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Last updated: March 22, 2024

Ocean Bottle review: the ultimate reusable bottle?

I tested out Ocean Bottle’s 500ml reusable bottle by using it to store a refreshing frozen mocktail which I took to a picnic in the park. Read my Ocean Bottle review to find out how it coped!


4.8 stars out of 5
Lucy drinking a mocktail whilst sat on a blanket in a field with an ocean bottle in her other hand, for her ocean bottle review

I love any excuse to drink a frozen cocktail (or mocktail) so I was very excited to test out Ocean Bottle’s temperature control claims. I did so by creating a deliciously refreshing frozen alcohol-free gin & tonic (recipe below) which I took to the park in my 500ml original Ocean Bottle. Throughout this Ocean Bottle review, I am going to tell you how we got on!

If you are looking for an eco-friendly reusable bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, with an easy-to-use double lid, then you’ll love the Ocean Bottle. It is a stylish option that is made using ocean waste, so you can be part of a solution which also helps to avoid the creation of even more plastic waste!


  • It keeps drinks cold for hours
  • The bottle is easy to drink & pour from
  • The design is really stylish


  • No 750ml option

What is so special about Ocean Bottle?

As you may have guessed from their name, Ocean Bottle creates reusable bottles made partly from recycled plastic waste that has been dumped into our oceans. They also ensure that all of their bottles are recyclable, so these bottles don’t become an extra piece of waste bobbing around in the ocean. Although, you really won’t want to throw an Ocean Bottle away as they are really well made and keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

They also collect 11.4kgs of ocean-bound plastic for every single Ocean Bottle that is sold. This is equivalent to a whopping 1,000 bottles saved for every 1 bottle purchased. They are on a mission to collect 7 billion bottles worth by 2025. So, by purchasing your very own Ocean Bottle you are supporting them on this really important mission!

What drinks can you store in an Ocean Bottle?

You can store both hot and cold drinks in an Ocean Bottle. Meaning you can use this bottle as your everyday water bottle or you can use it to take your coffee to work. And even better, you can use your bottle to store a cold cocktail or mocktail to take to a picnic.

In fact, as part of this review, I tested out the Ocean Bottle by using it to take a frozen mocktail to the park for a picnic. Throughout this review, I will be talking about how the bottle coped with this drink! Also, feel free to check out my frozen mocktail recipe below.

A glass of mocktail sat on a blanket on top of grass next to the black Ocean Bottle for my Ocean Bottle review

Recipe: frozen alcohol-free gin & tonic

An alcohol-free frozen gin & tonic is the perfect summertime drink. It’s an adult slushy, without the hangover. And thanks to the Ocean Bottle you can take it to your next picnic in the park without it quickly melting away.

Makes 2 glasses



  • 250ml tonic water
  • 90ml alcohol-free gin (my favourite is Lyres)
  • 1 small lime


  • Pour the tonic water into an ice cube tray and place it into your freezer. Leave it overnight to freeze, or at least for 3 hours.
  • Once the tonic water cubes have frozen, place them into a high-powered blender.
  • Add the alcohol-free gin to the blender along with the zest of 1 small lime.
  • Blend together the ingredients until it forms a slushy mix.
  • Taste the mix and add lime juice to taste.
  • Decant the drink into your Ocean Bottle.

After making this recipe, take it with you to the beach, your friend’s BBQ, or even for a walk around the park. Thanks to the Ocean Bottle you’ll be able to keep it frozen and slushy for hours. Continue reading my Ocean Bottle review to see how I got on with my frozen G&T at the park!

My experience using Ocean Bottle

After testing out my Ocean Bottle with a variety of hot and cold drinks, here is what I thought of this reusable water bottle!

Lucy pouring out some mocktail from her Ocean bottle into a glass whilst smiling at the camera

It keeps drinks cold for hours

The Ocean Bottle truly lives up to its claims, as I was able to keep my frozen mocktail in the bottle for about 30 minutes before opening it up to pour out a drink and I found the drink to still be in its original slushy-like state.

