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I have always had a bit of an obsession with fizzy drinks and whilst I never bought them to keep in my fridge at home I would find myself making regular journeys to the local shop to buy one after caving into my cravings.

This obsession meant that I was consuming a lot of unnecessary sugar and additives. I knew it couldn’t continue. So one day I thought I’d play a trick on myself by drinking plain sparkling water instead. After a few sips, I found that I had surprisingly satisfied that craving, even though there was no sugar involved. And I have stuck to this ever since.

This was quite the revelation for me as I realised I had an obsession with carbonation, not with sugar!

That being said, I do still crave flavour and sometimes plain sparkling water can get a little dull. So after seeing DASH Water in quite a few supermarket fridges recently, I knew I had to give them a go. The promise of sugar & sweetener-free sparkling water infused with fruit got my taste buds tingling!


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So if you too are intrigued by these sparkling wonky fruit drinks then make sure to continue reading my DASH Water review to find out what my taste buds really thought.

Review summary of DASH Water

These sparkling water drinks infused with wonky fruit are perfect for anyone looking to satisfy their fizzy drink or alcoholic beverage cravings. They are delightfully fizzy with a great fruity taste. All of that with no guilt thanks to their drink being both sugar & sweetener-free, just simply flavoured with natural ingredients.

Product brand: DASH

Editor’s rating: 4.8

Not in a dash? Well then, you should read on to find out what I really enjoy about these tasty sparkling fruit-infused drinks by DASH.

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Tasty variety of flavours

One thing that really struck me about DASH Water was their wide variety of fruity flavours that actually do taste like fruit. Considering that this is one of their main selling points, it is great that they’ve actually achieved this!

There are many fruit-based drinks that I’ve tried in the past that taste way too artificial. I much prefer it to taste as if I have added slices of the fruit into the water myself, and this is something that I believe DASH has succeeded at doing. This comes as no surprise as this flavour will have been achieved due to them actually using the fruit to infuse the water.

At the time of writing this, there are 6 different natural fruity flavours to be enjoyed. My favourites are Mango, Peach, and Cucumber, but I urge you to give them all a try to discover your favourites. Here is a list of all of the tasty DASH water flavours to try:


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Made using wonky fruit

One thing I learnt whilst working at a food waste charity some years ago was just how picky people are about the fruit and veg they buy. The straighter and cleaner it looks, the better. Which has led farmers and supermarkets to sell only the best looking items of these. This has meant that there is a lot of fruit and veg left behind that simply goes to waste.

Whilst I do believe we need to stop looking for perfection in nature, because the way a piece of fruit looks does not affect its taste or nutrition, there is also definitely a need for a company to make the most of the left behind fruit and veg.

So, I was really happy to see that DASH Water is made using wonky fruit. Thanks to this, they are helping to reduce unnecessary food waste. And the beauty of it is that you can’t see the wonky fruit inside the DASH water, so this shouldn’t put off people from buying it!

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Sugar & sweetener-free!

I hate sweeteners. I find the taste off-putting and I hate the idea of what they are doing to people’s insides. Drinks that are made using sweeteners are usually branded as being diet-friendly drinks that can be enjoyed more often, but yet they are still full of loads of crap that we shouldn’t be putting into our bodies on a regular basis!

So for me, I like to be able to satisfy my fizzy drink craving with something that really doesn’t have anything bad in it. This is true of these sparkling water drinks by DASH.

They are flavoured by infusing wonky fruit into natural spring water. And nothing else. Meaning they are sugar and sweetener-free, as well as 0 calories. But they also taste great and help to satisfy any fizzy drink cravings. Kudos, DASH.


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My thoughts on DASH Water

I have been really enjoying drinking DASH sparkling water. I love the natural flavours they’ve packed into these. But what I love most is that I can enjoy these on a regular basis without worrying about consuming excess sugar or sweeteners by doing so.

I have found myself drinking these as a refreshing daytime drink but also as an alcoholic beverage alternative. For instance, the cucumber sparkling water works really well when you crave a G&T.

Ultimately, I enjoy drinking DASH Water even more knowing that I am contributing to a company that helps tackle the food waste problem. Wonky fruit deserves a chance too!

Areas of improvement

It goes without saying that I am a big fan of these sparkling drinks by DASH but I did get used to drinking sparkling water on its own before trying them. I do know that some people have real sugar addictions that they may feed into with sugar or sweetener-based fizzy drinks.

So, these people, they may find that DASH Water isn’t sweet enough. But I do believe that all it takes is time. The more you drink DASH, the more you’ll get used to it and find new cravings for these sugar-free fruit-infused drinks.

A DASH Water addiction sounds like only a good thing to me!

DASH Water Review conclusion

If you, like me, are looking for a tasty sparkling drink that isn’t only healthy, but also great for the planet, then you should look no further than DASH.

They really help to quench my thirst and my craving for fizzy drinks. I love the flavours and the fact that they are created using wonky fruit.

I know for certain that I’ll be picking these up whenever I’m looking for a fizzy drink on the go, and I’ll even be keeping my fridge topped up with a good supply to help satisfy those pesky cravings.

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Where can you buy DASH Water?

You can buy DASH Water direct from their website where you can either buy one-off boxes or set up a subscription to get regular hassle-free deliveries of their sparkling water to your door. You can also find their water in many supermarkets.

Get 30% off your first order when you use code ‘FRUIT30’ at checkout:


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding DASH.

Is DASH sparkling water healthy?

The only ingredients inside DASH sparkling water are water and fruit. There are no additives, sugar or sweetener added to the drink, meaning it is 0 calories and really quite healthy for you!

How is DASH Water made?

DASH Water is made by infusing wonky fruits with fresh British spring water. This is then carbonated and packaged inside recyclable aluminium cans.

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