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Last updated: May 30, 2024

The 8 best vegan probiotic supplements (tested by me)

I have been on a mission to find a solution to my IBS woes. So I tried out all the vegan probiotics on the market and now I present to you the vegan probiotics supplements which actually worked!

Two vegan probiotics sat next to a glass of water surrounded by plants on a kitchen worktop

If the thought of shovelling vats of vegan kimchi, miso soup and sauerkraut down your gob doesn’t quite appeal, then you may be very interested to discover these vegan probiotic supplements which are jam-packed full of friendly and good bacteria.

These get delivered to your gut without the need for any fermented foods that are naturally rich in probiotics to ever enter your mouth. But if you do enjoy fermented foods (like me!), then you’ll love that these supplements help to give your gut that extra much-needed boost of the good stuff.

I have tested out a large variety of vegan probiotic supplements to see if they have any positive effects on my IBS and the acid reflux this triggers. And I must say, the results have been interesting. So, make sure to read on to discover the probiotics that worked for my gut.

My top picks

A bottle of Symprove vegan probiotic supplement in front of the box on top of a wooden surface with a plant behind


  • Bacteria: 10 billion CFU from 4 strains
  • Packaging: Recyclable plastic bottle
  • Form: Liquid
  • Price: From £25 per month

Symprove is a liquid probiotic which ensures the live bacteria are delivered directly to your gut without being digested in the stomach beforehand. This is why it is one of the most effective vegan probiotic supplements on the market. Find out more in my full Symprove review.

Out of all the companies providing bacteria-based supplements, they are probably the ones putting the most time and money into scientific research behind their product. This is why you’ll see their supplement used in many studies related to gut health.

How Symprove has helped me: After my first 4 weeks on Symprove, I found that I was tolerating certain trigger foods better. I still had some side effects, but they weren’t as severe. After that, I stopped getting abdominal pain and spasms. And shortly after, my bloating improved.

The next few months were also smooth sailing and nearly enough all of my symptoms disappeared altogether. It was almost as if I no longer had IBS – magic! So, whilst it is one of the most expensive options, it does work amazingly well. I continue taking this for 12-week periods throughout the year, to keep on top of things.

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A pot of RItual Synbiotic a vegan probiotic supplement with prebiotics and postbiotics


  • Bacteria: 11 billion CFU from 2 strains
  • Packaging: Recycled plastic bottle
  • Form: Delayed-release capsule
  • Price: £54 per month

Ritual is a fully vegan health and wellness company specialising in a range of supplements, including multivitamins, plant-based protein powders, and Synbiotic+ which is a prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic all rolled into one. Find out more in my Ritual review.

It looks very different to other capsule-based probiotics that you may be used to. This is because the capsule shell itself is delayed-release, which ensures everything reaches your colon. Inside the capsule, you will see the liquid postbiotic, and inside of this, you’ll see another capsule which houses the prebiotics and probiotics.

How Ritual has helped me: After taking the capsules I didn’t feel any negative side effects and they appeared to digest well. Sometimes I can get stomach aches from taking pills, but this didn’t happen at all. The mint flavour also made it a really pleasant experience!

A few weeks in I found my gut to be in a positive space. I was rarely bloated, even after some big trigger foods like oily pasta dishes and vegan pizza. In the run-up to taking these, I was also getting a lot of abdominal pains again along with some spasms in my side, these all went after 2 weeks of taking Synbiotic+.

The pill packet and Wild Dose box on top of frosty grass

Wild Dose

  • Bacteria: 1 billion CFU from 3 strains
  • Packaging: Plastic pill packets & glass jars
  • Form: Capsule
  • Price: From £10 per month

These anti-bloating capsules are made using a unique blend of clinically proven probiotics, digestive enzymes and herbal extracts. They all work together to eliminate bloating, reduce gas, and give your tummy some much-needed love and attention. Find out more in my Wild Dose review.

It is different to many other vegan probiotics you can buy because it works faster to debloat. Results can be seen in just 30 minutes, and long-term benefits can be enjoyed when they are taken daily. This is thanks to the enzymes and plant extracts they mix into the probiotic.

How Wild Dose has helped me: I decided the best way to test out their short-term claims would be to try out taking some before my biggest trigger dinner – a vegan burger and chips. Without fail, I’d get spasms in my right abdomen, instant bloating, and acid reflux straight after eating this dinner. Not to mention all the nasty side effects later on. But this time, the only thing I experienced was a minor cough straight after eating. And that was it.

A jar of Ethical Nutrition vegan probiotic supplement on a white wooden surface

Ethical Nutrition

  • Bacteria: 50 billion CFU from 4 strains
  • Packaging: Glass jar and aluminium lid
  • Form: Capsule
  • Price: From £25.50 per month

If all the plastic and bioplastics that are used to package supplements bother you as much as it does me, then you’ll love Ethical Nutrition. All of their supplements come packaged in recyclable paper-based pouches and a few come packaged inside a dark amber glass jar with an aluminium lid. Find out more in my Ethical Nutrition review.