I left some of the drink inside the bottle for a few more hours after this to really test it out and I found that it was still frozen and the inside of the bottle still felt really cold.

You probably won’t be using it to carry frozen cocktails around 24/7 (although I wouldn’t judge you if you did), but it is nice to know that if you did that it would keep your drink nice and cold for quite some hours!

This is also great if you like to drink cold water throughout the day. For some reason, I can’t stomach lukewarm water so by keeping cold water inside my Ocean Bottle I actually end up drinking more water than I would otherwise.

On the flip side, it also keeps hot drinks really hot for hours. If carrying about coffee or tea is more your thing.

Lucy pouring out some mocktail from her black Ocean Bottle into a glass

The bottle is easy to drink & pour from

Unlike many other reusable bottles on the market, Ocean Bottle has created a lid with two openings. The top lid is the perfect size for drinking out of and the second larger lid is great for pouring stuff into and out of, as it creates a much wider opening.

In the photo above, you’ll see that I am pouring my drink out of the larger opening since this makes it a lot easier for thicker liquids to plop right out. But when it comes to drinking water or any drink that is thinner, you can use the other smaller lid to drink straight out of. How convenient!

This also means that when you come to fill up your Ocean Bottle you will experience a lot less spillages. Which is great for messy people like me. It’s almost like the bottle also acts like a flask, so you get two in one. Winning!

Lucy drinking a mocktail whilst sat on a blanket in a field with an ocean bottle in her other hand

The design is really stylish

There is nothing worse than buying something online for it only to arrive at your door looking completely different to how it did in the photos. The same goes for a sleek-looking bottle like the Ocean Bottle.

But I must say, these look so good in real life! It may come across as quite vain, but I really like my accessories to match my other travelling gear. And the matte black Ocean Bottle does just that.

It is very clean and elegant. Perfect for carrying cocktails in, I’d say. Plus you can look super stylish when bringing it with you to the gym, for your much-needed water or protein shake fix.

The bottles come in a variety of different colours, so you’ll be sure to find something that matches your own style too!

I was amazed at how effective the Ocean Bottle was at keeping my frozen mocktail cold. I never expected a bottle to be able to keep a slushy-like liquid, slushy. But it did just that!

This has meant that I have been able to keep drinks cold for hours, which is particularly useful when I am travelling around for the day or simply going out to the park to hang out with friends and family.

I find the design of the bottle to be really clean and stylish as well as it being really easy to use and drink from. No more pouring hot drinks into small holes and burning myself!

Areas of improvement

At the risk of sounding a little picky, I would really like to see Ocean Bottle offer a 750ml option. I tend to find that 1 litre bottles are just too big and 500ml bottles are just a little bit too small. I regularly take my bottle to the gym where I consume a lot of water. 750ml would be the perfect amount for me!

That being said, most of their competitors also offer the same size bottles, so 500ml and 1-litre bottles do seem to be the most popular choices.

My verdict

If you are keen to do your bit for the environment by buying a reusable bottle, then you should really consider going the extra mile (at no real extra cost to you) by buying yourself an Ocean Bottle. Not only is it helping to repurpose plastic waste that is clogging up our oceans, but it is also a really effective bottle that looks stylish.

For this Ocean Bottle review, I put it to the test by using it to store a frozen mocktail and it exceeded expectations. The bottle was a joy to use, thanks to its double lid for sipping and pouring. The drink stayed frozen and I suffered from absolutely no leakage accidents. Plus it really looked the part at my fancy picnic in the park.

The bottle is really well made, so I suspect that if you look after it, it’ll be with you for a really long time!

Lucy pouring her mocktail into a glass from an Ocean Bottle

Where can you buy an Ocean Bottle?

The best place to buy an Ocean Bottle is from their website. You can choose from a variety of different models, including a 350ml brew flask, a 500ml or 1-litre bottle, or even one of their new ‘go’ bottles which features a nifty internal straw for sipping on the go.

They also provide a 10-year warranty which covers manufacturing defects and accidental breakages. Get picking your Ocean Bottle here:

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