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Hip Pop review – try these tasty kombuchas & living sodas

I am a bit of a fizzy drinks fiend, meaning I drink a LOT of it. So, the more healthy and natural, the better. Which is why I was really excited to try out Hip Pop’s kombuchas and living sodas. Have a read of my Hip Pop review to see what I thought!

A row of Hip Pop fizzy drinks lined up on a marble worktop

Interested in trying out some tasty gut-friendly drinks? Then read my full Hip Pop review below where I go into more detail about these refreshingly healthy kombuchas and living sodas.

Review summary of Hip Pop

This funky drinks brand creates some of the most tasty and inventive fermented drinks that are jam-packed full of good bacteria that give your gut some much-needed love. They are affordable and are great for everyday drinking or for evenings when you want to sip on something alcohol-free.

Product brand: Hip Pop

Editor’s rating: 4.8/5

I’m all about giving my gut some much-needed love. I am a long-term IBS sufferer but have only been recently diagnosed with this tummy issue. I have always known something wasn’t quite right with my gut and have gone on many different types of diets to suss it out, including my stint on a gluten-free diet.

But now that I have a proper diagnosis, I have made it my mission to learn more about my gut and what makes it happy. Including trying out all the vegan probiotic supplements!

Something that works particularly well is fermented foods and drinks. They are packed full of friendly bacteria that help to create a happy environment within your gut.

So, on top of the occasional vegan probiotics and Symprove shots that I take, I like to drink gut-friendly fermented drinks like kombucha. Because not only are they great for the gut, but they are also really tasty!

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One drinks brand that takes its fermentation very seriously is Hip Pop. Co-founder Emma originally created their kombucha to help her partner and co-founder, Kenny, with his IBS issues. They now sell their gut-loving drinks nationwide! 

They have a range of kombuchas and living sodas (made using apple cider vinegar) and I was sent a variety of them to try out. So, read on to find out what I thought about their gut-loving drinks in my Hip Pop review!

A close up of Hip Pop's kombucha drinks on a marble worktop

The flavours are fun & inventive

When it comes to buying fermented drinks like kombucha you will often find only a few different flavour combinations, like ginger, raspberry, or passion fruit. So it is great to see a brand breaking away from the mould, offering many different inventive flavours.

They have the typical kombucha flavours, like their ginger kombucha which they have mixed with the delicious yuzu. But they also have some interesting combinations like strawberry & pineapple and apple & elderflower.

As for their living soda, which is made using apple cider vinegar, they have paired the flavours nicely with the likes of peach and pink grapefruit.

The best bit, it is really easy to mix up their flavours when you order direct from their website. So you can try out all the different drinks and find your favourites!

A glass of Hip Pop's grapefruit living soda on a wooden table

They are great alcohol alternatives

I love a drink, but definitely in moderation. So I also like to stock up my cupboards with loads of vegan-friendly alcohol-free drinks. I’ll spruce them up and drink them in glasses that I usually drink alcohol in.

It helps to give me the feeling of drinking, without any of the horrible aftereffects.

I have found Hip Pop’s living sodas to have a really nice tang and crispness to them that works perfectly as an alternative to alcohol. No, it won’t fool you, but it isn’t an alcohol-free drink. It is just a lovely drink that can be enjoyed from your favourite glass.

All of Hip Pop's kombuchas and living sodas on a wooden table with a glass of the grapefruit soda

Their drinks are really good for you!

All of the drinks by Hip Pop taste delicious and are perfect thirst quenchers. But they are also really good for you. They are packed full of natural flavours and there are no sweeteners in sight.

On top of this, the drinks are fermented and a natural source of probiotics, which means they are full of friendly bacteria that get delivered to your gut to help to create a healthy and happy environment.

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I have found my gut to really enjoy these drinks. I typically bloat after a sugary fizzy drink, but with these, I get the complete opposite effect. I find my gut reacts well to everything else I eat or drink that day. I’d say this is probably down to all that lovely gut-happy fermentation doing its work whilst I sip on a tasty fizzy drink.

This then has a knock-on effect on mental health, because did you know that your gut produces about 95% of your body’s total serotonin? Crazy, right?!

But I want to stress that this drink isn’t only for people who know they have gut issues because it is a tasty drink in and of itself and everyone should be looking after their guts no matter what. Cause they are super important!

My thoughts on Hip Pop

I’ve really enjoyed drinking both the kombuchas and living sodas by Hip Pop. They taste great, the flavour combinations are exciting, and they make me feel great!

I would recommend anyone to try these drinks, especially anyone with gut health issues like me.

Areas of improvement

I was amazed by these drinks and really couldn’t think of anything they could improve, other than that they need to be sold in more places! Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick these up in your local supermarket?

But since you can’t find them in many local stores, just yet, you can easily buy them online. Plus they have some great deals on offer when buying directly from their website – more details below.

Review conclusion

If you too love tasty drinks and your gut, then you really need to try out Hip Pop. I loved all the flavours, particularly the Pink Grapefruit Living Soda and the Strawberry & Pineapple Kombucha.

I have really enjoyed drinking these throughout the day and reaping the benefits it has on my gut when I eat any food later on. And the happier my gut is, the more happy my mind can be!

A close up of Hip Pop's living sodas on a marble worktop

Where can you buy Hip Pop?

At the moment, Hip Pop is available online through their website but can also be found at Harrods, Booths, Not On The High Street and wework.


Is kombucha good for you?

There is varying evidence on kombucha’s effects on gut health, but I have seen a lot of evidence in my own health and from other people I know that shows good quality kombucha, like Hip Pop, is really beneficial for the gut.

Is apple cider vinegar good for you?

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented product full of gut-friendly bacteria, particularly variations that are unfiltered and contain the mother. It can help to kill harmful bacteria in your gut.

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