Vegan Spelt Bao Buns w/ Shiitake Filling

vegan spelt bao bun recipe

What are Bao Buns? Bao buns are soft, fluffy, squidgy, bundles of joy that melt in your mouth. More specifically, they are buns, made using flour, yeast and baking powder, mostly steamed. They can be filled using pretty much anything – sweet and savoury. Sometimes they have filling in the middle and sometimes they are […]

Vegan Vietnamese Spring Rolls W/ Peanut Sauce

vegan vietnamese spring roll recipe

Vegan Vietnamese Spring Rolls Surely you will have heard of Spring Rolls, or as they are sometimes referred to, Summer Rolls. In this post, the focus is on Vietnamese Spring Rolls: fresh rice paper rolls typically filled with meat, fish, veg and noodles, and served with a peanut or fish sauce. Now, I know this […]

The only gooey vegan brownie recipe you need

close up of vegan brownies

There is absolutely nothing guilt-free about this brownie recipe, sorry (not sorry)! I am a firm believer in eating indulgent food, as long as you maintain a balanced diet. What type of vegan brownie lover are you? For me, brownies need to be chewy, but with soft, oozing centres. Brownies that don’t break your teeth, […]

My most-used vegan kitchen equipment

a vegan kitchen full of vegan friendly cooking equipment

A vegan kitchen isn’t just about the food but also the equipment that you keep in it. Read on to discover my most-used vegan kitchen equipment.

Follow these 7 vegan cooking tips

Lucy looking proud about her vegan cupcakes after following vegan cooking tips

Cooking vegan food can be daunting at first, but it really isn’t that difficult. Just follow these easy tips and you’ll be well on your way to cooking tasty and nutritious vegan food.

Zingy Vegan Thai Green Curry Recipe

vegan thai green curry with tofu, rice and broccoli in a bowl

Try this vegan green curry paste and you’ll never want to buy one of those little plastic tubs of paste ever again. This tastes amazing fresh but also freezes well for easy week night dinners.