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The best vegan B12 supplements (UK)

Go straight to the source with these amazing vegan vitamin B12 supplements.

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Vitamin B12 is a pretty important nutrient that all humans need to survive. Our bodies cannot produce it on their own, so we either need to get it from the food that we eat or through supplementation.

B12 is created by bacteria in the soil, which used to be passed through to animals who would graze on the land, as well as through to our natural produce.

Natural sources of this are depleting, which means even farmers are supplementing their livestock with B12. So by buying vegan B12 supplements, you are simply going straight to the source!

Do you really need a B12 supplement?

Before buying a B12 supplement, you may want to take a look at the food you eat. I bet a large quantity of it is fortified with vitamin B12. I would recommend eating a variety of vegan foods that have been fortified with B12, like vegan milk and other vegan substitutes. Here are some great vegan sources of B12:

By consuming 5g of nutritional yeast and 100ml of oat milk every day, your B12 needs will be covered!

You only need around 2.4mcg of B12 per day. Most supplements will give you around 1000%+ of this. Which is fine for most people, since you’ll probably just pee the excess out. But it isn’t necessary if you are already getting plenty from your food!

If you don’t eat enough fortified foods, or you want to be extra careful, then I recommend all of the following vegan B12 supplements.

A box of vegan vitamin B12 supplement by Doctor Seaweed

Best 100% NRV B12

Doctor Seaweed

Doctor Seaweed is a vegan supplement brand creating sustainable supplements from seaweed! Their range is one of the most natural you will find!

The Doctor Seaweed Immunity+ product is the only vegan B12 supplement I’ve found that contains just 100% of your daily recommended intake. It does also contain Iodine and Vitamin D, but these are essential vitamins that are worth taking, especially iodine (which is hard to get on a vegan diet – unless you eat a lot of seaweed).

I actually prefer taking this particular vitamin blend to a more comprehensive vegan multivitamin. It contains just the essential vitamins that can be tough to get from a vegan diet. Plus, none of the ingredients are grossly and unnecessarily overdosed! All the other vitamins and nutrients you can get from eating a balanced diet!

Doctor Seaweed Discount: Get 20% off with code EDIBLEETHICS

A bottle of liquid vegan vitamin B12 by Vivo Life

Best liquid B12

Vivo Life

  • Dose: 500ug
  • Type: Methylcobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin
  • Form: Liquid dropper
  • Price: 30 servings from £6.37

This vegan B12 supplement by Vivo Life contains three different forms of B12 and is in liquid form. All of which makes this the most absorbable and effective B12 supplement here. Mostly because liquid bypasses the digestive system, ensuring the B12 enters your bloodstream.

I personally really enjoy the fact that it comes in liquid form. I’ll either take it directly from the bottle using the dropper, or I’ll add it to my drink. It is also easy to change up the serving sizes to suit your needs. For example, I consume a lot of fortified foods, so I’ll add a few drops of this B12 liquid to a bottle of juice that I consume throughout the week. That way I don’t take loads more than I need!

A tub of vegan vitamins with B12 by Form

Best multivitamin with B12


  • Dose: 50ug
  • Type: Multivitamin with methylcobalamin
  • Form: Pill
  • Price: 30 servings from £15.20

If you would rather get all your daily recommended intake of vitamin B12 within a multivitamin then you should check out Form’s Multi.

Their multivitamin contains 2000% of your daily recommended intake of B12, coming from the natural methylcobalamin source, which is a really good amount for a multivitamin. On top of this, it also contains several other nutrients that are vital for a vegan diet, including iron, calcium, iodine, folic acid, and even 40mg of omega-3 DHA.

Learn more in my comprehensive review of Form.

A bag of vegan vitamin B12 supplement by DR VEGAN

Best high-dose B12


  • Dose: 2000ug
  • Type: Methylcobalamin
  • Form: Pill
  • Price: 30 servings for £8.99

DR.VEGAN are a fully vegan supplement company with a wide range of supplements including standalone vitamins as well as mixed formulas to help with specific health concerns like gut health, joint health, and immunity.

Their vitamin B12 is one of the higher vegan options and is particularly useful if you’ve been recommended by your doctor to obtain a higher dose than normal. High doses of B12 are considered safe, but I would recommend only taking these if you need to.

Their supplements are free from all of the main allergens including gluten, soya, lactose and more. Learn more in my comprehensive review of DR.VEGAN.

DR.VEGAN discount: use code EDIBLE20 to get 20% off at checkout

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Lucy Johnson

2 responses to “The best vegan B12 supplements (UK)”

  1. Frank Winfield avatar
    Frank Winfield

    Hello Lucy,

    If the daily recommended dose of B12 for an adult is 2.4ug, and most of the pills that you have listed contain many times that level of B12, does this mean that it isn’t necessary to take one B12 pill every day? Perhaps one pill per week or per month would be adequate? I appreciate that it’s impossible to overdose on B12, but if we are required to take a B12 pill every day, why is the dosage level far, far higher than it needs to be in most of the products that you have listed?

    1. Lucy Johnson avatar

      Hi Frank, to my knowledge most nutrition brands overdose their B12 supplements because only a small percentage of it is absorbed by the body. I have actually recently halved my dose of B12 so I’m getting about 800% of the daily recommend intake every day, I’ll try get my bloods tested in a few months to see if this has had any negative effects. I would recommend trying out something similar. I’ll be sure to share my own results here!

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