The best vegan mayo in the UK: tried & tested (2023)

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Egg-free doesn’t mean taste-free. Find out for yourself with the best vegan mayo products you can buy in the UK!

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Mayonnaise has been a beloved condiment for centuries, enjoyed in different variations and flavours worldwide. While its exact origins are uncertain, it’s believed to have originated in Mahon, Minorca, where it was initially called “salsa mahonesa“, which later became “mayonnaise” as it spread throughout Europe.

The recipe for mayonnaise has evolved over time, but it traditionally includes egg yolks, oil, vinegar, and seasonings. In the 19th century, commercial production of mayonnaise began in the United States, and today, it’s a staple in households and restaurants worldwide.

Personally, I wouldn’t survive without a jar of mayo in the fridge. Burgers, wraps, and chips just wouldn’t be the same without it!

As more people adopt plant-based diets, traditional mayonnaise has undergone yet another transformation. The invention of plant-based mayonnaise has allowed vegans and those with egg allergies to enjoy this beloved condiment once again. Instead of using eggs, vegan mayonnaise is made using plant-based ingredients like rapeseed oil and aquafaba, resulting in a creamy and delicious condiment free of animal products.

In this guide, I’ll explore the best vegan mayo options available to buy in the UK, so you can enjoy all the traditional and creative uses of mayonnaise, without sacrificing your dietary preferences or needs. You’ll never know these are all egg-free, I promise you!

Dr. Will's natural vegan mayo - one of the best vegan mayo products in the UK

1. Dr. Will’s Vegan Mayo

Made with: Rapeseed oil
Calories per 100g: 651 kcal
Allergens: Mustard

Dr. Wills vegan mayo is a great choice for those who are looking for an egg-free alternative to traditional mayonnaise. What sets it apart from other vegan mayos on the market is that it’s made with only seven simple ingredients, without any artificial preservatives or additives.

The absence of eggs in this vegan mayo is not noticeable in its texture or taste. It still has a creamy and smooth texture, and the flavour is very similar to traditional mayonnaise. However, it does have a more natural taste compared to some of the mass-produced mayonnaise brands like Hellman’s, which often have added sugars and other artificial flavours.

While this mayonnaise may not be for everyone, it’s a great option for those who prioritize natural and simple ingredients in their diet. I love to use it in my vegan chicken wraps, as it adds a creamy and tangy flavour that pairs perfectly with the savoury taste of the vegan chicken alternative.

Another great way to enjoy this vegan mayo is as a dip for sweet potato fries. The natural flavour of the mayo complements the sweetness of the fries, making for a delicious and satisfying snack.

The Vurger Co Smoky Bacon Vegan Mayo one of the best vegan mayo products in the UK

2. The Vurger Co Smoky “Bacon” Mayo

Made with: Rapeseed oil
Calories per 100g: 642 kcal
Allergens: Soya

If you’ve ever eaten one of the delicious vegan burgers and The Vurger Co then I’m sure you’ll be just as excited as I was once I discovered they were selling their tasty condiments in supermarkets.

The Vurger Co’s vegan bacon mayo is truly addictive. It has a rich, smoky flavour that’s sure to satisfy any bacon-lover’s cravings. The best part? It’s completely vegan (and even created by a fully vegan brand) and made with all-natural ingredients, so you can indulge guilt-free.

The mayo is made with a blend of high-quality plant-based oils and natural flavourings to create a creamy and indulgent texture. The smoky flavour comes from a blend of spices and natural smoke flavourings, which are perfectly balanced to create a taste that’s both savoury and satisfying.

While the flavour may not be for everyone, it’s perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of excitement to their meals. I love to use it as a spread on my sandwiches (try it with a few slices of a vegan meat substitute), or as a dip for my favourite veggies. Trust me, once you try it, you won’t be able to get enough and you’ll be finding any excuse to eat it.

Rubies in the Rubble Plantbased Chilli Mayo - one of the best vegan mayo products in the UK

3. Rubies in the Rubble Chilli Mayo

Made with: Rapeseed oil & aquafaba
Calories per 100g: 682 kcal
Allergens: Mustard

Rubies in the Rubble Chilli Mayo is a delicious and unique twist on traditional mayo. Made with all-natural ingredients, this vegan mayo is packed with flavour and heat. It’s the perfect addition to any dish that needs a little kick.

The chilli flavour is balanced perfectly with the creamy texture of the mayo, creating a taste that’s both spicy and satisfying. It’s made with fresh red chillies and a blend of high-quality rapeseed oil and aquafaba. The aquafaba works amazingly to create an egg-like texture to the mayo that is so often missed in vegan alternatives.