It doesn’t stop there though, because their probiotic supplement contains a high dose of bacteria from 4 different strains. They are free from fillers, gluten and any allergen-containing ingredients.

How Ethical Nutrition has helped me: Unlike the other vegan probiotic supplements, Ethical Nutrition has split the daily serving into two capsules. So I would take one with breakfast and another with dinner. I found this helped my stomach stay happy and healthy throughout the day.

In the short term, I found these to reduce bloating and excess gas and in the long term, they helped with my abdominal pains. The capsules were quite slimline and easy to take, plus they digested well with each meal.

DR.VEGAN vegan probiotics inside a reusable tin


  • Bacteria: 50 billion CFU from 6 strains
  • Packaging: Compostable pouch (not home compostable)
  • Form: Capsule
  • Price: From £22.94 per month

This fully vegan supplement brand has made vitamin shopping much easier for vegans. They have a large range of supplements on offer, including their vegan probiotic supplement – Gut Works. Find out more about the brand in my full DR.VEGAN review.

Their probiotic has the most bacteria per serving of all the brands mentioned here, with 50 billion CFU made up of 6 different strains. Perfect for anyone who is looking for a well-rounded probiotic solution.

How DR.VEGAN Gut Works has helped me: I started to take it every day to see if it would relieve my symptoms over a few months. During this time I ate a lot of my trigger foods, including sugary gluten-based foods like doughnuts.

I found that at the beginning I would get the usual symptoms, including gas, bloating, and spasms. But over time I found these lessened and I was quite comfortable after eating. This allowed me to eat out a lot more regularly without feeling like I needed to get home, quickly.

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Biomel vegan probiotic


  • Bacteria: 25 billion CFU from 13 strains
  • Packaging: Compostable packaging (not home compostable)
  • Form: Powder
  • Price: £30 per month

Biomel’s Complete Gut powder contains a unique blend of good bacteria and yeast strains specifically formulated to support gut health and overall wellness. It includes 25 billion CFU from 13 different strains of bacteria. They say this helps to increase the diversity of good bacteria in the gut.

Their probiotic supplement comes in powder form. This means you can sprinkle it on top of your morning cereal or blend it into your smoothie. This then helps to deliver the probiotics to your gut.

How Biomel Complete Gut has helped me: I have been sprinkling Biomel’s Complete Gut powder onto my coconut yoghurt in the morning. It blends so well into liquids that you’d never know it is there. I find this has helped to get my gut working properly first thing in the morning.

Whenever I have felt any bloating throughout the day I have made myself a quick smoothie, sometimes even a vegan protein shake, and have added a spoonful of this powder into it. I have found it helps reduce bloating pretty soon after.

A jar of feel's vegan probiotic supplements with one supplement sat next to it on a marble worktop


  • Bacteria: 10 billion CFU from 13 Bacteria Strains
  • Packaging: Glass jar and aluminium lid
  • Form: Capsule
  • Price: From £26.95 per month

Feel’s probiotic, the Daily Biotic, comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid, making it easy to recycle. When shopping for this probiotic on their website, they include links to many scientific studies which I find to be very useful!

Inside the capsules, they pack 10 billion CFU and 14 different strains of live cultures. This is mixed with a prebiotic fibre which aids digestion. On the biotic product page, they go into loads of detail about each of the strains and how they help your gut.

How Feel Daily Biotic has helped me: I took one capsule a day with food and after just a few weeks I started to feel the positive effects of this probiotic. My bloating throughout the day had reduced and only really happened when I ate my big trigger foods. It was nice to have periods when I could feel fully comfortable.

Feel also added a prebiotic fibre, Acacia, into their probiotic capsule. I believe this has helped my overall digestion. When I eat meals I find myself being less uncomfortable as my food is digested.

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Vitl's daily probiotic infront of a plant on a wooden shelf


  • Bacteria: 14 billion CFU from 9 strains
  • Packaging: Glass jar & plastic lid
  • Form: Capsule
  • Price: From £12.49 per month

Vitl is a tailor-made vitamin brand specialising in nutrition tests which you can take from your own home. On top of their personalised supplement range, they have a great variety of affordable supplements including their vegan-friendly probiotic, the Daily Biotic.

Their affordability doesn’t stop them from packing in a whole 14 billion CFU from 9 different strains of live bacteria. I like how they go into more detail about each strain on their product page.

How Vitl Daily Biotic has helped me: I took one Vitl probiotic every morning with my breakfast. After just a few weeks I found I wasn’t bloating after eating, especially after breakfast which is normally a difficult time for my stomach.

I found the capsule easy to swallow and digest. And it caused no stomach issues in the process. I also found the probiotics helped my GERD, meaning less coughing after eating and fewer general indigestion issues throughout the day.

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