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It is important to think about supplementing your diet, no matter your dietary preferences. But it can be difficult to know what supplements are suitable, so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite vegan supplement brands so you can shop these with confidence.

An array of vegan supplements laid out of a grey tea towel next to a green plant

Eating a healthy and varied vegan diet should provide you with pretty much every nutrient you need, other than the likes of B12 which is no longer found naturally in soil (thanks to over-farming). Especially when you have plenty of tasty & healthy vegan recipes to turn to. That being said, it is difficult to keep track of your vegan nutrition and unless you have a lot of time on your hands, it may just not be sustainable to keep count of every single thing you consume.

This is why so many of us look to vegan supplements to fill in any nutritional gaps so we can go by our day-to-day life feeling confident that our body has everything it needs!

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Unfortunately, many large supplement brands aren’t vegan-friendly. They may use animal-based sources for vitamins like omega-3 and D3. Or they will use dairy products to deliver gut-friendly bacteria in their probiotics. On top of this, they may use gelatin to create vitamin capsules, and they may even test their products on animals.

But fear not, that doesn’t mean that we vegans will all start dying off from nutrient deficiencies! Not only are many vegan products fortified with the nutrients we need, but there are now more and more science-backed vegan supplement brands that can help us to flourish in our plant-based diets.

In this article, I am going to present to you my favourite brands, the very ones I buy from for all my nutritional needs.

My favourite vegan supplement brands

Why do you need vegan supplements?

Getting everything all the nutrients and vitamins you need on any diet can be really difficult, especially since many natural sources of vitamins are diminishing, like B12. So it is important to find easy ways of getting these nutrients into our diets. This is really easy with vegan supplement brands, like DR.VEGAN & Form Nutrition.

What are the best vegan supplements?

There are now many vegan supplement brands to choose from, but they definitely aren’t all created equal! It is important to buy from a vegan supplement brand which uses high-quality science-backed ingredients. For this reason, I recommend vegan supplement brands like DR.VEGAN and Form Nutrition, which are both also really eco-friendly brands. I also recommend Symprove for any gut-related issues, it works a treat!

Here are the best vegan supplement brands in the UK

This is a list of vegan-friendly supplement brands, all of which I have tried and tested. I have included a mix of vegan brands and vegan-friendly brands, so you can find something to help you supplement any aspect of your plant-based diet, be it for your gut or your sleep.

A jar of vegan supplements from Ethical Nutrition standing up in a white bowl on a dresser
My top pick

Ethical Nutrition

Company: 100% vegan
: Multivitamins, omega-3, collagen, calcium, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin C, ashwagandha, and more
Packaging: Fully plastic-free
Shipping: Free on all orders over £30

If you truly care about the environment, which you should, then you need to check out Ethical Nutrition, a family-run 100% vegan supplement brand. This company is working so hard to actually bring you the most eco-friendly packaging on the market. And I must say, I am in love with their branding!

Their supplements are delivered inside biodegradable pouches which you can put in your home compost and they sell reusable jars for you to decant them into. No plastic, or bioplastics, here!

They have a good solid range of vegan supplements, including a standalone vegan omega-3 vitamin that is high in DHA – one of the highest I’ve seen yet!

All of their manufacturing is done in the UK and they use high-quality sources of all their ingredients.

I also really like that they have other plant-based supplements on offers like Ashwagandha, digestive enzymes, and turmeric & curcumin. Which can help you to supplement other areas of your diet, help with your gut health, and look after your mental health!

dr vegan vitamins being held up in front of a green plant
Best high doses


Company: 100% vegan
: Multivitamins, probiotics, PMS, omega-3, sleep, magnesium, ashwagandha, vitamin D3 and much more
Packaging: Compostable packaging used (not home compostable)
Shipping: Free on all orders

DR.VEGAN is a fully vegan supplement company specialising in eco-friendly alternatives to all our essential nutrients. They are proud of being vegan and because of this they definitely attract a large vegan crowd to their shop!

