Lucy founder of edible ethics with vegan food in her hand

Let’s work together!

My name is Lucy, and I am the founder of Edible Ethics. I created this website with the purpose of bringing ethics to readers’ plates and showing just how tasty being ethical can be!

My audience is keen to discover new brands that can add more value to their lives. So, find out how you can work with me at Edible Ethics to get your vegan-friendly brand seen by more eager eyes.

I only recommend brands that I love to my audience. It helps to build and secure trust. So, I do need to try your product, restaurant or service.

I ensure that all my content is unique so that it doesn’t just look like another copy-and-paste job! I also like to ensure everything I write is thorough and honest so that my readers can get all the information they need in one place.

In the unlikely event that I do not love your vegan-friendly offering, I will provide you with constructive feedback.

How do I begin? Send me a message using the contact form below:

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