5 bloating supplements that have worked for me!

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My gut loves nothing more than to bloat. Be it first thing in the morning or straight after eating, I can go from having a flat stomach to looking 9-months pregnant in a matter of minutes.

This is mostly down to the fact that I suffer from IBS and I have a gluten intolerance that I pretend doesn’t exist. Whether your bloat is because of IBS, SIBO, trapped gas, food intolerances, or digestive issues, here are 5 bloating supplements that can help.

A packet of Wild Dose Dose For Bloating pills on the grass, one of the best bloating supplements

Best instant relief

Wild Dose

  • Type: Probiotic & digestive enzyme capsule
  • Relief: Short term
  • Price: From £8.50

Wild Dose is a supplement that was created to specifically target the issue of bloating. It contains a mix of powdered probiotics, digestive enzymes and plant extracts.

This natural blend works quickly and effectively. You can take it before you eat to lower your chances of bloating, or you can take it whilst you are bloated for quick relief. It can take just 30 minutes to provide much-needed relief.

You can also choose to take it on a regular basis, but I found it is most effective as a bloat deterrent or as emergency relief. Find out more about the brand in my Wild Dose review.

A bottle of Juvia a bloating supplement made from digestive enzymes

Best for food intolerances & IBS


  • Type: Liquid digestive enzyme
  • Relief: Long term
  • Price: From £39 per month
  • Discount: Use code EE15 for 15% off

If your bloat is a result of a food intolerance or IBS then you’ll benefit from the long-term bloating relief of Juvia. It is a liquid digestive enzyme supplement formulated using barley extract.

It works by breaking down the carbohydrates in the food that you eat. Giving your gut microbiome plenty of food to thrive off of. This is particularly useful for IBS sufferers whose guts struggle to digest carbohydrates effectively on their own.

I have found that taking Juvia long-term has helped reduce any bloating that I get from trigger foods, like gluten and legumes. Find out more about the brand in my Juvia review.

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A bag of myota fibre blend next to a glass of water one of the best bloating supplements

Best for digestion issues


  • Type: Fibre powder blend
  • Relief: Long term
  • Price: From £37 per month
  • Discount: Use code EDIBLEETHICS15 for 15% off

Most Western diets are lacking fibre. It’s one of the reasons that we get told to eat at least 5 fruits and veg a day! Even still, most people fail to get enough fibre from their food.

Without this fibre, food won’t pass through your digestive system quickly or effectively. Leaving you feeling bloated and heavy. Which is where fibre blends like Myota come in. They help speed up the process of waste discretion.

Even though I follow a vegan diet which is very fibre-heavy, I have still benefited from taking Myota. Particularly when I have weeks of eating very beige food.

Use code EDIBLEETHICS15 for 15% off

A bottle of Symprove supplement in front of the box, one of the best bloating supplements

Best for SIBO, IBS & IBD


  • Type: Liquid probiotic
  • Relief: Long term
  • Price: From £39.99 per month
  • Discount: 50% off (automatically applied)

If you suffer from ongoing gut issues like SIBO, IBS or IBD then your gut microbiome may be full of bad bacteria that is interrupting the digestive process. As a result, you may find you bloat regularly.

One of the best ways to resolve this is with a liquid probiotic supplement like Symprove. With every shot, you introduce a high dose of friendly bacteria to your gut, which over time helps to rebalance your microbiome.

I suffer from IBS so there are certain foods that my body struggles to digest. This means I bloat regularly. Therefore, I do occasional treatments of Symprove to help balance out the bacteria in my gut. Find out more about the brand in my Symprove review.

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A tub of Braggs charcoal next to the tablets one of the best bloating supplements

Best for trapped gas

Braggs Charcoal

If you are in need of a more affordable solution then I definitely recommend trying out activated charcoal. It is particularly useful for anyone who bloats a lot because of trapped gas as it helps to trap any stubborn gas molecules hanging about in your gut.

It can help get rid of bloating in under one hour and can also relieve you of any trapped gas. However, it is worth noting that it is not a long-term solution and you should try to work on solving the core issues.

Charcoal tablets are my go-to when I feel any trapped gas making its way through my colon. This trapped gas often leads to quite painful bloats. Thankfully, the charcoal tablets work quite quickly at getting rid of this gas.

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