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They have a lot of great information on their website about nutrition and they often work with nutritionists to help add extra worth to their website. Therefore, you will find a lot of good quality resources there. The same goes for their supplement range, which is all backed by science and nutritionists.

I have found all of their supplements to be really effective and kind on my stomach, plus the majority of them contain really high doses. I personally enjoyed using their vegan multivitamin, gut works, and their vegan omega-3 tablets.

They have all of the essential nutrients that you need on a vegan diet and more. So it is a one-stop shop for vegan nutrition.

I do find their packaging somewhat misleading though as it says it is compostable but according to their packaging supplier, it isn’t home-compostable. So this can confuse people! As long as you know that it isn’t home compostable, you can dispose of it correctly.

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The Symbiotic and multivitamins from Ritual on top of a wooden table - one of the best vegan supplement brands
Best subscription-based brand


Company: 100% vegan
: Multivitamins, probiotics, and protein powders
Packaging: Recycled plastic bottles are used but these are recyclable
Shipping: Free shipping on all subscriptions

Ritual is a very popular 100% vegan health and wellness company specialising in multivitamins, vegan protein powders, and a probiotic called Synbiotic+.

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Ritual’s supplements are on the higher end of the price scale but the ingredients are all of high quality and are all traceable. Meaning you can go on their website and find out exactly what is in their supplements and where they source it from.

I find all of their supplements to be very effective. Their vegan probiotic is one of my favourites and the vegan multivitamin works really well.

They sell a few different multivitamins for different age groups and gender. On top of this, they also offer prenatal and postnatal multivitamins to help women through pregnancy.

What I particularly love about Ritual is the fact that they use clever technology to include a range of different ingredients all in one capsule, meaning you can buy a lot fewer supplements.

A bag of algae supplements from one of the best vegan supplement brands, Feel
Best range


Company: 100% vegan
: Collagen, multivitamins, probiotics, menopause, omega-3, pregnancy, protein, meal replacement shakes and much more
Packaging: Compostable packaging used (not home compostable)
Shipping: Free on all orders

Feel has a very large range of vegan vitamins and supplements, with some targeting specific areas like menopause and beauty. They also have a standalone omega-3 and a vegan multivitamin.

All of their products are reviewed by nutritionists and they are very transparent about their customer reviews.

I find their product range to be quite affordable, even more so if you sign up to their products as part of a subscription. I’m not normally a fan of subscriptions, but this one is easy to pause and cancel should you need to.

I like their eco-friendly accessories to go with your vegan vitamins, including their vitamin container and their steel shaker for their meal replacement shakes and protein powders.

They do however have such a large range of vegan supplements that it can be a little overwhelming. But it is perfect if you have a specific need, like if you want supplements for immunity, or for beauty.

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Vegan supplements and protein powder by Form nutrition
Best protein powders

Form Nutrition

Company: 100% vegan
: Protein powders, multivitamins, nootropics, and meal replacement shakes
Packaging: Glass jars and compostable packaging used (not home compostable)
Shipping: Free next-day delivery on all orders over £40

Form Nutrition is one of my go-to favourite vegan nutrition companies. They sell everything from vegan vitamin capsules, meal replacement powders and vitamin-filled vegan protein powders, meaning you can supplement your vegan diet the way you want. They specialise in sports nutrition, but also cater for everyday nutritional needs.

Personally, I like to take their ZZZZs capsules before bed. I find they make me feel really calm and I sleep a lot better. They also have other capsules to help with issues like energy, focus and skin radiance.

Their vegan multivitamins are also really effective and all of the capsule based supplements come in easily recyclable glass bottles.

They are also a B Corp and give back to some awesome projects around the world.

Read my full Form Nutrition review here to find out more about the brand and why I love buying from them!

