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The best vegan brownies recipe

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When I first set out to create this vegan brownie recipe back in 2017, yes this recipe is really that old, I did so in response to all of the healthy brownie recipes that were becoming quite trendy at the time. Yes, I’m talking about you, sweet potato and beetroot brownies.

I never liked ‘healthy’ sweet treats. I am a firm believer in cakes and cookies being unhealthy because they are treats and treats are only eaten every so often. As soon as you make them healthy, you are saying goodbye to taste and hello to more regular cake eating.

So I decided these vegan brownies would be anything but guilt-free. In the hope that they will be the recipe that you go to when you want and deserve a decadent treat.

Servings: 12 brownies



Melting Ingredients

Dry Ingredients

'Egg' Mix

  • 9 Tbsp Aquafaba approx. one tin of chickpeas
  • 200 g Soft light brown sugar


  • 40 g Walnut pieces broken up into small pieces
  • 40 g Date Pieces roughly chopped


  • Place all the 'melting' ingredients together in a heatproof bowl. Place over a saucepan with boiling water and melt slowly to avoid splitting. Leave the mix to cool to room temperature.
  • Sieve the flour and cocoa powder together into a bowl. Keep the sieve for later.
  • Preheat oven to 160C Fan/180C Conventional
  • Now start whisking the chickpea water using a mixer (or handheld electric whisk). Whisk for about 10 minutes, until you start to see stiff peaks forming (as if you were making meringue). Test that the mix is semi-solid and won't fall on your head if you tip it upside down!
  • Once stiff, start whisking in the sugar one spoonful at a time so that it slowly incorporates and maintains its firmness. It should end up looking shiny and stiff.
  • Once the chocolate mixture is cool, fold it into the whisked up aquafaba mix using a large metal spoon. Make sure you don't beat any of the air out! What you should end up with is a chocolate mousse substance.
  • Sieve the flour mixture into the mousse and fold this in until it’s just about incorporated.
  • Fold in the walnuts and date pieces until combined.
  • Pour the mix into a greaseproof paper-lined tin and carefully push the mix so it fills the whole tin evenly
  • Bake in the oven for 25 minutes. Check that there is a crisp layer on the top of the brownie and that it only wobbles slightly. If not, put it back in for another 5/10 minutes. You can put foil over the top to make sure it doesn't burn.
  • Let it cool down/scoff it down as soon as it's cool enough to eat…maybe add vegan vanilla ice cream and pretend like you were supposed to eat it warm!

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Lucy Johnson

5 responses to “The best vegan brownies recipe”

  1. Krysia avatar

    OMG these look AMAZING! Love the use of dates for texture and I think I?d add some cranberries and vegan marshmallows myself. Deffo have to try the chickpea juice sometime!

    1. lucysedibleethics avatar

      Oooo yum, great idea! My next batch will have to be macadamia nut, white chocolate and cranberries. Have to eat all of these first though 😉
      I look forward to seeing some of your brownies in the future – chickpeas are a real life saver!!

  2. realjunkfoodshef avatar

    Josie made these at the bistro last night and they went down a treat thank you!

    1. lucysedibleethics avatar

      Yay so happy they went down well! Would love to see any pictures!!

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