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The 8 best eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products

The secret to a well run kitchen, is a clean kitchen. And that is made much easier with these incredible eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products.


Keeping your kitchen clean shouldn’t cost the earth, but in reality, it does. Most of the big cleaning brands on the market are packed full of harmful chemicals and sold inside single-use plastic.

Think dishwasher tabs wrapped in plastic, washing up liquid and cleaning sprays sold in single-use bottles, and sponges made from plastic.

Your kitchen is likely full of the stuff. But I am not here to shame you. I am here to show you that there is now another way! Because, thankfully, there are many eco-friendly brands creating innovative products that will help us to move away from nasty chemicals and evil single-use plastic. So, read on to find the eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products to kit out your kitchen!

Finding eco-friendly kitchen cleaning brands

Not too long ago the only ‘eco-friendly’ kitchen cleaning products you could get your hands on were sold in single-use plastic with very little information supplied on what really made them ‘eco-friendly’, other than that a lot of it was made using recycled plastic.

There are two brands in particular who were dominating the eco-friendly cleaning market for quite some time whilst still relying heavily on single-use plastic packaging. One being Ecover, who wrap their dishwasher tabs in single-use plastic wrapping, and the other being Method, who still sell most of their ‘eco’ cleaning products in single-use plastic.

But there are now more and more eco-friendly brands on the market selling some great alternatives that not only work really well to keep your kitchen clean but are actually working towards creating something truly eco-friendly.

Why use eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products?

The answer is simple, eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products are better for both the planet and you. 

Importantly, eco-friendly brands use more natural ingredients that don’t damage the earth. Which also means that the products are nicer to use in your home. Think less smelly chemicals and more natural fragrances. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your kitchen won’t clean as well. All the eco-friendly cleaning brands mentioned below work!

On top of this, many truly eco-friendly brands are on a mission to get rid of single-use plastic. So by buying some of the products listed below you’ll be minimising your usage and throwing away a lot less plastic. Hurray!

Here are the 8 best eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products

I’ve been trying out a variety of eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products and not only is my kitchen now squeaky clean but it is also looking a lot more eco-friendly. My bins are less full and my cleaning cupboards have a lot less single-use plastic in them. I’d say that’s a win! 

So let’s get on to talking about each of these eco-friendly kitchen cleaning product brands and why you should be trying these out too!

homethings vegan refillable cleaning products that I reviewed


I am a big fan of Homethings, as you’ll see on my Homethings review. I believe they have the largest range of eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products all of which is certified vegan. There is no single-use plastic and a lot of their products are refillable with powder tabs!

I recommend their refillable cleaning sprays, dishwasher tablets & washing up liquid.

Get 10% off your order using code: HOMETHINGSPAL10

nookary vegan eco friendly kitchen cleaning product


Nookary have created a beautiful range of cleaning products including this probiotic all-purpose cleaner which is perfect for your kitchen worktops. It is packed full of live microbes which essentially consume all of the bad bacteria living on your worktops. Pretty cool, ey.

I recommend their refillable all-purpose cleaner.

Neat hand wash and surface spray an eco friendly kitchen cleaning product


Neat are another refillable cleaning option with their refills sent as liquid in little glass bottles. I particularly love their aluminium multi-surface cleaner bottle. Best bit, you can buy both the bottles and refills on your next Ocado shop.

I recommend their multi-surface cleaner & hand soap.

Ocean Saver dishwasher tabs an eco friendly kitchen cleaning product

Ocean Saver

Ocean Saver are a zero waste cleaning product company selling refillable cleaning sprays and plastic-free dishwasher tablets. They have a wide range of specialised kitchen cleaners, like a degreaser, anti-bac, and multi-purpose spray.

I recommend their kitchen degreaser & dishwasher tablets

spruce eco friendly kitchen cleaning product


Spruce are a reusable cleaning spray company with two options which come in refillable aluminium bottles. You get sent top up powder sachets to refill the bottle. I love their branding and think that their multi-surface spray would look great on any stylish kitchen counter.

I recommend their multipurpose starter kit

EcoVibe scourer an eco friendly kitchen cleaning product


EcoVibe is a zero waste shop with a wide range of eco friendly kitchen cleaning products. They have everything from scourers and sponges, to refillable surface sprays and oven cleaner. 

I recommend their dish scourer & oven cleaner

Cheeky Panda kitchen roll an eco friendly kitchen cleaning product

The Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda are an eco-friendly bamboo toilet roll & kitchen towel producer. They use the sustainable bamboo crop to make the strong and absorbent rolls which come packaged in recycled paper. So when you really do need to use kitchen roll to clean something up, make sure to use this!

I recommend their bamboo kitchen roll

Wilton washing up liquid an eco friendly kitchen cleaning product

Wilton London

Wilton products are some of the only mentioned here that are sold in plastic bottles. They are however made from recycled plastic and it is encouraged that you refill them at one of their refill stations (which are currently quite limited). I feel this brand has promise, I just hope they put some more time into working on their refill scheme.

I recommend their washing up liquid 


Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products are made using more natural ingredients, as well as being packaged inside sustainable materials, so that they cause as little damage to the earth as possible.

You’ll normally find eco-friendly cleaning products packaged in recycled materials that are often also refillable, just like these from Homethings.

Eco-friendly products are definitely a lot better for the environment, for the animals and for our health. This is due to the use of more natural ingredients and sustainable materials. I also find that they are just as effective at cleaning, sometimes even better.

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