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This is an honest THIS Isn’t Bacon review

Want an honest review of THIS Isn’t Bacon? Then look no further. As a long time eater of THIS products, it is time to get real about their vegan bacon.

This isn't bacon a vegan bacon substitute

THIS have taken the vegan market by storm thanks to their outrageously silly and funny marketing strategies. They aren’t afraid to annoy people in the process of promoting their plant-based meat alternatives. It is for this very reason that I first decided to try out their products, specifically their vegan chicken and vegan bacon rashers (the star of this article – my ‘THIS Isn’t Bacon review’).

And I’m not the only one that has been trying them out. They are now absolutely everywhere and near enough everyone is talking about them, whether they are vegan or not.

According to many a meat-eater, bacon is the big vegan issue. How can we survive without. Well, many of us survive quite happily without even giving it a thought. And some of us find alternatives, just like this one.

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So, it is time to get real and discuss whether or not their vegan bacon is actually up to scratch, worthy of all their bold marketing strategies, and good enough to convince meat eaters to make the switch.

Review summary of THIS Isn’t Bacon

A tasty and versatile vegan alternative to bacon. Perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Product brand: THIS™

Editor’s rating: 4.5



Finding a suitable vegan bacon alternative is serious business.

So, for all you keenos out there that are hungry to find out more about THIS Isn’t Bacon then read on to discover more about each pro & con.

Rashers of This isn't bacon a vegan bacon substitute
These vegan bacon rashers pack a punch and cook up nicely

Great bacon-like taste & texture

Okay, it isn’t exactly like bacon. But it is obvious that it resembles the best bits of bacon. It smells bacony when you fry it up, it has a bacon taste when you go to eat it, and it has a nice crispy outer with a chewy inner.

For all the vegans reading this, no thankfully you won’t mistake it for eating an actual pig. But it will give you all the mouthfeel that you may miss from bacon.

And for all the carnivores in the room, you may find this is great middle ground between eating animals or eating plants.

Fry it up and eat it with an open mind. You may find you enjoy this as a thing in itself, I know I do. And I used to love bacon sarnies pre-vegan.

A vegan dish made using This isn't bacon a vegan bacon substitute
THIS Isn’t Bacon works really well on a fry up or with scrambled tofu

Really versatile ingredient

Finding a suitable bacon alternative isn’t just about the bacon but about the dishes you would cook it with, like a bacon sarnie, a carbonara, or a fry up.

I have found THIS Isn’t Bacon to work with every vegan recipe that I have paired it with. For instance, it works perfectly nestled amongst loads of veg inside this vegan quiche, as well holding up on its own inside a sandwich oozing with ketchup (or brown sauce).

You can fry it off in rashers and serve it as is, or you can chop it up small to act like a lardon. The world really is your vegan oyster with THIS Isn’t Bacon in your kitchen.

This isn't bacon a vegan bacon substitute
Their packaging boasts a wide range of awesome nutritional credentials

Full of healthy nutrients

When switching animal products for vegan alternatives, most people’s concern is about the nutrient content of the food. THIS have taken this issue into account and made their vegan bacon product with a variety of high-protein ingredients, including non-GMO soy and pea protein. Meaning you’ll be getting plenty of protein from that bacon sarnie, 25g of protein per 100g to be exact. Go on, flex those muscles.

They have gone the extra mile and fortified their vegan bacon with Iron & B12. It is also low in fat, unlike its animal-based counterparts, so you can enjoy a much more nutritious fry up at the weekend without missing out on any flavour.

I’m sure that is enough nutritional speak now, tasty vegan bacon doesn’t need any more selling really does it.

My thoughts on THIS Isn’t Bacon

Overall, I find THIS Isn’t Bacon to be a winning vegan bacon product. I regularly buy it and will use it in a variety of meals throughout the week.

I love that it gives me the sensation that I enjoyed when I used to eat animal-based products, just without the cruelty. But the product also isn’t too realistic that it could freak me out.

The nutritional factor is really just the icing on the cake for me. I like to know that I am eating food that has a good amount of protein as well as being low in fat.

Areas of improvement

I really dislike buying products that are packaged in plastic, but you’d be hard pushed to find any vegan bacon alternatives that aren’t. 

It is great to see that they use a cardboard sleeve to advertise their brand, keeping the plastic use to a minimum. According to THIS, their packaging uses 90% less packaging than the animal-based products they replicate, so that is something at least.

If you are after a vegan bacon treat then do give THIS a go, but make sure to follow their recycling instructions to lower the impact of their plastic packaging.

Review conclusion

If you are after a tasty and nutritious vegan bacon alternative then THIS Isn’t Bacon is for you. It has the mouthfeel of bacon without being too realistic. It is really easy and quick to cook and works really well in a plethora of vegan recipes.

It is no surprise that I always have a pack of their vegan bacon in my fridge, as well as quite a few of their other products too…

A packet of This isn't bacon a vegan bacon product

Where can you buy THIS Isn’t Bacon?

There are many stockists of THIS Isn’t Bacon, follow a link below to purchase it from your favourite online shop:


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding THIS Isn’t Bacon

What is THIS Isn’t Bacon made from?

THIS Isn’t Bacon is made using a mix of non-GMO soy and pea protein, alongside vegetable extracts and flavourings. It is also fortified with iron & B12. The product doesn’t contain any gluten but is made in a factory where gluten is present, so it isn’t suitable for gluten-free diets.

How do you cook THIS Isn’t Bacon?

Cooking THIS Isn’t Bacon is really simple. Fry it off for about 3-5 minutes with a little bit of oil. Or you can add it into any of your favourite dishes where you would normally use animal-based meats.

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