A cut up block of tofu on a plate ready to be used in a delicious vegan tofu recipe

Vegan tofu recipes that will excite your tastebuds!

Tofu is a staple food in a vegan diet. Not only is it high in protein it is also really versatile, meaning it can be used in many different dishes and take on many flavours. Here are my favourite vegan tofu recipes that you will love to make!

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Tofu is a firm staple within the vegan community for a very good reason. It is both a very nutritious and healthy ingredient as well as being extremely versatile.

Most people’s reason for disliking tofu is my reason for loving it, it is bland. But that is a good thing. You can flavour it in any way that you desire!

This means it can be used in so many different recipes. The silken tofu variety can be blended up and made into a vegan quiche or a creamy sauce and firm tofu can be cubed, deep fried, marinated, scrambled (into a great vegan egg alternative), you name it.

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I probably cook tofu pretty much every day and more often than not I am using it in one of these delicious vegan tofu recipes. I have separated them into tabs so you can browse the recipes based on what tofu you like to us, silken or firm.

Vegan miso ramen made with an oat milk broth
This is my take on a vegan miso ramen recipe, which can be made in under 1 hour! It is deliciously creamy and incredibly comforting! ...
cooked banh xeo alongside serving suggestions
This is my take on bánh xèo. I have drawn from my experience in Vietnam to create this dish, but use ingredients that are easily accessible in the UK. I...
vegan thai green curry with tofu, rice and broccoli in a bowl
Try this vegan green curry paste and you'll never want to buy one of those little plastic tubs of paste ever again. This tastes amazing fresh but also freezes well...
vegan massaman curry with tofu and aubergine
Looking for an indulgent and comforting week night dinner that is quick to cook up? Then my vegan take on a Massaman curry will be right up your street....
A vegan vietnamese spring roll being held up in the air
When I lived in Vietnam I survived off of a diet of spring rolls. Simply because they are just so delicious. So take a look at my vegan Vietnamese spring...
indian kedgeree dish
A summery spiced breakfast dish that will peak the interest of vegans and non-vegans alike!...
A packet of silken tofu next to a vegan silken tofu sauce base
This is one of my favourite discoveries, a silken tofu sauce base. It makes the most delightfully creamy mix that can replace cream in pretty much any recipe....
A dish of creamy vegan mushroom pasta
Anyone else get regular cravings for creamy pasta? Well, I definitely do. And I satisfy this craving regularly with this really quick and simple nutritious creamy vegan mushroom pasta recipe....
A whole baked vegan cheesecake next to some blueberries
Vegans can bake their cheesecakes too - happy days! This baked vegan cheesecake recipe is really easy to put together and will be sure to satisfy all those pesky cheesecake...
vegan quiche recipe made using silken tofu
This vegan quiche makes for the perfect lunchbox or picnic filler. Make it ahead of time and eat it throughout the week....

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