While the heat may not be for everyone, it’s a great way to add some excitement to your meals. I love to use it as a dip for my favourite snacks, or as a topping for my veggie burgers (like my vegan jackfruit burger). It’s also great mixed with some avocado for a spicy twist on traditional guacamole which you can then serve with these vegan quesadillas.

Mr Organic Egg-Free Organic Mayo - one of the best vegan mayo products in the UK

4. Mr Organic Egg-Free Organic Mayo

Made with: Sunflower seed oil & soybeans
Calories per 100g: 649 kcal
Allergens: Soya & mustard

Mr Organic Egg-Free Organic Mayo is a great option for those looking for an organic and vegan-friendly alternative to traditional mayonnaise. Made with all-natural, organic ingredients, this mayo is free from preservatives, additives, and artificial flavours.

However, it’s important to note that the taste of this mayo may not be as flavourful as other options. It has a mild and slightly tangy taste that may not appeal to everyone’s palate.

Despite this, the organic and natural ingredients used in this mayo make it a great choice for those who prioritize organic farming and sustainable sourcing. Plus they pride themselves on selling a product with zero air miles, kudos Mr Organic.

The high-quality plant-based oils and organic apple cider vinegar used in this mayo give it a creamy texture and tangy flavour that’s perfect for a variety of uses.

Because of the vinegary tang I like to use it as a base for dressings and sauces, instead of a dip or condiment. For example, I like to use it as a base for my salad dressings served with a slice of tasty vegan quiche.

Hellman's Vegan Garlic Mayo - one of the best vegan mayo products in the UK

5. Hellmann’s Vegan Garlic Mayo

Made with: Rapeseed oil
Calories per 100g: 662 kcal
Allergens: Mustard

Funnily enough, Hellman’s makes the best vegan substitute for their own well-loved non-vegan mayonnaise. It is so similar that I really don’t see why they continue to make their egg-based version (wishful thinking, I know).

So, if you are looking for a vegan mayo that is just like the egg-based ones you used to buy from the supermarket, made by brands like Hellman’s and Heinz, then you’ll absolutely love this one.

Like most traditional mayonnaise it is made using rapeseed oil, but also like most modern and popular mayonnaise products, it is paired with some less natural ingredients like sugar and modified corn starch, to make a delicious plant-based alternative. I buy this mayonnaise as a treat, more than a weekly staple.

This garlic-flavoured version works really well with breaded vegan chicken as well as french fries.

Leon Korean Chilli Mayo - one of the best vegan mayo products in the UK

6. Leon Korean Chilli Mayo

Made with: Rapeseed oil & faba beans
Calories per 100 ml: 505 kcal
Allergens: Soya

Leon is a fantastic restaurant chain that offers amazing vegan options, and one of the best things about its menu is its delicious sauces. Fortunately, many of these sauces, like the Leon Korean Chilli Mayo, are also available to purchase at supermarkets.

This Korean Chilli Mayo is a perfect example of the great sauces that you can find at their restaurants and in supermarkets. Made with high-quality plant-based ingredients and Korean red pepper flakes, this vegan mayo is a spicy and flavourful alternative to traditional mayonnaise.

Not only is this mayo a delicious addition to vegan toasties and wraps, but it can also be used to add a spicy kick to many different dishes. I particularly love mixing it in with some vegan kimchi to create a tasty and probiotic-rich dip.

Whether you’re a fan of spicy food or just looking to try something new, the Leon Korean Chilli Mayo is a must-try condiment.

Thai Dragon Sriracha Chilli Vegan Mayo - one of the best vegan mayo products in the UK

7. Thai Dragon Sriracha Mayo

Made with: Soybean oil
Calories per 100g: 240 kcal
Allergens: Soya & mustard

If you love both sriracha and mayonnaise, then Thai Dragon Sriracha Mayo is a condiment that you need to try. This vegan-friendly sauce combines two popular flavours into one delicious and spicy sauce that’s perfect for adding a kick to your meals.

One of the best things about this sriracha mayo is that it’s accidentally vegan. Meaning that when you see it on the supermarket shelves it isn’t necessarily being marketed to a solely vegan clientele. Therefore, more people will be eating vegan mayo without even knowing it – woop woop!

While this condiment may not be the healthiest option due to the use of preservatives, it’s a delicious treat that can be enjoyed in moderation. It’s perfect for dipping your favourite snacks in, like these vegan chickpea fries, or adding a spicy kick to your favourite dishes.

So, if you’re a fan of spicy sauces and love the combination of sriracha and mayo, then Thai Dragon Sriracha Mayo is a must-try condiment. While it may not be the healthiest option, it’s a delicious treat that’s perfect for adding a kick to your meals.

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