A bottle of Symprove a vegan friendly supplement in front of the box on top of a wooden surface in front of a plant
Best gut health supplement


Company: 100% vegan
: Water-based food supplement (probiotic)
Packaging: Recyclable plastic bottle
Shipping: Free next-day working day delivery in the UK

This is a product for anyone who cares about their gut! It is a water-based supplement that is jam packed full of live bacteria that are delivered directly to your gut. I take a shot of Symprove every morning (read my full Symprove review) to keep my gut, my IBS symptoms, & my mind happy – did you know that gut health directly impacts your mental health?

Symprove are dedicated to producing the most effective gut supplement, so they only have the one product on offer. But it really works!

The live bacteria gets delivered to your gut and multiplies, helping to feed the friendly bacteria in your gut. In turn this keeps your gut happy, potentially relieving stomach issues and positively impacting your mental health.

They currently sell their vegan probiotic supplement in three different flavours: strawberry & raspberry, mango & passionfruit, and original. I really like the mango & passionfruit, it is easy to drink and tastes a little bit fruity!

vegan supplements laid out on a white wooden worktop by ora organic brand
Best organic

Ora Organic

Company: 100% vegan
: Probiotics, protein powders, multivitamins, turmeric, omega-3, chewable B12, vitamin D, and much more
Packaging: Recyclable plastic bottles
Shipping: International shipping from the USA

Ora Organic is a fully plant-based wellness company specialising in vitamins, supplements and protein powders.

Their name ‘Ora’ comes from the Māori greeting ‘Kia Ora’ which translates to ‘be well’. They have used this greeting as part of their brand name to spread wellness around the world. I love the meaning behind it and just by scrolling their website you can see they truly care about nutrition and wellness.

Unlike many other brands, they attempt to use organic ingredients where ever possible, meaning many of their supplement products are 100% organic as well as everything being vegan.

They have a really wide range of supplements on offer, which cover everything from your basic vitamin needs, to beauty, workout recovery, stress, sleep, and immunity.

Their products are on the pricier side of things, but considering that the majority of their ingredients are organic, this is to be expected!

A bag of Jrny shake powder one of the best vegan supplement brands
Best for women’s health


Company: 100% vegan
: Vitamin shakes that include vegan vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin B12 with protein
Packaging: Recyclable pouch
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over £80

If taking a pill everyday doesn’t quite float your boat, then you’ll love jrny. They make superpowder protein powders that are packed full of plant-based protein (21g per serving) alongside a range of vitamins.

Meaning you can drink your daily vitamins in a tasty shake! All of their powders include the following vitamins: iron, vitamin C, vitamin D3, a range of B vitamins including B12, electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium.

Their vitamin supplement powder comes in three tasty flavours – double chocolate brownie, Madagascan vanilla, and raspberry ripple.

I love how easy it is to cover all your daily vitamin needs with their tasty shake. And thanks to the addition of plant-based protein from pea protein isolate and hemp protein, you can use this as a vegan protein powder also to supplement an active lifestyle!

That makes jrny’s vegan superpowder really affordable, packing two into one.

A tin of Vitl supplements on a white background - one of the best vegan-friendly supplement brands
Best personalised supplements


Company: Vegan options
: Omega-3, multivitamins, probiotics, DNA & blood tests, and more
Packaging: Some in glass jars with plastic lids and some in aluminium tins
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over £20

Vitl is a great place to start if you are completely clueless about what vitamins you really need to be taking. They offer a free online consultation that helps to personalise vitamins to you.

On top of this, they also sell DNA and blood tests. The DNA test breaks down your genetic traits which enables them to advise you on your diet, fitness, and lifestyle. Within this, you’ll find out how easily your body absorbs nutrients and vitamins. Pretty cool, ey.

The blood test helps to show your levels of vitamins, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, zinc and folate.

By taking these tests you can find out much more about your body makeup and what you need to be supplementing with.

Alongside their tests, they offer a wide range of supplements, but they aren’t 100% vegan. So make sure to click on their ‘vegan’ category (which I’ve linked to below).

