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Last updated: May 29, 2024

Vitl review: My experience with their Personalised Vitamins

Your supplement regime should be as unique as you. Which is why I really enjoy the personalised pack from Vitl. Read my Vitl review to find out more.


4.5 stars out of 5
A box of personalised vitamins from Vitl for this Vitl review

I hate organising all my vitamins. It feels like you need a degree in nutrition to sift through the endless health advice online. That’s why I’m drawn to brands like Vitl, which simplify the process with their unique approach to supplementation.

Vitl doesn’t just offer a range of pre-built supplements, like multivitamins and probiotics; they also craft personalised vitamin packs tailored just for you.

Join me as I delve into Vitl’s innovative approach to supplementation and share my firsthand experience with their tailor-made supplements.


  • Personalised for you
  • Affordable supplements
  • Vegan-friendly


  • You can’t manually customise the vitamins

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What is Vitl?

Vitl is a supplement brand focusing on tailor-made supplements and at-home DNA and blood tests. They sell a variety of vitamin stacks, including multivitamins, probiotics, and more. But what makes this nutrition brand unique is its tailor-made supplement offering, which I will review in this article!

A note to my readers: Vitl isn’t 100% vegan, but they have a large vegan-friendly offering, including their personalised vitamin packs which can be easily tailored to a vegan diet.

What supplements should I take?

Navigating the world of nutrition can be tough. It is hard to know what we truly need. To begin, you will want to look at your diet and take note of the kinds of foods you eat and what vitamins and nutrients you’ll be getting from your food. You will also want to take note of your health and figure out if there is anything you want to improve, i.e. your sleep or your energy levels.

You may also want to do a blood test to check your vitamin levels. Either ask your GP or purchase one of these handy blood tests from Vitl, which includes a nutritionist review and a recommendation for your personalised nutrition stack. From here, you’ll know a lot more about the supplements that you need to take!

Alternatively, you can take Vitl’s health quiz to build your personalised vitamin pack. It takes the guesswork out of supplementation.

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A screenshot of the Vitl health quiz with dietary specifications - for this Vitl review

The positives

I completed Vitl’s online health quiz and let them know of my vegan diet, my age, any improvements I’d like to see in my health and wellbeing, and a few other important questions, and I was then sent my personalised pack of vitamins and nutrients. I’m going to take you through all the positive things I experienced when testing these out.

Personalised for you

My favourite thing about Vitl is the personal aspect of their supplementation. You start by answering a short health quiz which gathers information about your age, gender, dietary requirements and health goals. From this, you are recommended a personalised vitamin pack that is made up of four different pills containing a variety of vitamins and nutrients to cover your health needs.

The pills come inside a handy packet with assigned days, ensuring you don’t forget to take them!

If your health goals change then you can easily change this within your account and they’ll amend the supplements for you. For example, you may be focused on improving sleep and fitness, but if you start to develop digestive issues then you can include supplements to help you with this.

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Affordable supplements

Buying individual supplements can get expensive. Let’s say you buy individual B vitamins, vitamin D, iodine, as well as nootropics like Gingko, then you’ll be spending an absolute fortune. By getting all of them included within one handy personalised pack from Vitl, you’ll be able to save a few pennies!

But that doesn’t mean they scrimp on quality. All of their supplements are free from bulking and anti-caking agents. They are also non-GMO and highly absorbable.

Exclusive discount: Get 30% off for 3 months on the Personalised pack: EDIBLEVITL30


When you fill out the health quiz you can request your vitamin pack to follow any necessary dietary requirements, including vegetarian, pescatarian, and vegan. Moreover, they also sell a variety of ‘pre-made’ vitamin stacks that are vegan-friendly, including a multivitamins, probiotics, immunity supplements, vitamin D, and much more.

You can check out their full range of vegan supplements here.

Exclusive discount: Get 30% off for 3 months on the Personalised pack: EDIBLEVITL30

Inside the personalised vitamin pack from Vitl

The negatives

I enjoyed the whole process of setting up, ordering and taking my personalised vitamins from Vitl. But if I could see one change it would be to do with the customisation of their vitamins.

You can’t manually customise the vitamins

Whilst the vitamins can be personalised to you, this is done automatically behind the scenes by Vitl’s technology. You can change your goals, which will amend the vitamin blends a little, but you can’t opt out of any specific vitamins.

To be honest, this won’t be an issue for you unless you have some sort of health condition that requires you to not take a specific vitamin or nutrient, e.g. hyperthyroidism.

For the majority of people, this ‘done-for-you’ style approach is perfect for getting their nutrition spot on!

A close up of the vitamins inside the Vitl pill packets

My verdict

I’ve always felt completely overwhelmed by nutrition and supplements. Ensuring you get all the correct vitamins and nutrients is tough, and it can get pricey! Which is why I’ve really enjoyed this ‘done-for-you’ vitamin pack from Vitl.

It makes the whole experience a lot less stressful and I love the fact that all of my essential vitamins are included, alongside other bonus ingredients that can help with my sleep, my energy levels and my gut!

When you consider the flexibility of their offering, the fact that they can easily cater for vegan diets, and the quality of the ingredients, I’d say this is a supplement worth sticking to!

Exclusive discount: Get 30% off for 3 months on the Personalised pack: EDIBLEVITL30

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