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The vegan supper clubs you need to attend (in 2023)

Vegan supper clubs are much more exciting than eating out at your favourite restaurant. You'll get to discover new exciting food and flavours from budding vegan chefs! Here are my top vegan supper club picks for you to attend.


I am a BIG fan of vegan supper clubs, any opportunity to try out some tasty plant-based food and I’m there!

What I love most about supper clubs is that you get to explore food that you may not have tried before and you can support a vegan chef who is trying to get their name out there.

It isn’t just about the food though, it is also about the experience and the vibe. These vegan supper club events are normally full of likeminded people who are ready for a great evening full of incredible food.

I know a thing or two about vegan supper clubs because I used to host them myself. So I can assure you you’ll be in for a treat if you try out one of these vegan supper club events. Have a browse and click on the link to book yourself a spot using EatWith, the awesome culinary experience booking platform. The best bit, you can either book to attend one of their events with other people or you can book a private event.

Vegan fine dining chef hosting a vegan supper club with guests around the table

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Vegan Fine-Dining Supper Club

Brought to you by ex Vanilla Black head chef, Marc Joseph, this vegan fine dining supper club will show you just how amazing plant-based food is.

You’ll get to enjoy his experiments with flavour combinations, textures and colours. You’ll struggle to find places to experience the experiments of a vegan fine dining chef anywhere else. This is the real beauty of supper clubs!

Some of the courses from the 7 course supper club include the likes of:

  • Foraged wild garlic focaccia with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Panelle with ajvar, tahini and pickled green tomatoes
  • Burnt strawberry and white balsamic gel, mahalabi, macerated strawberries and aquafaba meringue

This is the perfect menu and setting for a lovely summers evening thanks to their hidden East London garden and their selection of vegan wines.

vegan supper club event in London

Type of supper club

Supper club location

Cost of supper club

Plant-Based Tasting Menu with Paired Rum Cocktails

Travel the world with chef Rachel as she cooks you plant-based food inspired by her Ghanaian heritage as well as the food she loves to eat, including Mediterranean fare mixed with Italian and Caribbean cuisines.

Some of the courses from the 5 course plant-based supper club include the likes of:

  • Roasted harissa squash with harissa cream, roasted chickpeas and brown butter broccoli
  • Courgette soubise gratin with cashew cheese
  • Fried polenta cakes with maple miso glazed mushrooms

And don’t forget, this vegan supper club comes with a drinks pairing. Rachel will treat you to a different rum cocktail for each course, yum!

photo from a vegan supper club in turkey

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Vegan Dinner with Hand Made Plantbased Meats

If you are lucky enough to find yourself visiting or living in Istanbul then you can try out this incredible vegan Turkish supper club hosted by Deniz, a ‘vegan butcher’ and restaurant owner.

You’ll get to enjoy plenty of traditional Turkish foods that have been veganised by Deniz. She makes all of her fake meats by hand and follows a zero waste ethos in her cooking.

Some of the courses for this Turkish vegan supper club include:

  • Wrapped tantuni and vegan sunflower yoghurt
  • Caeser Salad with home-made vegan schnitzel
  • Vegan pastrami wrapped in a börek

This is a great opportunity to try out traditional Turkish food that has been made suitable for a vegan diet, by a local vegan chef!

Host and guest at a vegan African supper club

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African Vegan Supper Club

Chef Afia, originally from Ghana, brings vibrant and mouth-wateringly tasty vegan African food to Los Angeles.

She hosts the vegan supper club in her home and transports you to Africa with Moroccan lanterns, African music, and decorations.

The dishes you’ll be eating include some of her own family recipes so you won’t want to miss out on these:

  • Injera bread, split pea, lentils and kale cooked with Berbere spice
  • Mahshi Kromb Egyptian fermented and stuffed cabbage
  • Vegan tagine with chickpea, eggplant, olives, dry lime, and more.

Well known for being an inviting and friendly host, you’ll definitely enjoy dining with Chef Afia.

Guests sitting around a table at a vegan Indian supper club

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Gujarati Fusion Vegan Supper Club

This vegan Indian supper club is a good example of a home cook utilising this platform to showcase their skills and their family traditions. The cook, Mav, is passionate about Indian food and is inspired specifically by his Gujarati heritage.

He likes to create traditional dishes made organic and vegan, as well as occasionally mixing it up with some fusion food.

Some of these hearty homecooked dishes include:

  • Gujarati bhel, asparagus and wild garlic bhajia
  • Poori, channa masala and beetroot fry
  • Indian eton mess

This homestyle vegan supper club is sure to leave you with a happy stomach thanks to their warming food and friendly atmosphere.

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