vegan cold brew coffee by minor figures review

Minor Figures Vegan Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Review


Vegan Supermarket Products

It is not every day that you walk in to your local supermarket, pick up an item on the shelf that interests you (but instantly assume is not vegan) and then glance hopefully at the ingredients to find the words ‘suitable for vegans’ and ‘dairy free’ jumping out at you!!!

The world is changing massively – more and more vegan products are popping up on supermarket shelves every day. Where once they were hard to find, I am amazed to now find such variety! I really hope this isn’t a passing trend.

Nitro Cold Brew

I enjoy nitro cold brew coffees, especially when walking around London and whilst on the Tube, because, even in cold weather, I heat up quickly. Therefore, cold versions of my favourite hot drink are perfect! I am not normally one to drink coffee with chocolate, but I thought I’d give it a go and it did not disappoint. I was afraid it would be too sweet, but instead, I could taste a deliciously distinct coffee flavour, with a slight hint of chocolate (SUGAR FREE?! YAY!). Oh and the yummy oat milk keeps it light and refreshing; it is definitely not as heavy as other brands I have tried.

Not only has Minor Figures got great packaging and product design, but all of their products are also vegan. I found a black coffee and a latte version, as well as this mocha one in Sainsbury’s.

Most importantly, I loved the nitro pop when opening the can; it definitely took me by surprise when walking under the echoey tunnel at Vauxhall Station.

Want to try this yourself?

I found this in the small Sainsbury’s by Vauxhall Tube Station next to other vegan cold brew coffees – take a look, perfect pick me up for that arduous tube journey.?

Find out more about Minor Figures here:

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