months to feel the benefits of taking Ritual vitamins.

For me, I already took a multivitamin before taking Ritual’s multivitamin so I didn’t really feel any immediate changes in my health, but I also didn’t see any negative changes in my health meaning they were maintaining my nutrients well. But after a few weeks, I did start seeing some improvements in my hair and skin as well as my brain. I was able to focus on my work! I have also been able to effectively fight off a few colds that tried to take over, which has been amazing.

With their Synbiotic+ I had also been taking probiotics beforehand, but started seeing some positive changes in my gut health after just one week of taking them, which is a testament to the high-quality ingredients used in theirs.

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