Lucy learning how to cook vegan food through online plant based cooking classes

The 6 best online vegan cooking classes

Whether you are new to plant-based food, or you are simply looking to build up your cooking repertoire, these online vegan cooking classes will be sure to excite your belly!




Are you new to vegan cooking and looking to learn the basics?

Or are you a plant-based aficionado on a mission to take your meals to the next level?

No matter where you are on your vegan cooking journey, there is an online vegan cooking class to suit. Covering everything from knife skills, stock making and meal prepping, to plate presentation, bread making and technical cooking.

Why take an online vegan cooking class?

Learning to cook vegan food online is really simple. It can be done in your own kitchen and at your own pace. And the best bit, if you don’t understand something at first you can replay it over and over again until you do. Many of these plant-based cooking classes also offer lifetime access so you can revisit and repolish your skills.

Moreover, online vegan cooking classes allow you to share knowledge with others. Whether you get your friends and family to join in, or if you send it as a gift to a loved one.

Here are the 6 best online vegan cooking classes

I started out my own vegan journey learning how to cook though classes. It led me to becoming a very confident vegan chef and home cook. Now I want to share the online plant-based cooking classes that I know will help others to improve their own skills and knowledge.

Forks over knives vegan cooking class open on my laptop whilst I learn

Forks Over Knives Cooking Course

You may recognise Forks Over Knives from their 2011 documentary. Since then they have been on a mission to make plant-based food more accessible. They have brought together world-renowned chefs to teach this 90-day online cooking course which shares 100+ recipes and teaches a whole range of skills from basic cooking techniques, to meal prepping and cooking without oil. You also get access to their online community and live Q&As.

Veecoco vegan cooking class open on my laptop whilst I learn

Veecoco Online Vegan Cooking School

Veecoco is a fully vegan online cooking school. They have a huge library of plant-based cooking courses taught by a wide range of professional chefs. Unlike other cooking classes, they provide theirs on a membership basis with access to everything, perfect for ongoing learning! You can learn from a huge variety of cuisines, think vegan Korean, German, Italian, Thai, and Japanese, and hone in on your pastry and bread making skills.

Rouxbe plant based certification vegan cooking class open on my laptop whilst I learn

Rouxbe Plant Based Pro Certification

Rouxbe is the online vegan chef school. They bring culinary school to your kitchen worktop. And thankfully, they have a fully plant-based certification offering also. The best bit, it is a certified course with international recognition. So you can begin that vegan chef training! I love how in depth they go on subjects like pasta making, sauce and stock making, and knife skills.

Brownble vegan cooking class open on my laptop whilst I learn

Brownble Melt

Brownble is an online vegan course platform led by Kim, a teacher, and Carlos, a medical doctor. They are both avid cooks and long-term vegans. Over the years they have built an enormous vegan recipe library on Brownble alongside a series of courses. My favourite is their vegan cheese course, Melt. It has a large selection of plant-based cheese recipes, perfect for all the cheese lovers out there.

Rouxbe online vegan baking course open on my laptop whilst I learn

Rouxbe Essential Vegan Desserts

Love baking? Interested in finding out how to veganise your favourite bakes? Then look no further than this fully dedicated plant-based dessert class. You can learn how to replace egg and dairy, how to use gels and thickeners, and how to create pastry and doughs from scratch. Great for baking fanatics and plant-based pastry chef wannabes.

Food future institute vegan cooking class open on my laptop whilst I learn

Food Future Institute

FFI is Matthew Kenney’s online plant-based cooking school. He is a world renowned vegan chef with hundreds of plant-based restaurants scattered around the world. You may recognise him from the Netflix documentary Bad Vegan. His cooking style is fine dining with elements of raw food. He offers two courses, one for home cooks and another for professionals. 


Becoming a good vegan cook is about getting comfortable cooking with plants. It is important to know the basics, like being able to cut veg, make a sauce, and create nutritious meals.

It is important to always keep learning, whether that is through cookbooks or online vegan cooking classes, like this one.

It really depends on what you want to get from an online vegan cooking class. 

Let’s say you want to become a confident home cook then I recommend taking Forks Over Knives. If you want to learn more about veganising food from different cuisines, then Veecoco is for you. Or, if you want to start your vegan chef journey then you should check out Rouxbe’s Plant Based Pro Certification.

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