Vegan winter recipes

The colder the weather gets the more my stomach grumbles. And I am always more than happy to give in to it. I fully embrace my winter body, it keeps me warm and happy in the darker colder months.

My diet and vegan food choices also change with the winter months. I find myself eating food that is a lot more filling, stodgier foods you could say. Carbs make up a large proportion of this but so do warming soups and stews.

If the change in your diet over winter helps you to get through the cold winter, then good for you! So read on to discover my favourite vegan winter foods that keep me going.

Cooked vegan beef wellington with vegan creamy mushroom sauce
Vegan Mains

Indulgent vegan beef wellington recipe

Beef wellington used to be one of my favourite meals. It may sound and look a little pretentious but it is delicious. Lovely savoury flavours wrapped inside rich mushrooms and flaky pastry. I have since created this vegan beef wellington recipe which lives up to these positive memories!

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The finished vegan katsu curry recipe with breaded crispy tempeh
Bingeworthy Mains

Vegan katsu curry with crispy tempeh

This is one of my favourite comfort foods. I love how warming the katsu curry sauce is and I am always looking for any excuse to use tempeh. I believe they work really well together! So check out my take on a vegan katsu recipe here.

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vegan ragu recipe with mushrooms and pappardelle pasta
Bingeworthy Mains

Vegan shroom ragu w/ pappardelle pasta

One thing I cannot get enough of in life is pasta. I am always trying to recreate some of my old favourite meat-based pasta dishes. I’d already mastered the creamy mushroom pasta so it was time to work on the ragu.

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