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My name is Lucy, and I am the founder of Edible Ethics. This website was born with the purpose of bringing ethics to reader’s plates and showing just how tasty being ethical can be!

And a huge part of this are the awesome vegan-friendly brands who are making it easier for people to understand and enjoy veganism. The more I share these awesome brands with my audience, the more we can spread the vegan word!

So find out how you can work with me at Edible Ethics to get your vegan-friendly brand seen by more eager eyes.

Vegan-friendly brands I've worked with

Here are a few of the vegan-friendly brands that I’ve worked with and continue to advertise here on Edible Ethics.

Why advertise your brand on Edible Ethics

Discover more about our values and the work that we do for vegan-friendly brands like yours.

The benefits of my work

Not only does my work get seen by my existing vegan-friendly community, it also ranks well on Google. As well as founding Edible Ethics, I also run a vegan digital marketing agency. So I know a thing or two about getting my content seen by the right audience 😉

How we can work together

There are numerous ways in which you can get your brand talked about here on my vegan food blog.

Branded recipe creation

I will try out your vegan-friendly product and use it to create a recipe which is invented by myself and shared here on Edible Ethics.

Spotlight review

I will try out your vegan-friendly product, restaurant or service and write a full review which will be published here on Edible Ethics and remain permanently.

Informative write up

I will research and write up an informative article to educate and provide subtle plugs to your vegan-friendly brand. For example, 'how-to use...' guides.

Get in touch

Send me a message below to find out more about working with Edible Ethics

Lucy founder of Edible Ethics in a vegan cafe