Vegan supplement box and pill packet in front of a green pot - by Doctor Seaweed one of the best vegan supplement brands
Best natural supplements

Doctor Seaweed

Company: 100% vegan
: Iodine, vitamin B12, vitamin D, libido lift, and more
Packaging: Cardboard packaging and plastic pill tray
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over £25

When it comes to making the most out of sustainable food sources, Doctor Seaweed are smashing it. As you may have guessed from their name, they use seaweed to deliver sustainable and potent sources of iodine. Pretty cool, right?

Iodine is a vitamin that is so often overlooked and it can be a difficult one to get from your vegan diet without supplementing. So it is great to see a standalone vitamin offering that uses natural sources of iodine, from seaweed!

If you are also looking for other core essential vitamins to supplement your vegan diet, Doctor Seaweed have a few blends. I like their immunity supplement which provides the essentials for vegans – Iodine, B12, and D3. But they also have a focus blend that includes omega-3, b-complex and zinc.

Their whole range is vegan and they sell them inside cardboard packets, but annoyingly the pills themselves do come in a foil and plastic packet.

A tub of vegums multivitamins surrounded by a floral background - one of the best vegan supplement brands
Best gummies


Company: 100% vegan
: Multivitamin gummies, omega-3 gummies and iron gummies
Packaging: Cardboard tube and compostable bag
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders

Vegums are a proudly vegan vitamin company. They are making it fun and easy to take your vegan vitamins by packing all the essentials into a little gummy bear.

I have found that these are perfect for anyone who forgets to take their vitamins every day, or for your vegan kids!

They package their vitamins inside what look like plastic bags, but are actually made from wood pulp, which can be composted at home.

They have a really small range of vegan vitamin gummies, but most of the essentials are covered. Their range includes an iron supplement gummy, as well as omega-3 and a multivitamin.

My only concern is how low their vegan omega-3 gummies are in DHA, which would suggest you’d need to take a few of these. But they are relatively affordable in comparison to other vegan supplement brands!

A tub of vegan supplements from MYVEGAN on a white kitchen worktop
Best budget-friendly


Company: 100% vegan (but owned by a non-vegan parent company)
: Multivitamins, protein powders, omega-3, calcium, ginseng, zinc, aloe vera, vitamin D3, and more
Packaging: Recyclable plastic tubs
Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over £40

MYVEGAN are well known in the fitness world due to their range of vegan protein powders, but they also supply a good range of standalone vegan vitamins.

Included in their range of vegan vitamins and supplements are vegan omega-3, a multivitamin, pure caffeine, zinc, aloe vera, ginseng, and more.

Their supplements are on the cheaper side of things, but are still relatively high in nutrients! Although, I am not 100% sure about the sources and manufacturing of them.

They do still come packaged in plastic though, making these some of the least eco-friendly supplements mentioned here.

I do believe however that they are always looking to find more ways to be sustainable in their packaging, so hopefully we see some changes here!

Veg1 vegan supplements on top of a wooden table by The Vegan Society
Best vegan multivitamin

The Vegan Society

Company: 100% vegan
: Chewable multivitamins
Packaging: Recyclable aluminium tubs
Shipping: 48-hour delivery

These tablets are super popular in the UK and it’s no surprise why, because they are made by The Vegan Society themselves. They come in two flavours, blackcurrant and orange.

These are actually some of the first multivitamins I ever took when I went vegan, because they were some of the only ones! But now they are in a competitive space, with loads of other vegan supplement brands around – as you can see in this blog! That being said, these vitamins are made with the essentials and nothing more, which is actually quite refreshing to see.

Each tablet is made up of: Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Folic Acid, Iodine & Selenium. They are flavoured and chewable, making them suitable for younger vegans also.

Recently, they swapped their packaging over to be more eco-friendly, which I was really happy to see! The went from using plastic to using aluminium tins. I haven’t seen any others using tins, but I thought it was a great choice. It is easy to recycle and has a low environmental impact. Kudos, The Vegan Society.

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