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Last updated: January 24, 2024

Vegan supper clubs you need to attend (in 2024)

Vegan supper clubs are much more exciting than eating out at your favourite restaurant. You’ll get to discover new exciting food and flavours from budding vegan chefs! Here are my top vegan supper club picks for you to attend.

Lucy cooking at a vegan supper club

I am a BIG fan of vegan supper clubs, any opportunity to try out some tasty plant-based food and I’m there!

What I love most about supper clubs is that you get to explore food that you may not have tried before and you can support a vegan chef who is trying to get their name out there.

It isn’t just about the food though, it is also about the experience and the vibe. These vegan supper club events are normally full of like-minded people who are ready for a great evening full of incredible food.

I know a thing or two about vegan supper clubs because I used to host them myself. So I can assure you you’ll be in for a treat if you try out one of these vegan supper club events. Have a browse and click on the link to book yourself a spot using EatWith, the awesome culinary experience booking platform. The best bit, you can either book to attend one of their events with other people or you can book a private event.

Vegan fine dining chef hosting a vegan supper club with guests around the table
Photo credit: E3

E3’s 7-Course Plant-Based Supper Club

  • Location: Bethnal Green, London, UK
  • Type: 7-course fine dining
  • Price: £72 per person

Brought to you by ex-Vanilla Black head chef, Marc Joseph, this vegan fine dining supper club will show you just how amazing plant-based food is.

You’ll get to enjoy his experiments with flavour combinations, textures and colours. You’ll struggle to find places to experience the experiments of a vegan fine dining chef anywhere else. This is the real beauty of supper clubs!

Some of the courses from the 7-course supper club include the likes of:

  • Foraged wild garlic focaccia with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Panelle with ajvar, tahini and pickled green tomatoes
  • Burnt strawberry and white balsamic gel, mahalabi, macerated strawberries and aquafaba meringue

Chef Afia and guest at her vegan African supper club
Photo credit: Afia

Chef Afia’s Vegan African Dinner

  • Location: Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, USA
  • Type: Tastes of Africa dinner party
  • Price: $90 per person

Chef Afia, originally from Ghana, brings vibrant and mouth-wateringly tasty vegan African food to Los Angeles. She hosts the vegan supper club in her home and transports you to Africa with Moroccan lanterns, African music, and decorations.

The dishes you’ll be eating include some of her family recipes, so you won’t want to miss out on these:

  • Injera bread, split pea, lentils and kale cooked with Berbere spice
  • Mahshi Kromb Egyptian fermented and stuffed cabbage
  • Vegan tagine with chickpea, eggplant, olives, dry lime, and more

Plates of vegan sushi being enjoyed at a vegan supper club in Paris
Photo credit: Loly

Lollypop’s Vegan Dinner

  • Location: Belleville, Paris, France
  • Type: 4-course organic and vegan dinner
  • Price: £56 per person

If you’re looking for a unique vegan dining experience, consider joining Chef Loly for an organic, plant-based dinner in her colourful apartment located in the trendy Belleville neighbourhood. The menu will be a surprise, but Chef Loly’s creative and flavorful cuisine is sure to impress vegans and non-vegans alike.

The menu will be a surprise, but here are the sort of dishes you can expect from Loly:

  • Homemade kimchi
  • Chickpea pancakes
  • Homemade vegan sushi

A selection of vegan Indian food from a Vegan supper club in Australia
Photo credit: Uppma

Uppma’s Indian Family Recipes

  • Location: Stanmore, Sydney, Australia
  • Type: Indian family feast
  • Price: £55 per person

This is a vegetarian and vegan Indian-inspired supper club with a monthly changing menu. Uppma combines her Indian heritage and Australian upbringing to create a communal style of cooking. Each menu is seasonal and follows Ayurvedic principles of eating and drinking.

The supper club includes an entree, sharing mains, and dessert, along with hot or iced teas paired with the menu. Please note, this supper club isn’t exclusively vegan, but the host caters to vegan attendees and invites guests to contact her to advise her of dietary requirements.

Some of the courses that you can come to expect from Uppma:

  • Aloo chaat or samosa chaat
  • Dhal, vegetable sabji, coconut curry
  • Halva or phenia

An array of vegan Corfiot food served at a vegan supper club in Corfu
Photo credit: Vasilis

Vasilis’ Typical Corfiot Vegan Dinner

  • Location: Corfu, Greece
  • Type: Traditional Corfiot 5-course meal
  • Price: £56 per person

Indulge in an eco-friendly vegan feast that celebrates Corfiot tradition and health. This unique supper club offers a menu based entirely on old Corfiot recipes, developed in the countryside during times when meat was scarce. The purely vegan menu is based on seasonal products harvested directly from the land and fields.

The menu is seasonal, but here are some dishes you can expect from Vasilis:

  • Tsigareli – wild herbs in red spicy sauce
  • Briami – mixed vegetables directly from his garden cooked in the oven with olive oil
  • Homemade chalva with semolina and olive oil

A table of vegan brunch served at a vegan supper club in Portugal
Photo credit: Carla

Carla’s Vegan Brunch Portuguese style

  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Type: Vegan brunch
  • Price: £45 per person

Whilst dining at Carla’s home, you will be treated to a delicious brunch with savory and sweet options, fresh juices, and coffee. The menu varies according to the season, but special treats such as pancakes and brownies make a regular appearance.

The host welcomes guests as friends and invites them to share in the Portuguese lifestyle of good food and hospitality. If you’re feeling too full, a neighborhood walk is a perfect way to make room for more.

Some of the courses that you might expect at Carla’s vegan supper club:

  • Vegan pancakes and fruits
  • A selection of toast with toppings
  • Fresh vegan cheeses

A spread of vegan food at a vegan supper club in Barcelona
Photo credit: Valeria

Valeria’s “Meraki” Culinary Experience

  • Location:
  • Type:
  • Price:

Valeria’s vegan supper club, called Meraki, offers a safe and welcoming space for coeliacs and anyone interested in gluten-free and plant-based food. Located in the charming district of Horta in Barcelona, the dining experience includes an appetiser, two main courses, and a homemade dessert, all of which are 100% vegan and gluten-free.

Valeria’s vegan supper club menu may include:

  • Freshly baked seed bread, nut spread, velvety hummus, roasted seasonal vegetables with a touch of Eastern spices
  • Roasted carrot velouté with a gingery touch
  • Orange & chocolate gluten free and vegan cake

A vegan dish served at a vegan supper club in Italy
Photo credit: Mauro

Mauro’s Vegan Charm

  • Location: Monopoli, Italy
  • Type: Organic homegrown dinner
  • Price: £79 per person

This vegan supper club offers a menu based on organic vegetables. The experience promises a traditional Italian dinner with dishes that depend on what’s freshly collected from Mauro’s garden. It is a great opportunity to eat like an Italian, vegan style!

Mauro cooks seasonally, but you can expect this kinds of dishes at his vegan supper club:

  • Fresh vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, combined with crispy durum wheat frize
  • The succulent vegetables of strictly organic production are stuffed with a mixture of bread crumbs, aromatic herbs, garlic and onion.
  • Freshly picked fruit and traditional sweets accompanied by a homemade liqueur
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