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Last updated: May 29, 2024

My 5 favourite reishi mushroom supplemnets

I am going to share all of the reishi mushroom supplements that have worked for me. I have included a variety of supplements in the hope that you will find the right one for you.

A tub of the best Reishi supplements laid out on the ground

I’m useless at falling asleep. As soon as I tuck myself into bed my brain wakes up and starts firing ideas and thoughts through my head. Some of my best blog content ideas have come during this time. But finding the energy to put any of them into effect the next day is impossible.

I’ve tried meditation, listening to calming sounds, and journaling. But none of these have worked as effectively as reishi mushroom. As soon as I introduced reishi mushroom supplements into my nighttime routine, I effortlessly drifted off to sleep.

It has even had calming effects throughout the day, dulling down both my stress and anxiety. It is by far my favourite adaptogenic mushroom!

My top picks

The reishi mushroom supplement from Solve Labs
Solve Labs sell a variety of reishi mushroom supplements

Solve Labs

Solve Labs is my favourite mushroom supplement company. Everything they sell is made from 100% fruiting bodies, contains zero fillers and is organically grown. When you consider this, their offering is also very affordable! Find out more about Solve Labs in my review.

Their reishi mushroom supplement comes in both capsule and powder form. I personally really like the convenience of their capsules which are easy to take and are completely tasteless. This is perfect for any functional mushroom newbies.

A bag of Reishi mushroom powder by Vivo Life
One pouch of Vivo Life reishi powder lasts me a few months

Vivo Life

Vivo Life are an entirely plant-based health and nutrition brand with a range of effective mushroom powders and blends. I particularly enjoy their reishi mushroom powder. You get 60 servings in one bag and at £21.24 (when you subscribe), this is great value for money!

The powder is ground down nice and fine so it mixes well into hot drinks. I like to add it to my evening hot chocolate before bed. It has been effective at helping me to drift off to sleep each night.

An aerial view of three mushroom powders by Erbology with one jar open showing the powder on top of a wooden surface with a plant
Erbology’s immunity mushroom blend contains reishi alongside other mushrooms


Erbology is an online health food store with a large variety of organic mushroom powders. Their reishi mushroom powder is grown in small batches in Europe before being dried and ground to a fine powder. They also add reishi to their immunity mushroom blend, which I love adding to my morning coffee.

As soon as I opened up the jar I could see that it was a high-quality powder that still had a great mushroom smell to it. Although, you can’t taste the mushrooms once they are mixed into your drinks or food.

I find the powder mixes easily into liquids like hot chocolate and coffee, but it can leave bits at the bottom. Because it is in powder form it is also really easy to mix up your serving sizes. This means you can easily use this in addition to another reishi mushroom supplement.

A tub of mushroom supplement gummies from Feel Gud
These tasty mushroom gummies contain reishi

Feel Gud

This one is for all the sweet addicts. Feel Güd have created these tasty mushroom gummies that contain 4 different types of mushrooms. Two gummies provide you with 700mg of each mushroom.

They use 100% fruiting bodies which are extracted using hot water. Great for anyone following an alcohol-free diet! They have also made sure to create gummies that are 100% vegan, gluten-free and natural.

A bag of sixways cacao mushroom powder on top of a wooden surface with a plant in the background
This reishi hot chocolate mix is perfect for bedtime


I’m not sure if it was the adaptogenic ingredients, like reishi and ashwagandha, or the placebo effect, but my Sixways hot chocolates always get me to sleep pretty quickly.

To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the taste. I prefer making it with hot oat milk, rather than just water because otherwise, it has quite a flat taste. But I make my vegan hot chocolate recipe this way anyway! And if I think I deserve a treat, I’ll add some maple syrup into the mix too.

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