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Purolabs review – do these supplements really work?

We all need to take nutrition seriously, whether we are vegan or not. This is made all the more easy thanks to brands like Purolabs with their wide range of vegan-friendly supplements.


Getting your nutrition right can be really quite complicated, no matter your diet. You may eat plenty of nutritious meals and you drink plenty of fortified drinks, like vegan milk, but that doesn’t mean you are getting absolutely everything you need.

For instance, B12 is becoming a lot harder for us to get from natural sources due to over farming.

So, it is likely that you have been searching for vegan-friendly supplement companies to help you top up in areas that your diet isn’t fulfilling. And one of the companies you may well have stumbled across is Purolabs.

Purolabs are a nutrition company that focuses on using natural ingredients that are backed by science, so you get the best sources of your much-needed vitamins and nutrients.

I have been trying out Purolabs’ range of vegan-friendly supplements so read on to find out what I thought in my Purolabs review.

Disclaimer: Purolabs isn’t a vegan company, I am reviewing only their vegan supplement range and have only provided links to their vegan supplements in this review.

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Review summary of Purolabs

Purolabs have a wide range of vegan supplements to cover all needs, meaning you can get a lot of what you need from one place. I found they were easy to digest, due to their plant-based capsules, and that thanks to their high-potency they worked effectively.

Product brand: Purolabs

Editor’s rating: 4.5




Are you ready to get serious about your nutrition? Carry on reading to find out more about Purolabs and what I liked about their vegan-friendly food supplement range.

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Great range of plant-based vitamins

So often when I have been searching for vegan supplements I have struggled to find everything I need all in one place, so I was really happy to see just how much Purolabs has to offer.

You can get everything from a vegan multivitamin to standalone Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and even a vegan Omega-3.

On top of this, they have 5-HTP, apple cider vinegar, ginkgo biloba, and a menopause supplement.

So you really won’t struggle to find something you need on Purolabs. Just check out all of these incredible vegan-friendly supplements they have here:

Made using high-quality ingredients

I am always scared off by long lists of crazy chemical names on the backs of supplement bottles, but was really impressed to see how transparent Purolabs are about the ingredients they use.

All of their product pages for each supplement go into plenty of detail about each ingredient and why it is being used for that particular blend. They are committed to keeping all of their supplement formulas clean, which means you won’t find any of the usual nasty fillers that are common in many other supplement brands. These include Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Iron Oxide – all of which offer zero nutritional benefits!

Purolabs also seem to have a lot of high strength supplements so you know you are getting enough of what you are actually buying!

They are easy to digest

Many supplements I have taken in the past haven’t sat down well with my stomach. That could either be down to the ingredients inside or the capsule itself.

And it really isn’t comfortable when this happens. Especially if it results in bloating, like it has done for me before.

Thankfully, Purolabs didn’t cause any negative problems with digestion! They use only natural sources of vitamins and a plant-based capsule, so this probably has something to do with why they digested really easily for me.

My thoughts on the product

Overall, I really enjoyed taking Purolabs’ range of vegan supplements. I love that they have a lot of the vegan vitamins as standalone versions, so I can have Omega-3 and B12 without needing a multivitamin for instance.

So, do Purolabs supplements really work? I have found them to digest easily with no problems. I have had no negative effects on my health whilst taking these so can only assume that the vitamins are doing their job!

January 2023 update: after taking their biotin supplement for a few months I can confirm it has had really positive effects on my hair and skin. I am continuing to feel great after taking their other vitamins and have a lot of energy to go to the gym and to do my work.

Areas of improvement

At the moment, Purolabs vegan supplements do come packaged inside a plastic container. That being said, this did arrive in the post inside a cardboard box with eco-friendly packaging. The plastic container itself is widely recycled and they are actually planning on working towards going plastic-free early next year.

So I wouldn’t hesitate to give Purolabs a go. Just make sure to recycle the supplement box after you’ve finished, and keep an eye out for their future plastic-free packaging!

Review conclusion

If you too are looking for a great range of high-quality plant-based supplements then you should definitely check out Purolabs. They have plenty of vegan supplements on offer to cover all sorts of health needs.

You can get started on your Purolabs journey by following this handy quiz on their website.

Where can you buy Purolabs supplements?

Currently, Purolabs is only available direct from their website.

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