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The perfect vegan supplements – DR.VEGAN review

Getting your nutrition right is easier with 100% vegan health brands like DR.VEGAN. Find out why I love using their supplements every day.




You can’t always be 100% sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need from your diet, vegan or not. So it is no surprise that many people turn to supplements. And as a vegan, you’ll want to ensure that you are buying from a vegan supplement company, like DR.VEGAN.

I’ve been using DR.VEGAN supplements for quite some time now and believe that they provide the best vegan supplements for a healthy vegan diet. Not only are they are a great company (100% vegan too), but their vitamins also really work.

Read on to find out more about DR.VEGAN and why I take their vegan vitamins everyday to supplement my diet.

Who are DR.VEGAN?

DR.VEGAN is a fully vegan and ethical supplement company.

The team is comprised of registered nutritionists who help to create DR.VEGAN’s wide range of vegan supplements. This has allowed them to bring out regular new offerings, including gut and menopause supplements.

All DR.VEGAN products come in compostable packaging and you can empty them out into one of their reusable tins. This makes them one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly vegan nutrition brands out there.

Thanks to their great customer service and their regularly updated blog, DR.VEGAN are truly an all round vegan nutrition hub.

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Their tin is really easy to travel with, so you never go without your supplements

Why buy DR.VEGAN supplements?

There are many reasons why I love DR.VEGAN, they are really truly the best all-round vegan supplement company.

So, here is my list of pros, as well as some cons (because no business is 100% perfect!), so that you can make an informed decision about DR.VEGAN.



One of the main reasons I believe you should be buying their vegan supplements is to ensure you are getting all the correct vitamins and nutrients that you need. With their wide range of fully vegan supplements, DR.VEGAN will help you to ensure this. Whilst also feeling safe in the knowledge that their production methods, packaging, and ingredients are all vegan and eco-friendly.

What vegan supplements do DR.VEGAN offer?

They offer a really large range of vegan supplements and also offer a few bundle deals to help with more specific issues. So this means you can buy your necessary multivitamins, or you can buy vegan supplements to help with things like stomach ache, blurry vision from screen time, and PMS.

Here is a list of some of DR.VEGAN’s most popular supplements:

Do DR.VEGAN's supplements work?

I actually have been taking their multivitamin every day and find myself with a lot more energy throughout the day. I feel safe in the knowledge that I have everything covered, from B12, to D3 and iron. 

I have also been using their Gut Works® supplements which have been helping me with my digestion issues. Because as many of you may already know, I regularly eat gluten-free due to intolerance issues. I find the friendly bacteria in this supplement have really helped to keep things working well in there, relieving some of my symptoms.

Overall, I find all of their vegan supplements are easy to digest and I have had no problems with swallowing them. And thanks to their handy tin, I am always carrying them around with me so never forget to take them!

A healthy vegan diet

There are many things you can do to ensure you are eating a healthy vegan diet, like by eating healthy nutritious vegan meals that will ensure you get your daily required vitamins and nutrients, but I would also recommend supplementing these with either DR.VEGAN’s vegan multivitamins, or a selection of vegan vitamins that you require.

If you are concerned about your nutrition I recommend going to visit your doctor to get your bloods examined. They’ll show you whether you are low or missing anything.

Buy DR.VEGAN supplements

The best place to start is on DR.VEGAN’s website. You’ll find everything you need to know about each vegan supplement offering and much more information on how to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Get started with DR.VEGAN here:

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