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My name is Lucy, and I am the founder of Edible Ethics. This website was created with the purpose of bringing ethics to reader’s plates and showing just how tasty being ethical can be!

A huge part of this are the awesome vegan-friendly brands that are making it easier for people to understand and enjoy veganism. The more I share these awesome brands with my audience, the more we can spread the vegan word!

My audience is keen to discover new brands that can add more value to their lives.

So, find out how you can work with me at Edible Ethics to get your vegan-friendly brand seen by more eager eyes.

Why advertise your brand on Edible Ethics

Discover more about our values and the work that we do for vegan-friendly brands like yours.

My experience

I started Edible Ethics in 2017, after ending my career as a professional chef. I worked on it in the background as I began my journey in the digital marketing world. I started out in SEO and it is where I have remained!

I started my own digital marketing agency specialising in vegan businesses in 2018. I helped 100s of ethical clients improve their Google rankings.

Near the end of 2022, I decided it was time to go full-time with Edible Ethics. I now pour all of my digital marketing knowledge learnt throughout my career into this blog.

years in SEO
years blogging
years vegan
years creating recipes

My audience

I have a varied audience but it is mostly based in the United Kingdom, at the moment. This is mostly due to the fact that I am from the UK and have started by focusing locally. I may expand to cover more countries in the future.

There are a few more females looking at my content, but only by a few percent. My female audience tends to view a lot more of my vegan recipes whilst male readers tend to look more at my reviews and guides.

The main age group of my audience matches well with the overall global vegan audience, which is predominantly between 25-34 years old.



Female 56%
Male 44%


25 - 34
25 - 34 28.7%
35 - 44 23.47%
18 - 24 18.59%


United Kingdom
United Kingdom 60%
USA 18%
EU 15%

My website's reach

I have been working on Edible Ethics since 2017 so it has been slowly building up authority in the niche. I went full-time in the summer of 2022 and am now regularly posting up high-quality content.

Therefore, I am seeing huge increases in traffic month by month. Averaging 30% each month. This percentage increase is very consistent, so I have presented a traffic forecast based on the last 6 months of my work. My current traffic is reflected in the prices of my services below. Since my articles live permanently on my website, they will only get seen by more and more people over time, so the sooner you start the more beneficial it’ll be!

My brand is #socialmediafree. A social media post gets seen for just a few hours to a few days. My articles are forever.

monthly visitors
monthly traffic forecast EOY 2023
domain authority as per Ahrefs

What I've achieved for other brands

Not only does my work get seen by my existing vegan-friendly community, it also ranks well on Google. Because as well as founding Edible Ethics, I used to run a fully vegan SEO agency. So I know a thing or two about getting my content seen by the right audience 😉

Here is a selection of my existing branded work that ranks well on Google, helping to meet their potential customers at different stages of their journey.

This isn't bacon review on edible ethics ranking on google
This isn't bacon review on edible ethics ranking position 2 on Google
Dr vegan review ranking on page 1 of google
My review of DR.VEGAN ranking on page 1 of Google
Heura chorizo recipe on Edible Ethics ranking page 1
My chorizo pasta recipe ranks on page 1 of Google for Heura chorizo recipe searches
Tendril kitchen review on edible ethics ranking on page 1
My restaurant write-up for Tendril ranks on page 1

Advertising opportunities

Here’s how you can advertise on my vegan food blog.

I only recommend brands that I love to my audience. It helps to build and secure trust. So, I do need to try your product or service before writing.

I ensure that all my content is unique so that it doesn’t just look like another copy-and-paste job! I also like to ensure everything I write is thorough so that my readers can get all the information they need in one place.

In the unlikely event that I do not love your vegan-friendly offering, I will provide you with constructive feedback and a refund.

How do you start the advertising process? Send me a message using the contact form below detailing the service(s) you are interested in along with some information about your brand.

What's included in all my offerings?

Lucy with a box of cake or death vegan letterbox brownies


What I require

1. Spotlight product review

I will try out your vegan-friendly product or service and write a full-page review which will be published here on Edible Ethics and remain permanently. 

I will write it with SEO in mind, so that it shows up on Google for your ‘brand name + review’, helping to build positive reviews of your brand for your ideal customers to read.

This is particularly useful for brands who don’t have many reviews of their offering showing up on Google, or for those companies who have loads of spammy reviews being displayed, which is more common than you may think!

Many of my product reviews rank positions 1-3 for my target keyword and people typically spend about 4 minutes reading them before clicking through on external links.

Heura vegan chorizo sausages next to vegan chorizo pasta dish


What I require

2. Branded recipe creation

I will try out your vegan-friendly product and use it to create a recipe which is invented by myself and shared here on Edible Ethics.

I will first taste test the product, so it is useful to have a few samples to hand. Then I will test out a few different recipe ideas.

I like to discuss these ideas before finalising them. After this, I will take photographs and write up the recipe to be uploaded on my website.

vegan fine dining restaurant in London


What I require

3. Restaurant write up

I will visit your restaurant and sample your vegan-friendly offering. This includes fully vegan establishments and restaurants with vegan menus/dishes.

Whilst there I will take photographs of the food and the establishment. I will also try to provide feedback on the day too if it is wanted!

Afterwards, I will draft up a write my review of the restaurant and will ensure it is keyword optimised. Usually, this means targeting keywords like ‘restaurant name + review’.

In the restaurant world, keywords like these are regularly searched for. Meaning your potential customers are looking for positive reviews before visiting.

Lucy working in her own vegan kitchen as a vegan chef


What I require

4. Informative piece

I will research and write up an informative article to educate and provide subtle plugs to your vegan-friendly brand. For example, ‘how-to use…’ or ‘how-to cook with…’ guides.

This is really useful for any brands who are looking for even more ways to get seen by potential customers.

Subtle plugs like these tend to get higher click-throughs because the user isn’t reading a blog where they are being ‘sold to’.

The more that readers see your brand within blogs like these the more you can build brand awareness.

Lucy holding a vegan recipe box in her hands that has been opened up


What I require

5. Inclusion in existing guides

I am regularly writing up informative guides about vegan-friendly products, be it food, nutrition, or equipment based.

If you want to be included in any existing or future guides that I write, then you can do so for free. Simply send me samples to try.

Please note, sending me samples doesn’t mean I will definitely include you in a guide. I may not believe that your brand fits in with anything I have written yet, but I will still take pictures and archive them ready for when I create a guide that your brand does fit into.

Vegan-friendly brands I've worked with

Here are a few of the vegan-friendly brands that I’ve worked with and continue to advertise here on Edible Ethics.

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